Twist by Pierre Gagniare at Mandarin Oriental

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Twist by Pierre Gagniare at Mandarin Oriental Editors Choice!

Category: French, Celebrity Chefs
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Rating: * * * * *
Dress Code: Swanky
Hours: Tue - Sat 6pm - 10pm
Reservations? Definitely
Phone: (888)881 9367
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Let's mortgage the trailer honey, we're goin' out to eat. Experimental French cuisine by one of the most Michelin starred chefs? Sign us up!

Read our pre-opening preview of Twist from 2009

Reader Ratings and Reviews:

My Rating: 3

I so wanted to like this place. The atmostphere is stunning and the service is impeccable, but like any restaurant, it all comes down to the food.

What I didn't like about this restaurant was the fancy, over-the-top, baroque style of the food and the presentation. It was what you imagine the fanciest, snootiest foody nightmare of a meal to be, without all of the fun and all of the work. Eveything comes with at least two sauces on the plate, and then another 4 side sauces and three small spoons of something on the side.

Just to be clear, I'm not a hick, but even Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon weren't this complicated and uniformly unfun. Granted, I have a bias toward simplicity: good ingredients, cooked simply, presented beautifully. And this was so not it.

For a good, fun, fine meal, stick to Alex at Wynn or Le Atelier de Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand. If however, you like complicated food on lots of dishes with a lot of French...maybe you'll like it here. But I didn't. And that's your review.

My Rating: 0

This is modern cooking, not so rich as for example Robuchon and Picasso but still very good. More what we in Europe are use to I guess.

My Rating: 6

My Rating: 6

I'm a NY foodie, and Twist was a WOW kind of meal. Formal modern French, which is not something you get often, paired with impeccable service and amazing views. My group did the tasting menu, which featured the single tastiest piece of beef I have ever eaten anywhere, the extremely memorable Langoustines 5 Ways, and generally course after course of exceptional food. With Alex having departed the scene, Twist stands out as the top restaurant in Las Vegas.

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