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3940 South Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas Strip   » map

Near: Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, LuXor

Mix at Delano Editors Choice!

Category: French, Celebrity Chefs
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Rating: * * * * *
Dress Code: Swanky
Hours: Daily 6pm - 11pm
Reservations? Definitely
Phone: (702)632-9500
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Located at the top of Delano, Mix' view of the Las Vegas Strip is almost as stunning as its food. Multiple Michelin star winning Chef Alain Ducasse's contemporary French and American cuisine will fill you with goosebumps and change your understanding of what food can be.

Reader Ratings and Reviews:

My Rating: 2

The vaunted decor consists largely of the generous application of white satin Glidden interior housepaint to all vertical surfaces. The window tables are so close together (very literally 2 inches apart) that you'll have no choice but to make nervous conversation with the patrons on either side of you, whom you are essentially dining with. The food is unremarkable. I had a strip steak, and my wife had the lamb. Nothing wrong with either of them, but neither were noteworthy. Side dishes were laughable - we had the mac

My Rating: 3

Alain Ducasse has let himself go in this pace. The entire thing feels like a stunt. Hanging white balls everywhere? Check. Cute 2010 like dining pods for two? Check. Views out on to the strip? Check. And yet...

The food is cooked well, but combinations and seasonings take on a mad-scientst, circus like feel. I get it. You're trying to something different and releases us from the chains of dogmatic french food. I just wish it tasted better.

It's good, but not that good. As an escape option, try the bar at theHotel has some excellent views. Stick around for that. But just know that Mix is a stunt restaurant without substance and soul.

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