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3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S, Las Vegas Strip   » map

Near: Palazzo, Mirage, Wynn Las Vegas

B & B Ristorante at Venetian

Category: Celebrity Chefs, Italian
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Rating: * * * * *
Dress Code: Business Casual
Hours: Mon - Sun 5pm - 11pm
Reservations? Yes
Phone: (702) 266-9977

Chefs Mario Batali and Vintnor Joseph Bastianich head this award-winning italian kitchen and wine bar. Classic meets modern in this Italian restaurant, which boasts music from Mario's personal collection. Eat at the bar between 5pm - 6pm and 10pm and 12am and get 20% off.

Reader Ratings and Reviews:

My Rating: 5

I have a lot to say about B&B. First, this place is more expensive than it looks. You see, here is Executive Chef Mario's itinerary for you. First you will realize you are under dressed (guys should absolutely were at least a sports coat). Second, avoid wearing anything that has pigmentation in it -- sort of reminds my of fancy NY style places were everyone wears black head to toe. Third, once seated, you will be asked if you have ever been to B&B before. This is Mario's way of deciding whether or not you've been seduced by his red headed Italian stallion entourage into order 4 courses when being told "well that's how this restaurant is...just like in Italy...just like at Mario's house...you know I think Mario is back there right now cooking...you do want to see the wine list right?...you need wine in this type of place." Yes, your waitress will explain that dinner service typically takes 3 hours because this is a traditional Italian experience. I swear the only place that preaches Italianness more than B&B is Olive Garden. I've frequently eat out at high end restaurants but I'm not sure why I was being treated like this place was far too good for me. Oh, back to my sports coat observation. I think you have to dress up to get respected as a customer here. Nonetheless, I believe the waitress' story. My wife and I had a bottle of wine and 4 courses, no desert, for the amazing price of $700 (inclusive of tip). Let's talk food.

The food was superb. Absolutely superb. Yes, despite the awkwardness of me not wearing a sports coat, not really being Italian or even having red hair like Mario, the food was great. If you think of Italian food as something with red sauce, you have to wipe that out of your mind as that is mostly an American twist on traditional Italian cooking. Allow me to talk about a few of the dishes:

* Beet Salad -- Let's be honest, most people don't find beets on a menu and instantly target them. I, however, realize the fact that I'm in Vegas. In Vegas I drink heavily. Beets have the natural ability to remove toxins from your body, especially for your kidneys and liver. If you've never consumed a large portion of beets before, make sure you google what happens. Hey, were did you think all those toxins were actually going to removed?
* Field Greens -- This is for everyone who just got scared about what happens when you eat a lot of beets. There are no surprises here and it is a refreshing start. My wife liked it.
* Linguine with Clams, Pancetta and Hot Chiles -- Spectacular! I don't see enough spicy Italian and this is off the chart. If you like to get all fancy, this dish is for you. They bring you this awesome little fork...about the same size as the Gerber one by 12 month old uses. This is to pull the clam meat out of the shell. If you've never had fresh pasta, this is a great place to give it a try. Heat is always subjective and I was expecting this to not be as hot as it was; it was nonetheless exactly how I like it.
* Veal Chop -- This is like being dealt a blackjack hand. It's perfect.

Whew. If you only have $100 and want to live it up, get the Beet Salad followed by the Veal Shop. If you are drunk and won't remember how anything tasted in the morning, get the Beef Cheek or Warm Lamb's Tongue.

My Rating: 6

People don't realize that B&B is a carbon copy of the menu at Babbo, Batali's fantastically popular New York joint that sells out every day, 30 days in advance, in a few hours. Amazing spot, and its just as remarkable that its not a tough ticket at all in Vegas.

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