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Wing Lei at Wynn Las Vegas Editors Choice!

Category: Asian
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Rating: * * * * *
Dress Code: Jackets Required
Hours: Mon - Sun 5:30pm-10pm
Reservations? Definitely
Phone: (888)352-DINE

French-influenced Chinese at Wing Lei, another of Wynn Las Vegas' multiple award winning restaurants. Essential.

Reader Ratings and Reviews:

My Rating: 3

Wing Lei is the first and only Chinese restaurant in the U.S. to receive a Michelin star.

There are two things I need to mention before starting the review:

1) When I dined here, I was by myself as a single diner.

2) I am ethnic Chinese. In my lifetime I've had a ton of good Chinese food, eating in places that range from the hole-in-the-wall where
you don't dare use the restroom to immaculate, shining white-linen places serving 12 course banquets for a hundred of the harshest
Chinese food critics known -- my family.

When I arrived at Wing Lei, I was seated promptly at a small two-top table. I had to ask for the wine list, which I thought was odd. The
table had white linens and sported fancy chopstick holders made of black wood and what looked like gold leaf. It was clear I was in a
fancy place. The decor popped out in rich dark wood tones, red drapery and gold accents. Eagerly, I cracked open the menu.

And it was at that moment my dining experience went off the rails.

As a single diner, all of the tasting menus, (including a tasty-looking Peking duck tasting menu) were off limits as they required a
minimum of two people to order. Tasting menus are how you get sense of the cooking staff and their skills. So the entire reason why I had
even bothered to come had swiftly disappeared. I had to order off of the family style menu which meant that at best, I could try two
things. Forced into a narrow band of choices I did the unthinkable; I ordered the same mundane dishes I would order from any Chinese
restaurant at lunchtime.

I ordered Mongolian Beef and Pot Stickers.

Neither of these are particularly difficult to cook. Any Chinese chef with half a brain could turn out thousands of these. But there was
a certain twisted logic at work here. How would Wing Lei do when asked to serve the equilivent of simple steak and potatoes?

Meanwhile, while I waited I ordered a half-bottle of wine. After 10 minutes, I was informed that my original choice was unavailable, but
there was a comparable bottle at a slightly higher price. I shrugged and got the alternative bottle, but I was suprised that they would
run out of wine, especially at a Michelin star place.

20 minutes later the food arrived. The food is good. Both the dishes were perfectly cooked. The mongolian beef was tender yet still had
some toothiness to it. The accompanying vegetables were done with the appropriate amount of soft and snap. It wasn't that spicy, which
was a shame. The pot stickers were likewise good with the outer wrappings exactly the corrrect thickness, surrounding a tasty filling.
However I had a problem. Neither dish was amazing. Neither blew my socks off. And yet, the dishes I purchased were bordering on triple
what you would pay in a normal Chinese restaurant.

What was missing in the food was its soul.

Where Wing Lei gets its Michelin star is in the decor, service, and wine list. It certainly wasn't in the food I had. If I had been able
to try the tasting menus, things might have turned out differently.

So in the summarized: TL;DR version:

* Nice decor. Excellent service.

* Don't ever try and come here as a single diner.

* There is better value elsewhere. If you want a fancy dinner by all means come here. Just know what you're paying for.

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