Caesars Palace Octavius Tower Luxury: The VegasTripping Review 2012

Touching And Feeling Caesars Latest Erection

Posted by Blackjacker1979

Caesars Octavius Elevatorla

Caesars Octavius Vestibule

Arriving on my floor, the first thing I'm struck by is the absence of Caesars. Yes, there's a single waste bin that looks like a column, but otherwise the moldings have been replaced by light chrome light fixtures with playful patterns, and a delightful striped carpet with a vine theme. Colors are muted but not over the top, totally comfortable. The only trace of heavy elements left are the mirrors which are in a stone pattern, giving the heft without the weight. A lovely table and mirror accent the circle theme on the opposite end of the vestibule.

Caesars Octavius Hallway

Moving towards the room is simple, as the entire tower is one long linear hallway with the elevators at the eastern end. There's a lovely play of asymmetry, with carpet and lights changing sides with framed prints between each set of rooms. The carpet, lights, and wallpaper continue to carry the same bold color scheme, with curvilinear patterns in bold greens and purples with wood accents.

Caesars Octavius 6364

Arriving at room 6364, the theme continues. In the door number sign, as well as the DND/Doorbell switch plate, the circle pattern is copied. This intentional regard to making sure there is cohesion is a welcome thing, especially after some of random room designs we've all been forced to see recently. Insert the room key and...

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Comments & Discussion:

I think you're seeing what Ramesh Sadhwani brought to the table when he came over from Wynn. Great review!

Room looks very similar to the Augustus Tower and your thoughts mirror mine. It's like a totally different world on that side of the lobby.

Excellent photos and descriptions. "Altering" is a great summation. I experienced the same when I stayed in the Augustus Tower in 2006, but I didn't know how to express it. Hail Caesars!

Very nice review, just a note page 6 middle text is smaller font then the rest of review.

I shared with you my thoughts for Caesars last year, glad to see that the service has held true. I know it doesn't capture the same level of service that Wynn/Encore does, but it does seem to have an old school Vegas appeal that Wynn misses, which I hope they are able to hold onto for a long time. (Maybe even long enough someday to be spun off again from Harrahs)

Great review. And, after all of your recent Aria travails, you deserve a nice room and experience. Thanks.

I was already eyeballing a stay in the Octavius Tower my next trip (after VIMFP) and yeah this pretty much cinches it. I absolutely loved my room in the Augustus Tower when I stayed there back in December, and had I had a bit more financial discipline and started seriously saving up for VIMFP a few months earlier, I would have definitely stayed at Caesars again. I was sold on the place after one stay and had been avoiding the place because of the rates they charged, which in retrospect, are worth it, as while it's corporate parent has never really been synonymous with luxury, they've left the place in good hands and obviously know what they have there is something special.

Caesars Palace is a world unto itself and you can see why Harrah's decided to rebrand the entire company with the Caesars name (which is a rare thing in business, as typically the acquiring company keeps their name or they do the hyphenated name thing).

One of the things I liked about the Augustus Tower (and it applies to the Octavius Tower as well) is the fact that it's not connected to the casino. There's a nice sense of calm as well as elegance as you aren't hit with the bells and noises as you would at the majority of casinos.

I've noticed that Caesars Palace has now branded the Augustus Tower and the Octavius Tower as the "Laurel Collection". It's a fitting name, as the laurel wreath is one of the symbols associated with the property as well as being something that was a symbol of status amongst the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

It is certainly an intriguing choice. However, the one thing that makes it a lot easier is that it was comped. The price is still an ocean away from what I am willing to pay. When comparing it to other properties on the strip the sticker shock is just too much. Maybe I'm the lone asshole on these boards that doesn't spend enough time in the room to justify paying for Caesars.

ndfanwabashman...I'd ask you to check around. These rooms are easily upgraded to from stock Caesars and are available at rates reasonable for people looking to migrate from other properties with a bit of research. Even if not, Augustus Rooms, and even the renovated Palace and Forum tower rooms offer excellent offerings for the price.

Nice review! I stayed in an Augustus room last year and really enjoyed the experience. Maybe we'll give these a try on the next trip. Caesars is my 2nd favorite place in Vegas, it just has a great overall Vegas feel for me.

I was hoping for more Ionic white marble coloumns and black granite/marble floors. Not much in this room differentiates it from other modern-style resorts.