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The Golden Gate Suite at The Golden Gate

The VegasTripping Review 2014(ish)

Posted by Blackjacker1979

Golden Gate Suite Ext

Las Vegas is a town of change. In this sun-scorched valley, things come and they go, often at a mind-bogglingly frantic pace. In a town like this, even the most revered place can have a history that ends before the average person can experience a mid-life crisis. But it's the ones that stick around that you really have to admire... staying the course or making transformations that can carry them from ancient history into modern success.

Enter the Golden Gate. Opened in 1906 as the Hotel Nevada, the Gate has built a history on the corner of Main and Fremont right at the mouth of Downtown Las Vegas. Over the years, the hotel's 106 rooms have been periodically updated to keep up with Vegas visitors wants and desires. With a full top-to-bottom renovation of the property and addition of a new wing featuring 16 suites by partners Derek and Greg Stevens and Mark Brandenburg, the Golden Gate has become a centerpiece in the resurgence of Downtown Las Vegas and become a new go to destination for visitors and locals alike.

With all this in mind, and knowing that I would need to secure a place to rest my head during what was to become a legendary gathering known as VIMFP 3.0, I booked a suite at the Gate to see first hand just what I was missing by not giving this "new downtown" scene a chance. Booking was quick through the Golden Gate's website, and I managed to secure a suite for $129 a night before tax, titles, registration, resort fee, and first service.

Arrival was simple, with the valet being right off Main street adjacent to the front of the Plaza. Within a minute the friendly valet had me unloaded and I was in the door and down the steps to the adjacent lobby. Check in was quick, painless, and super friendly, and in another minute I was on my way up to suite 43. The hallways aren't long, giving to the intimate nature of the hotel, and are clean, modern and stylish in just the right way.

Golden Gate Suite Hall Golden Gate Suite 43

A short jaunt down from the elevator and I'm at the door. Insert the card key, turn the knob and...

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Comments & Discussion:

A nice companion piece to the short piece back in October on the room type (two doors down from you).

I was originally booked in one for #VT10, but moved to The Strip for this trip and if #VIMFP is Downtown again this year, I'll be booking one then.

Having stayed at the Golden Gate three times in the past, these rooms are a nice addition to the property.

Always love to see these reviews - but I am always disappointed when views from the room are not included.

See the link in my earlier post to get an idea of the view, as the room in the above link is two doors down. It's a view of the parking lot, the Rush Tower at the Golden Nugget and the long-closed Hotel Nevada.

I just spent a week in suite 36. I really loved the room...but...the wifi is subpar and they should be embarrassed at forcing people to pay for mediocre speeds. I ran 2 speed tests a day just to be sure...and never saw anything faster than 1mbps download...and most of the time it was more like 0.6mbps. Since this was a work trip, the slow internet was a major issue for me...I could not get the files I needed to work on quotes, I could not upload anything to my server back home, and I could not watch any baseball highlights. As a backup I have a Verizon hotspot, but the only way I could get any useable cell signal was to put the hotspot in the window...and even was only a little better than the wifi. I actually ended up doing most of my work every night sitting in my car in a parking lot a few blocks away from the hotel. That alone assures I will not return until that is fixed. I've stayed at The D twice, and both times the wifi speeds there were very good. For the record, I have written a long letter about it to management I'll be sending this week.


I was your neighbor that weekend. My fridge was in the cabinet and it was so warm I had to keep the cabinet door open so my fridge could get cold. I loved my suite as well

The WiFi included with the resort fee is quickly becoming a complete joke. I stayed at NYNY during CES and you get 0.5Mbps included in the resort fee but have to pay for faster speeds. I believe the highest speed they offered was 1.5Mbps. I just stayed at Aria a few weeks ago and the "included" speed was 1.0Mbps and you had to pay to upgrade that.

Now I wouldn't complain if that was free but since we're paying for it through the resort fee...and the resort fee is advertized as giving you value for it, it seems ridiculous that these are the speeds we are given. I too use my hot spot, but as we have all experienced sometimes the signals don't travel well to certain rooms or areas of certain rooms.

Having to work from your car in a parking lot is completely ridiculous. Sorry to hear that.

Very nice writeup.

Nice suite! The headboard looks very similar to what they used at Hotel32 in their Lofts (as backing for the Living Room TV).

Decor is awesome and everything looks comfy.

Only thing I don't like is the lack of tub, but I wouldn't rule out staying here for a night.

The WiFi in the resort fee is a bit of a scam at some properties. Last May when I stayed at Vdara I had some very crappy WiFi speeds that were slower than the 3G phone I had at the time. When I stayed at the Plaza for #VIMFP, the WiFi speeds were better than expected, though not as fast as my 4G LTE phone.

For a time I was taking a WiMax dongle with me on trips and Clear worked pretty dang well for me out there. I dropped it once I got my first smartphone as I saw no need to keep it.

Yah!! More not so subtle shilling for Derek Stevens' properties!

@deedubs If you don't like the content that's being posted here, you're under no obligation to comment.

@deedubs While I hope you're being sarcastic, if you think that's the content or context that I have posted with this review you are mistaken.

I write from a third party standpoint, and I take my time to assure that every review I write is written as balanced and fairly as possible. The Golden Gate gets no different of treatment than I gave Aria, or Mirage, or would give any other hotel when I write a review.

At this point, comments accusing the site of being a shill for (Insert property name and/or owner of said property here) have become trite and frankly predictable. Making such comments is really childish and silly and if that's all one wishes to contribute to the discussion, they really ought to not bother to hit the submit comments button.

For $129/night I think this is a fantastic room. I like the decor a lot (I'm definitely a fan of ultra modern as long as it's not over done, which is what a lot of the Strip hotels seem to be doing).
Regardless of how nice this room is, I don't think I could ever stay at Golden Gate. That place is haunted beyond belief and I always feel edgy in those places. :-)