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Bellagio Conservatory Tilework
Bellagio Conservatory
Bacon Sliders at FIX
Hanging Flowers at Bellagio Conservatory
Crispy Tuna at Fix
Bellagio at Dusk
Lobster Tacos at Fix

3600 Las Vegas Blvd South // Las Vegas Strip  » map

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Check In: 3:00pm
Check Out: 11:00am
Deposit: First night charge
Resort Fee: $39.20/day plus $10/day parking fee
Nearby: ARIA
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Caesars Palace
Comp Club: MLife
Drink Service: Average
Deals: 1 deals for Bellagio

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Bellagio - The Real Deal :

Buyer beware - all MGM Resorts properties charge the highest resort fees (nearly $40/night) plus a $10 per day fee to self-park your car. VegasTripping suggests you find alternate accommodations.
The saying goes: "If you have to ask how much it is, you can't afford it." A number of years ago, we would've just left it at that. Nowadays, with Bellagio aging its way down the resort pecking order from a five star king of the mountain the time has come to question Bellagio's stance as luxury standard bearer and see it for what it is - to slightly milfy but still dangerous young cougar. The hotel was completely renovated in 2012, but unfortunately little can be done about the small footprint of these once luxurious digs. This is one of the only structural faults in the Bellagio experience, which has been slightly modernized but still retains vintage Italian charm as well as an impeccable array of dining, entertainment and gaming options.

Location of Bellagio:

Bellagio is located right in the middle of the action, but set back from the hubub of the Strip by Lake Como on the Strip and its insanely popular fountain show. The perception is that Bellagio is exclusive, the facts reveal the exact opposite... they really want you to come in there and stay, play, wine and dine.

Bellagio is Near

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Caesars Palace

Cool Stuff About Bellagio:

Monorail at Bellagio connects to Vdara, ARIA and Monte Carlo

2011 review of Bellagio Resort Deluxe (Green)
2011 review of Bellagio Resort Deluxe (Blue)
2011 pictorial of Bellagio Presidential Suite where President Obama stayed.
2010 pictorial of Bellagio Penthouse suite

Bellagio won multiple awards in the 2013 Trippies readers poll including Best Casino, Best Poker, Best Dice and more.

Bellagio History

Bellagio might still very well be THE standard bearer for high-falutin 'spensiveness and hoity-toit. Built on the historic location where The Dunes stood for thirty-something years, Steve Wynn needed to wow when displacing such a historic property. His vision: bring the luxury, pile it on and smear some more around the sides and back. The 36 story Bellagio opened in 1998 at a price tag of $1.6 bajillion dollars. Yikes! To put it into perspective Bellagio would have to make a just shy of a 1/2 million dollars a day profit for 10 years to make this back. Bellagio opened a new hotel tower - the Spa Tower - in 2004.

The Rooms at Bellagio

There was a day when the name Bellagio was synonymous with luxury and to many Vegas tourists it still is. Until the opening of Wynn Las Vegas, the guest rooms at Bellagio - including the Bellagio King and Bellagio Queen - were some of the finest rooms in Las Vegas. Recent renovations at the property have upgraded the threadbare furnishings to shiny new, albeit modern stuff. Check out our many reviews of Bellagio's new hotel room offerings:

2011 review of Bellagio Resort Deluxe (Green)
2011 review of Bellagio Resort Deluxe (Blue)
2011 pictorial of Bellagio Presidential Suite where President Obama stayed.
2010 pictorial of Bellagio Penthouse suite

Restaurants at Bellagio

Bellagio has a ton of great restaurants all of which require or suggest you make a reservation. Service, food and menu are all superb and the check will probably scare you unless you don't care about things like money.

Fine dining options include Le Cirque for French, Circo (Tuscan cuisine), Jasmine (Hunan, Cantonese, and Szechuan), Prime Steakhouse (one of, if not THE best steakhouse in Vegas), Picasso, Michael Mina seafood joint and Yellowtail a sushi restaurant/night club.

Casual dining options include FIX restaurant and bar, Noodles, Todd English's Olives and Sensi. Oh, and they have a Buffet and Cafe also.

Don't forget to check out the Jean Philippe Patisserie for cookies, crepes, chocolate and other sweetness.

Bellagio Tips

The Bellagio has one of the best Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas, O. Be sure to check out the dancing water fountains, the Conservatory floral atrium and the Museum of Fine Art, all worth the effort.

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