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128 E. Fremont St. // Las Vegas Downtown  » map

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Nearby: Golden Nugget
The D
Comp Club: Club Binion's
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Binions - The Real Deal :

Binions' hotel is closed indefinitely
Dank wood paneling, horseshoe emblazoned carpets, tons of table games, dealers in string ties and down home hard-core gambling charm make Binions one of, if not THE best gaming joints in all of Vegas.

Location of Binions:

Right under the hood of the Fremont Street experience, in the Heart of Downtown Las Vegas. You can easily stay in downtown and never leave for weeks. While you're here, be sure to check out all the groovy neon art that has been restored by the Neon Museum, as well as the giant statue of Benny Binion on Fremont Street.

Binions is Near

Golden Nugget
The D

Cool Stuff About Binions:

Hunter S. Thompson and 'Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas' nuts would surely like to know that the room they stayed in (for the 1971 Mint 400) was room #850... (What was the Mint is now a part of the Horseshoe.)

Binions History

Binions is one of the grandpappys of Vegas. Built in 1951 by the inimitable Texas road gambler and sometimes thug and family man Benny Binion, the Horseshoe is known for accepting all kinds of action... if you got some kind of crazy bet you wanna make, then Binion's is (was) the place to make it. After Benny passed away in 1989, Binions ownership passed down to his kids Jack, Teddy and Becky. Jack sold his stake in the Vegas Horseshoe on to open a Horseshoe in Tunica, MS. Becky and Ted ran the place until Ted's drug problems and shady friends got him banned for life from running a gambling joint. Becky took over shortly thereafter and slowly ran the place into the ground. Binion's Horseshoe closed in early 2004 for a coupla months due to some unpaid union retirement bills... the Binion family was 'forced' to sell the casino. Harrah's bought it and re-opened it just in time for the 2004 World Series of Poker. Of course, Harrah's quickly sold the property, but kept the World Series of Poker and the 'Horseshoe' name. The new owners MTR Gaming did what they could to the joint, including a lot of redecorating of the casino interior and exterior. Still, they couldn't make Binion's work for them and sold it to TLC Enterprises, the owners of the Four Queens in 2007. We expect the Four Queens folks to do a better job.

Lotsa history here... not all of it nice and good... but still awesome. We love Binions.

The Rooms at Binions

If you expect nothing, you'll be satisfied.... Binion's hotel is currently closed!

Restaurants at Binions

Do yourself a favor and head up to the Top of Binion's Steakhouse for a great view in a classic atmosphere.

Binions Tips

The Wheel of Fortune slots on the middle wall, towards the poker room rain money. Check 'em out.

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