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31900 Las Vegas Blvd S. // State Line  » map

Rating: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Check In: 3:00pm
Check Out: 11:00am
Deposit: $30/day
Resort Fee: $8.04/day plus tax ($9)
Nearby: Whiskey Pete's
Gold Strike
Primm Valley Resort
Comp Club: Terrible's Players Club
Drink Service: Awesome
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Buffalo Bill's - The Real Deal :

There is nothing spectacular, or particularly interesting about Buffalo Bills other than it having the only poker room in Primm.

Location of Buffalo Bill's:

Buffalo Bill's is located in Primm Nevada on the California/Nevada state line about 40 or so miles from Vegas. Right next door is Terribles Primm Valley Resort and accessible via Tram over the I-15 is Whiskey Petes.

Buffalo Bill's is Near

Whiskey Pete's
Gold Strike
Primm Valley Resort

Cool Stuff About Buffalo Bill's:

The Desperado roller coaster pulls about 4 Gs of force and costs $7 bucks ($1.75/G). For those who prefer a little less thrill for a little less money, try the tram to Whiskey Petes - it's free.

Buffalo Bill's History

Buffalo Bill's opened in 1978 just off the I-15 on the California/Nevada Border, it forms one part of the holy trinity of Primm Nevada gambling joints that function as either pit stop, first gamble, last gas or last chance depending on which way you're headed. Buffalo Bill's was bought by MGM in 1999, who sold it to Herbst Gaming in 2006. In late 2010, Buffalo Bills closed for a complete renovation, rooms now feature furnishings snagged from Fontainebleau auction.

The Rooms at Buffalo Bill's

Buffalo Bill's renovated their rooms in 2011 using leftover furniture from the shuttered Fontainebleau project. Buffalo Bill's has two types of rooms - Deluxe and Jacuzzi Suites all of which feature the basic in room amenities plus high speed wireless internet (for a fee). The jacuzzi suites are - by far - the best way to go. The rates at Buffalo Bill's are generally rock bottom, so a little splurging is definitely in order here.

Restaurants at Buffalo Bill's

There are many dining options in at the holy trinity of Primm casinos. If you have to eat here, go to GP's at Terribles.

Buffalo Bill's Tips

The bullet hole riddled car that Bonnie and Clyde were in during the big shoot out is on display at Whiskey Petes. Worth a quick look. Also, the Star of the Desert arena at Whiskey Pete's hosts some pretty big name concert acts.

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