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600 E. Fremont Street // Las Vegas Downtown  » map

Nearby: Fremont   The D   Four Queens  
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Check In: 2:00pm
Check Out: 11:30am
Deposit: $25
Resort Fee: $8.95/night
Comp Club: Club Cortez
Drink Service: Awesome
Deals: 5 deals for El Cortez

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El Cortez - The Real Deal :

El Cortez is one of the best kept secrets in all of Las Vegas. Since 2008, El Cortez has undergone dramatic, yet incredibly subtle renovations. The entire casino has been scrubbed and refurbished, new rooms, new suites, refreshed dining options and the addition of the truly fantastic El Cortez Cabana Suites out back have turned the El Cortez into a true modern classic destination. Highly recommended for cheapskates, downtown lovers , vintage Vegas freaks and boutique hotel snobs.

Location of El Cortez:

On the southern end of the Fremont bonanza. Worth the walk if you're staying at the Nug or Binions. Good values for the penny conscious gambler, El Cortez is liberal with comps, and love their lower limit players. Plus you might see Jackie Gaughan strolling around the joint on any given day.

Cool Stuff About El Cortez:

Comps comps comps! They give shit away at El Cortez.

This place was once owned by Benjamin Bugsy Siegel

El Cortez History

Built in 1941, Las Vegas impresario Jackie Gaughan bought the El Cortez in 1963, one of its previous owners was none other than Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel. The El Cortez retains much of its 1940's vibes despite periodic upgrades and facelifts. Be sure to check out their $4.99 breakfast buffet... comped to players who give good action.

The Rooms at El Cortez

299 rooms onsite, plus 100 other rooms next door at the El Cortez Cabana Suites, formerly known as the Ogden House Hotel. Your best bet here are the El Cortez Cabana Suites, followed by the brand spankin new for 2011 designer suites. Standard rooms are a great bargain, but if the upgraded options offer infinitely more bang for your barely a little more bucks.

Restaurants at El Cortez

El Cortez Tips

El Cortez has numerous offers and promotions on their site which you should surely take advantage of (if you win a jackpot over $200 - they'll give you a tank of gas for your car).

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