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3850 Las Vegas Blvd. S // Las Vegas Strip  » map

Rating: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Check In: 3:00pm
Check Out: 11:00am
Deposit: First night charge plus 12% tax
Resort Fee: $32.48/day plus $10/day parking fee
Nearby: LuXor
New York-New York
Comp Club: M Life
Drink Service: Slow but steady
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Excalibur - The Real Deal :

Buyer beware - all MGM Resorts properties charge the highest resort fees (nearly $40/night) plus a $10 per day fee to self-park your car. VegasTripping suggests you find alternate accommodations.
Much like Circus Circus we'd like this joint more if there weren't so many kids running around. We're partiers not family peeps, so the Excalibur dosen't really cater to our sensibilities. There aren't as many kids as at Circus-Circus though. Compared to its connected-by-a-monorail neighbor LuXor, the Excalibur has gambling in spades. Lots of table games, a festive and less sterile atmosphere and some very playable slots. Still, stumbling around a Vegas-styled replica of Ye Olde Merry Kingdom with a ferocious buzz on is still a goofy and wonderful experience.

Location of Excalibur:

Excalibur is located at the intersection of Tropicana Blvd. and the Strip, at the south end of the action. On the other three corners of this major intersection are New York-New York, The Tropicana, and MGM Grand. LuXor and Mandalay Bay are a short walk or (free) monorail ride away.

Excalibur is Near

New York-New York

Cool Stuff About Excalibur:

Excalibur History

Excalibur opened on June 19th, 1990 and cost its then owners - Circus-Circus Inc. (who changed their name to Mandalay Resorts before being eaten by MGMMirage) - $290M to build. At one point, Excalibur held the title as largest hotel and casino in the world (until the green MGM Grand was built in 1994). Pre-Excalibur plans for the parcel at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana were originally an expansion of the Tropicana (connected by a walkway over the strip) then for a joint called Xanadu, which after perennial postponements was finally scrapped when the financing for the project fell through. Circus-Circus aquired the property and began construction in 1988 with a Medieval groundbreaking ceremony. The name Excalibur was decided in a Name The Castle contest of all things. The Excalibur was aquired by MGMMirage in June 2004 in their takeover of Mandalay Resort Group (formerly Circus-Circus Inc.) Many rooms in the hotel, now called "Widescreen Rooms", were renovated in 2007.

The Rooms at Excalibur

Excalibur offers three types of rooms : Widescreen Rooms (renovated in 2007) include - you guessed it - wide screen tv's, pillow top mattresses and some fancier furnishings than the stodgy old Excalibur decor. Guest Rooms have towers on the bed posts and all the tacky old Excalibur decor you can stomach. Guest Suites come in two sub-flavors : Parlor King (with adjoining room) and King Spa. Both of these have jacuzzi-tubs and mostly old Excalibur decor. We suggest you try and book the Widescreen Rooms. If that doesn't work out, check some other nearby properties - LuXor, Mandalay Bay and New York-New York, before sinking in on the other Excalibur offerings. They're not dirty or gross by any means, but you can probably find a lot more bang for only a few more bucks if you shop around a little.

Oh, and don't forget to pack your suit of armor.

Restaurants at Excalibur

Excalibur offers number of different eateries, most of which are served with a heaping side order of Medieval touch. Join the Knights at the Roundtable Buffet, dine with Kings at The Steakhouse at Camelot, bring your wench to Dick's Last Resort, or try the somewhat misplaced Regale Italian Eatery 'Waiter, i'd like to have Ye Olde Chicken Parmigian please' just dosent sound right does it?. The Sherwood Forest Cafe served up 24 hour a day and is reasonably priced for families. Village Food Court has all the usual suspects - Krispy Kreme, McRonalds, Quiznos, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Cold Stone, Pizza Hut and the Manchu Wok.

Excalibur Tips

Bring your favorite wench to the 'Tournament of Kings' jousting dinner show.

Is that a storm coming in? Nope, it's 'The Thunder from Down Under. Ladies are not forgotten at Excalibur, well, the ladies that love ladies night out with some scantily clad men shaking it for them that is. $43.95 to get in. There is also some puppetry, jugglers and video games for the kids.

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