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3555 Las Vegas Blvd. S // Las Vegas Strip  » map

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Check In: 4:00pm
Check Out: 11:00am
Deposit: First night charge plus tax
Resort Fee: $29/day
Nearby: Caesars Palace
The Linq Hotel and Casino
Bally's Las Vegas
Comp Club: Total Rewards
Drink Service: Awesome
Deals: 1 deals for Flamingo

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Flamingo - The Real Deal :

The Flamingo rocks... straight up. Great gaming, great vibes, great help, great odds and great action - it's the yardstick by which everything Las Vegas is measured (up and down).

Location of Flamingo:

Located at the bend in the road on the east side of the Strip, in the center of ALL the action. Caesars Palace, Ballys, Paris, Bellagio, Imperial Palace, Harrah's and Bill's Gamblin Hall are within easy walking distance.

Flamingo is Near

Caesars Palace
The Linq Hotel and Casino
Bally's Las Vegas

Flamingo History

The Flamingo... what can you say? From its twisted beginnings as Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel's dream for a true high roller resort (after muscling in on Hollywood newspaper publisher Billy Wilkerson), to the multi-billion dollar mega-resort that it is today, The Flamingo defines Las Vegas.

Building for The Flamingo commenced in 1945 under a proposed budget of $1.2Million of Meyer Lansky and other gangsters' dollars, the price tag quickly balloned to an amazing $6M. With huge debt weighing on itchy gangster fingers, Bugsy promised that the Flamingo would make profit shortly after its Christmas 1946 Grand Opening. Hitches in building the hotel meant that no rooms were available and gamblers were leaving the joint with winnings to stay at the New Frontier down the street. Six months into 1947, the Flamingo began to show profit, but it was already too late... Bugsy was murdered on June 20, 1947 and control of the hotel reverted to Meyer Lansky and other members of The Syndicate. It is said that Bugsy's ghost has been seen wandering the hallways of the Flamingo to this day despite the fact that the last remnants of Bugsy's suite and original office were bulldozed in 1993.

The Rooms at Flamingo

Flamingo offers two types of rooms, the slightly modernized Flamingo Fab Rooms and multiple flavors of the spiffy Go Rooms. The standard rooms come in three flavors - Deluxe Bedroom ('comfort without the cost' they say), The Mini Suites (with living room and draped off bedroom area), and Luxury Suites (huge, beautiful, expensive).

The Go Rooms, come in two flavors, "Go Deluxe" and "Go Luxury". Either one will do you fine, they're both very very interesting. Not for the faint of heart though. You really should look at our review to get a taste of what to expect.

Restaurants at Flamingo

All sorts of stuff to eat at the Flamingo. Hamada of Japan does excellent Japanese food - sushi, tatami style, teppanyaki... delicious! The Tropical Breeze Cafe can be quite hit or miss. If you like your BLTs with two lbs of bacon on them (seared under a flaming heat lamp) then you'll love this place. It's busy and can be quite noisy, but can be pleasant and homey if you don't have really high standards. Steakhouse 46 - which owes its numerological name to 1946, the year the Flamingo opened - is one of the real finds at the Flamingo. It's a great low-key quiet steak house with excellent food and great service. Don't expect shi-shi experiments in the culinary arts here, just a great New York Style steakhouse with all the trimmings. Recommended. Paradise Garden Buffet - fair to average. Jimmy Fucking Buffett even has a joint there - no it's not JIMMY'S BUFFET its Margaritaville a booze and cheeseburgers in paradise outfit. Margaritavillle lives in the same culinary world as the Hard Rock Cafe. The place turns into a party late at night and they have very large tall glasses of fruity booze drinks. Of course... we woulda went there to get one but we were up on our room looking for our lost shaker of salt.

Flamingo Tips

Bill's next door is a great place to grab a beer, catch herpes playing beer pong and do some underage gambling... check it out. Derp!

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