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4455 Paradise Road // Las Vegas Off Strip  » map

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Check In: 3:00pm
Check Out: 11:00am
Deposit: $100/day
Resort Fee: $25/day plus tax
Nearby: MGM Grand
Comp Club: Backstage Pass
Drink Service: Bribes required
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Hard Rock - The Real Deal :

After losing its hard earned crown of being the hippest joint in Vegas to the Palms and then Encore, the Hard Rock has poured a bajillion dollars re-do(uche)ing nearly every square inch of the property, including building two brand new hotel towers (Paradise Tower and HRH Tower) and expanding The Joint venue, and redoing nearly all of its restaurants. The end result is that the Hard Rock looks more like a hip boutique hotel with a flourishing casino, nightlife and daylife options and a helluva lot less like a Guitar Center with slot machines.

The Hard Rock is exactly where you don't want to be if you're tripping, like for reals. Guests silhouettes morph into a sea of predator males and barbie dolls prancing around in overpriced zoot suits. Let's get down to brass tacks, how much for the Monkees drum set? Whatever your chemicals, the Hard Rock is a grrrreat place to get some action... and we don't mean gambling... it was the 2005 Trippies Award Winner for Best Place to Get Laid!

We love what they've done with the place and we think that you will too.

Location of Hard Rock:

Off the strip towards UNLV. The Double Down locals bar (the home of "ass juice") is right around the corner, as is any sporting event at the Thomas and Mack Arena. If you are coming to Hard Rock for the evening and don't have wheels at your disposal, plan on taking a cab... the Strip is a helluva lot farther than you might think, particularly when wasted. Plan on waiting in line for a cab too... the taxi line on weekends is incredibly long.

Hard Rock is Near

MGM Grand

Hard Rock History

Built in 1995, the Hard Rock was known for decades as the place to party and was commanding upwards of $600/night for standard hotel rooms on weekends. Hard Rock virtually invented the concept of "day life" with its Rehab(!!) pool party and ruled night life with killer rock n roll shows at The Joint. Hard Rock is one of the few places in Vegas where real touring bands come to play, stay and get crazy... or worse. In 2002, The Who bassist John Entwhistle died of a cocaine overdose in his room at the Hard Rock. In August 2009, the Hard Rock opened the first of two tower expansions, The Paradise Tower. The HRH Tower opened in December 2009.

The Rooms at Hard Rock

If you have a choice in what room you are staying at, we suggest you book the brand new hotel towers as the room decor and all the amenities are brand new and state of the art. Paradise Tower rooms and HRH standard rooms are perfect for the repressed TV tossing rock star in all of us. For those looking to up their game to something astounding, check out the four Pool Suites in the new HRH tower... gorgeous, sexy, strange and fun.

Restaurants at Hard Rock

All sorts of stuff... Steakhouse, Japanese, the infamous Pink Taco nyuk nyuk... plus a Starbucks.

Hard Rock Tips

Welcome to Guitar Center Casino, where the walls are covered with cheap guitars signed by the stars. Seriously folks, Kurt Cobain never played a black Squire Stratocaster. The guitar autographed by the guys in Phish? No, its not a Languedoc custom special (as Trey plays) but an off the rack dud straight from the discount section of Musician's Friend.

According to some reality TV show, the Hard Rock has a pretty good pool. In fact, the HR pool is so popular, there is a web cam over looking the pool letting the rest of us poor cubicle farmers watch in envy. There are two pools to choose from, but the most popular is the sandy beach pool. In addition to serving more booze than Jim, Johnnie and Jack combined - the Hard Rock boasts Swim-up blackjack to keep you busy and a slew of cabanas to keep your privacy.

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