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3000 Paradise Road // Las Vegas Strip  » map

Nearby: Riviera   Encore   Stratosphere  
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Check In: 3:00pm
Check Out: 12:00pm
Deposit: Credit Card
Resort Fee: $18/day plus tax
Comp Club: Resorts International Club
Drink Service: Average
Deals: 17 deals for LVH

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LVH - The Real Deal :

Is there any reason to visit the Hilton, now that Star Trek: The Experience has been vaporized? Why yes, there is... Barry Manilow! Oh wait. He's gone too. Hrm. Ok, how about this... even in middle age, the LVH (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton and before that the International Hotel & Casino) has managed to keep up appearances like a coy cougar wearing nothing but a $40 mid week recession busting room rates. Our recent stay proves that LVH might be one of the best kept secrets in Las Vegas - clean, affordable and just far enough from the strip to get an oontz free power nap.

Location of LVH:

East of the strip, but easy to get to and find by car or monorail. It's right next to the Las Vegas Convention Center, but you can forget walking here from the Strip (save Riviera)

Cool Stuff About LVH:

Elvis put aluminum foil on the windows here.

Star Trek : The Experience is closed and gone forever.

The Hilton completely refurbished its public areas and guest rooms in 2008.

The Hilton changed its name to LVH in late 2011.

LVH History

Originally Kirk Kerkorian's International Hotel & Casino in 1969, the Las Vegas Hilton was where Elvis Presley gave most of his famed 'big Elvis' era performances. He signed an exclusive contract with the International Hotel in 1969 (and lived on the 30th floor in what's now known as 'The Elvis Presley Suite'). Since it's halcyon days at one of the Strips main entertainment attractions, the Hilton has been bought and sold numerous times and for a short period of time was called the "Flamingo Hilton." The Las Vegas Hilton was sold to investment firm Colony Capital by the former Caesars Entertainment in 2004. In 2011, the owners of the Hilton lost their Hilton franchise and changed the name to "LVH." In late 2012, LVH was bought by creditors Goldman Sachs in a foreclosure auction... currently nothing has changed although there is rumor that the hotel will be renamed "The International"

The Rooms at LVH

Check out our 2012 review of the "No Resort Fee Premium Room." Rooms are mid-priced, clean, well appointed and very comfortable size-wise. A nice place if you want to go to Vegas and not be in the middle of the hubub (Strip) or middle of an orgy (Hard Rock, Palms, Rio) or in the middle of insanity (Downtown). All rooms were refurbished in 2008 to include the latest technology (flat screen tv's, wireless internet etc) and sharp designs.

Restaurants at LVH

LVH features a number of dining options, all of which are reasonably priced and somewhat nondescript. We suggest Benihana's for great teppanyaki experience and The Buffet if you are staying during the week for the complimentary beer and wine! Also worth checking out is TJ's Steakhouse, great classic Vegas steakhouse atmosphere at a competitive price. Motley Crue singer Vince Neil has also opened a Mexican joint called Tatuado which features a pretty decent array of tequilas. In addition to his name on the door, there's a good chance Vince might stop by as he lives in Vegas.

LVH Tips

After 10 years of boldly getting people smashed on Warp Core Breach's, Star Trek : The Experience closed on September 1, 2008. We're still holding a grudge, can't you tell?

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