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31900 Las Vegas Boulevard South // State Line  » map

Rating: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Check In: 3:00pm
Check Out: 11:00am
Deposit: $30/day
Resort Fee: $8.04/day plus tax ($9)
Nearby: Buffalo Bill's
Whiskey Pete's
Gold Strike
Comp Club: A-Play Club
Drink Service: Average
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Primm Valley Resort - The Real Deal :

Some of our posse members swear by Primm casino. Mrs. Jackpots - who has total slot machine mojo - regularly hits big jackpots at Primm Valley Resort - hence her nickname. The casino is relatively quiet although there always seems to be people in there playing. Table games are plentiful and the minimum bet is really really low. It's a great place to stop off on the drive in to give your knucklehead friends a craps lesson or to get that last itch of gamblin' out of your system, if Vegas hasn't broken you already.

Location of Primm Valley Resort:

Primm Valley Resort is located on the California state line at Primm Nevada. It is 40 or so minutes to Las Vegas and four hours to Los Angeles. Whisky Pete's is connected via a monorail that goes over the freeway, and Buffalo Bills is right next door.

Primm Valley Resort is Near

Buffalo Bill's
Whiskey Pete's
Gold Strike

Cool Stuff About Primm Valley Resort:

The California Lotto store is just over the border in California (literally, 3 feet over the border). Nevada dosen't have a Lottery... imagine that.

Primm guarantees $31 dollar room rates (don't forget to read the disclaimer)

Primm Valley Resort History

Primm Valley Resort is the new/old name for the property that was called Terrible's when it was owned by the Herbst Gaming company before they went bankrupt. Prior to its stint as Terribles, it was called.... drum roll please.. Primm Valley Resort before it was sold by MGM Mirage in 2006. MGM Mirage (then just MGM) merged with Primadonna Resorts (owned by the Primm family) in 1998 in an all-stock transaction of 9.5 million shares in MGM. MGM got the other 50% of New York New York Primmadonna owned as well the three Primm properties (Primmadonna, Whiskey Pete's and Buffalo Bills) as well as two golf courses. The resort began using the name "Terrible's" in late 2007. Oh but wait, they changed it back to Primm Valley Resort in late 2011. Schitzo!

The Rooms at Primm Valley Resort

Generally we don't stay here much longer than it takes to hit the john and do a loop of the casino, unless we're flush with cash in which case we'll hit the mall. Primm isn't lousy, it's just way out of the way.

Primm offers three types of rooms : Deluxe (basic yet clean), Suites (1 or 2 bedrooms with sitting area, bright furnishings and a bar, and the Jacuzzi Suite (which is similar to the other suites but with a jacuzzi)

Restaurants at Primm Valley Resort

Primm offers numerous dining options including Tony Roma's rib joint, GP's named after former owner Gary Primm - steaks and seafood, Silver Spur - steakhouse.

Primm Valley Resort Tips

The Fashion Outlet Mall is pretty huge, and we've actually bought a ton of goodies here with our winnings from Vegas - Appliances, Apparel, Stuff... all name brands at incredibly discounted prices. If you're a shop-a-holic with expensive tastes but on a budget, its worth it to stop off and take a peek if the slot machines or table games in Vegas have treated you kindly.

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