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Riviera Hotel Casino Restaurants, Tips, Reviews and Photos
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2901 Las Vegas Blvd. S // Las Vegas Strip  » map

Nearby: Encore   Circus Circus   Stratosphere  
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Check In: 4:00pm
Check Out: 11:00am
Deposit: First night charge plus tax
Resort Fee: $11/day
Comp Club: Players Club
Drink Service: Average
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Riviera - The Real Deal :

At one time, the Riveria's casino was the largest in all of Vegas, with the growth of the lower strip behemoths it has been thrown to the footnotes of Vegas grandeur. However, if you're looking for a decent gamble at old school Vegas prices... the Riviera Hotel Casino is one of the last places you will find it at.

Location of Riviera:

The Riv is a little bit outta the way. The Sahara is to the north, and Circus-Circus to the south on the other side of the street. Be prepared to take some taxis or monorail if you're staying here and want to see stuff.

Cool Stuff About Riviera:

The Riv was the 9th joint opened on the Strip - 1955
The flick Casino was filmed at the Riviera
The first Austin Powers movie was filmed here as well...
Check out our review of Kady's Coffee Shop

Riviera History

One of the landmarks of Las Vegas, the Riviera (opened 4/20/1955 - yo!) has played host to a who's who of legendary entertainers including Liberace, Shecky Green, the nutty naked-chicks-on-motorcycles-in-a-metal-sphere show Splash and Frank Marino as Joan Rivers! Oh my gawd... can we tawk heah?

The Rooms at Riviera

Neat, somewhat sparse rooms. Not opulent, or funky... kinda middle of the road. Not bad, but somewhat forgettable. Gotta love the bathrobe sitting on the bed in the Deluxe Rooms photo. Does that mean that the photographer is nekkid? Kinky!

Restaurants at Riviera

Standard casino fare... Italian, Steak Joint, Kady's Coffee Shop, Buffet, a quickie food court and a 50s diner. The video previews on their website are a nice touch. Kady's... looks like it was last re-decorated in 1981 - loud blocky primary colors on a white, tacky primary color artwork of paint cans, crayons and other blue yellow and red crap. The food will nearly kill you... but it will surely sop up whatever booze you've got left in your system. If you've got other options - take em.

Riviera Tips

The Amazing Johnathan performs at the Riv from time to time... he a prop comic like Carrot Top, but is quite a bit more extreme. Worth seeing if they give you comps.

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