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Imperial Palace
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3535 Las Vegas Blvd. S // Las Vegas Strip  » map

Nearby: Harrah's   Flamingo   Caesars Palace  
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
Check In: 3:00pm
Check Out: 11:00am
Resort Fee: $10/day
Comp Club: Total Rewards
Drink Service: Awesome
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The Quad - The Real Deal :

All bets are off as the Imperial Palace becomes The Quad. Caution... construction, renovations, tons of it on all sides. If you don't like noise and chaos... stay somewhere else.

Location of The Quad:

The Quad has one of the best locations on The Strip - nestled right in the middle of the action between Harrah's Las Vegas and The Flamingo, with the Linq entertainment promenade and High Roller observation out back. Where else can you stay on The Strip at almost downtown prices and have high roller goodies a few steps away? Nowhere

Cool Stuff About The Quad:

Linq is adjacent to The Quad!

The Quad History

The Quad was previously the Imperial Palace which was originally the Flamingo Capri, part of the Flamingo Hotel next door. It was spun off and became the Holiday Casino in the early 60's and eventually the Imperial Palace after a major renovation in the 1970's. Harrah's bought the Imperial Palace in August 2005 and have let it limp along until 2012, when the property was renamed The Quad and was partially renovated.

The Rooms at The Quad

The Quad is a 1970 timewarp. It's great location and funky rooms/vibes make it a perfect choice for budget minded folks who do little more in their rooms than poop and sleep. Their LuvTub rooms are quite large, with very cool open balconies (usually) and a massive non-whirlpool tub. Bring candles, rubber duckies, bubbles and any other tubby toys you might need (don't forget the Candy). Beware of the basement rooms which tend to be musty due to the lack of operational windows, they might stick you with this room if you arrive late on a Friday night, ask for a different room if this happens.

Restaurants at The Quad

Everything is in Flux at The Quad. Stay tuned.

The Quad Tips

The parking garage out back can be a bit of a nightmare to navigate, and it turns into a raging river suitable for white water rafting whenever it rains in Las Vegas. The Quad also has an Antique Car collection that you can get free tickets to if you ask the right people.

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