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The Deets

Location: Bay Area, California, US
Casino Game: Craps

Vegas Fave 10 (The Hard Way)

1: 2 breakfasts a day - one while sober at 9am, and one while drunk at 5am
2: Only place where you can get up at 4pm and not feel like you wasted a day
3: Finally not being bored by the atari like graphics of VP machines
4: Nothing like a dbag parade to make my self-esteem go up a couple notches.
5: You call it gambling. I call it fighting the system. While buzzed.
6: Seems like everyone, including yours truly, thinks they're the expert on vegas. Then a new club/hotel/restaurant comes along every weekend and f*cks that bravado up.
7: Being able to say that I went to Quark's and had a warp core breach and a borg sphere. Yes, I'm a drunk nerd.
8: How happy I get when that crap check finally comes through.
9: Feeling VIP in vegas vs. feeling like a bum at home. Amazing what a couple hours in Vegas can do.
10: Boiled peanuts, spam musubi, and haupia @ the California


As far as offending, the rule of thumb is to just relax and wait to see what the biggest player does. Most people will take their lead. If you're feeling strongly against him, you can stay out a hand. Of course, it's your money and if you're okay with offending others, by all means follow your own system. I, for one, suck at calling the shots and value camaraderie at the tables more than short term gains and losses. Mid shoe entry generally isn't something people take offense to, especially considering the fact that a shoe can sometimes last hours. Hell, if the table's been losing, they might see you as a blessing and follow your every move. By the way, I saw $25 midi baccarat in TI's high limit room a few times. Far from the nicest room, but it's the cheapest touch-and-tear-the-cards game in the city.

Shouted on Friday, 20th November 2009 by MikeE

Aces, glad to read you've enjoyed my reports! Pretty much anywhere with an exception to private baccarat rooms and Encore's Sky Casino has to legally be open to the public. So yes, The Mansion available to you. That said, it used to be one of my favorite spots to play, but now they've removed all their big tables and I don't think I can endorse them as strongly as I used to. Basically, what I look for is a place with "reasonable" minimums ($100 for a big table, $50 for midi, $25 for mini) and a few other players playing the same table. I don't know how much experience you have with the game, but if you're new, you don't want to play at a table with a bunch of whales--too easy to offend the whole table if you're not familiar with etiquette, etc. At the same time, don't play alone either as the game can wipe you out in a heartbeat playing heads up. My suggestions for a good crowd at reasonable levels are Bellagio, Mirage, Encore, and sometimes Mandalay Bay. Once you're comfortable, try Wynn, but be prepared for insane minimums. The mini baccarat tables outside the high limit room there have provided for some great times, though.

Shouted on Friday, 20th November 2009 by MikeE

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I know it's getting old, but I can't dislike this place. When it first opened, I thought it was the best casino on the strip, and a part of me still does. I think no matter how much opens around it, I'll always dig this place. The restaurants, the customer service, the classic fountain show - all of it is top notch.

Wynn Las Vegas

Customer service is awesome, the restaurants are great, XS is probably the best club on the strip still, and every girl who works here is drop dead gorgeous. Works for me.


Downtown isn't a spot I frequent much, but when I do go, the California is a required stop. Good hawaiian food, polite dealers, and a legendary craps spot. Can't go wrong here - the rooms aren't that bad either.

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