I'm staying at Mandalay Bay!
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The Deets

Location: Austin, Texas, US
Casino Game: Craps

Vegas Fave 10 (The Hard Way)

1: Olives
2: Prime
3: Lupo
4: O
5: In'n'Out
6: Rental cars that don't drive like boats
7: PH Valet
8: Late night flights home
9: Paris uniforms
10: Drunk fish


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Fave Joints

Wynn Las Vegas

Rooms were stellar. Bellhops and front desk were friendly and polite. A couple bad egg dealers on the night shift are only emphasized for how much of an exception they were. Great looking casino, great restaurants. High limits, but you knew that, right?

Mandalay Bay

I'm consistently happy with staying here. The rooms feel a bit crowded with all of the furniture that they try to throw in, but the beds are comfy and the bathrooms well appointed. Not too many douchebags and the noise level is good. Some of the dealers were great, others distracted, and pit critters seem almost human sometimes. It's at the far end of the strip, but to me that's a good thing.

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