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my friends think it's the only place i ever go on vacation. and they may be right. but honestly, it's a vacation city. the whole place is built around providing me (you, him, her, whoever) with exactly what they're looking for, legal or not, at any time of day or night. except when the pool is closed. and the pool is always closed.

The Deets

Location: Brooklyn, New York, US
Casino Game: Blackjack

Vegas Fave 10 (The Hard Way)

1: beauty bar
2: the griffin
3: stumbling around too drunk to talk at near dawn
4: shennanigans
5: the casino smell (cigs, booze, tears, and carpet shampoo)
6: blackjack
7: craps
8: deep-fried oreos
9: absurdly large slot machines
10: the peppermill / fireside lounge


"do you want ants?? because that's how you get ants!" #ants

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Shouted on Wednesday, 17th October 2012 by blackjacker1979

Perth Amboy!

Shouted on Monday, 10th September 2012 by Chuckmonster

Looks like I won't have to miss the meetups this time, as we'll all be in town for the #VIMFP! Looking forward to it.

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My Posse

Fave Joints

MGM Grand

i don't care how old it is or that it takes me 10 mins to walk from one area to another (...walking never fucking killed anybody, and i'm used to it living in NYC)---this is one of the best all-around resorts in town. MGM FTW.


too good for words.

Planet Hollywood

never stayed here, but the casino was fun last time i was there. even got one of them silver strike coins from the pleasure pit. natch.


Best mix of the high and the low of Las Vegas. Great energy, great design, and ALWAYS a good time.


So what if it's off strip? Ask for a room in the fantasy tower and prepare to relax. The bathrooms are massive. The beds are very comfortable. Room service is affordable (!). Casino is big, but feels cozy. Design is comfortable. And the tables are lucky.

TI - Treasure Island

the rooms are nice enough. bad vibes in the casino. next time i'm in vegas i must remember to steal an ashtray.


great place to play. not the best for food. looking forward to the renovations.

Wynn Las Vegas

a little too hoity-toity for me, but i can't discount the opulence.

Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

the tables are lucky, the buffet is massive, and penn and teller play there. a recent 6-night stay for $100 made me a huge proponent of the hotel and pool. though the 6-5 blackjack and tight slots will keep me from playing there ever again.

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