I'm staying at Golden Nugget!
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Vegas is the best thing to happen to civilization since... well... Its just the best thing to happen to civilization ever.

The Deets

Location: Seattle, Washington, US
Casino Game: Craps

Vegas Fave 10 (The Hard Way)

1: Jack Daniels
2: Strippers
3: Craps
4: More Strippers
5: More Jack Daniels
6: anything Wynn
7: Encore
8: motha fuckin JAY DEE!
9: Strippers
10: Glitter


Thank you for your kind words and welcome to VT!

Shouted on Wednesday, 28th September 2011 by Chuckmonster

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Fave Joints

Wynn Las Vegas

Absolutely Beautiful... yes with a capital B


What hasn't already been said?

Golden Nugget

I think Golden Nugget is the tits when it comes to Fremont. Pleasant staff, fun poker tournaments, decent table games with open seats most hours of the day... They have a gold vending machine... thats pretty fucking cool.


Meh, nothing special... We did get a free upgrade to a tower room... but still meh.


So, while I did not stay here... I had breakfast at Hash House a GO GO which was phenomenal... hefty portion sizes, great selection, some odd treats on there for sure. I also was here throwing dice for about an hour on Thursday night. It was weird... I was shooting... by myself for an hour. The casino was dead, but the dealers were really fun!

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