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I think Vegas is a great place to get away from things. The rest of my family feels like they like a precise "Theme" for a vacation. Like the beach in Cancun or the Architecture in Rome. I feel that Vegas is a great average of all themed vacations which is why I love it. Some pools look like they were sections taken from the coastline in the Virgin islands, the architecture and lights look like something taken from the future, and overall experience is just something you can't get from anywhere else. A Vegas Vacation can be anything you want. Relaxing, Action filled, or anywhere in between. And the icing on the cake for me, is I love aviation too. There is no greater feeling then arriving at McCarran Intl knowing you have a 5 day vacation ahead of you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most recently stayed at hotels: 1. Rio 2. Plaza 3. Tropicana 4. Bally's 5. Aladdin (Yes, Not Planet Hollywood) 6. Flamingo 7. MGM Grand

The Deets

Location: Amarillo, Texas, US
Casino Game: Roulette

Vegas Fave 10 (The Hard Way)

1: Arriving at McCaran in the morning (With that decadent overpowering coffee smell) knowing you have an awesome vacation ahead of you.
2: Leaving Vegas with at least half the money you arrived with.
3: Walking up to the huge line with an empty stomach at the Planet Hollywood's buffet.
4: That satisfying feeling of having the 20$ trick work (at ANY hotel).
5: Walking from one end of MGM to the other and not getting lost.
6: Making it a day without being harassed by Timeshare salesman.
7: Seeing your friend's first reaction after seeing what the 'Slappers are handing out.


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Fave Joints

Bally's Las Vegas

Terrific mid strip location at very affordable prices. Nice spacious rooms with great views of south strip and bellagio fountains. When i stayed the big kitchen buffet was open which was a great value. Even without it though, id still stay here again. Also, the sterling brunch is Amazing.


Good value (25$) for a room on the strip. Be sure you get a room in the paradise tower, as the isalnd tower is old, and the garden rooms have been here since this joint opened in the 50s. (Pssst...20$ trick works here!) Nice 24 hour restaurant, decent buffet and coffee shop, and a pretty damn nice casino too. Overall well worth the measely price paid.

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