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Please consider that the Axe Body Spray might be a simple cover for my still rogue personal habits. I'm a big fan of parking on the roof and enjoying the view. Obviously, I'm gonna drive that rental like I stole it. Maybe take a spin out to Rhyolite or VOF. My Better Half and I like to walk right to the edge and look down. She and I wil be reporting all things Dbag related; from a safe distance of course ;-/

The Deets

Location: The Rust Belt, , US
Casino Game: Sports Betting - Boxing

Vegas Fave 10 (The Hard Way)

1: Leaving the strip club and seeing school busses
2: Fireside Lounge
3: Getting booted from the VIP at Pure
4: Vally of Fire
5: Sneaking into Tao w/o $, handstamp, or ID
6: Mix Lounge
7: Doughy Milfs at Flamingo pool
8: Scamming a sweet VIP table at Risque for $10
9: It feels like a Cop-less town
10: Yoda trance on the armed guard at Strat Tower


Thank you for your kind words. Welcome to VT!

Shouted on Monday, 16th January 2012 by Chuckmonster

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Fave Joints

Wynn Las Vegas

Holy shit. No offense guys, but you probably should have made Wynn the douchebag nightclub capitol, and put the staid oldsters in Encore. Its schizophrenia aside, Wynncore is to me, as gorgeous and classy as anywhere in town, and XS and Surrender are probably the 2 most opulent nightclubs on the continent. Try and go right before they close or rebrand them in 10 years or so.


Shame they botched Fontana for 10 years and then blew it out with some snake oil salesman.

Bally's Las Vegas

A seat in the far back of Indigo Lounge, facing the casino and the band is kinda a hidden gem in this town.


Base Camp. We spend a bit more time in the room than most, so we always play it Go-Room. The place is slightly tired, and service can be spotty, but for us, the positives FAR outweigh the somewhat lengthy negatives. Still Hep-C free after a decade of hangin' in their hot tubs, so I got that goin' for me.

Mandalay Bay

Never slept here, but Mix and Foundation Room alone make it worth our while. Note to EyeCandy: hey, uh, it's fucking vegas and you're not serving food, so go get me some matches and a tray, Honey.


Sure stirs up some old ghosts here. Remember that time I was the best man at my wife's first wedding?! Oh, what a time that was! Mirrors on the ceiling, Le Pink Champagne all iced up and shit. Still creeps her out to go back there, but who can blame her?

Golden Nugget

Place was downright stately back in '99.


I'm guessing the security guard thought I was gonna propose up there or something, but parts of me still think I straight up yoda tranced the cat. Many fond memories of Romance at Top of The World, all before they knocked over Stardust/Frontier/et al., obviously. Still always write Level 107 in pencil before every trip.

Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

Sincerely the biggest regret of my life right here: passing up on the chance to see Prince get greasy at his briefly open 3130. And i got's regret yo, so that's sayin' somethin'.

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