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I'm a goth, economist, decadent degenerate green-chip blackjack player with a food and hotel-room taste far above my betting level. I love food, booze, atmosphere and ranting about how stupid most people are. Why Vegas? Killer food, delicious architecture and aesthetics, and you can actually get good blackjack in Vegas (at most casinos). Australia is much less pleasant, in those respects. For the most part at least.

The Deets

Location: Brisbane, , AU
Casino Game: Blackjack

Vegas Fave 10 (The Hard Way)

1: Wearing full goth regalia when gambling at Bellagio and Aria
2: Julian Serrano, Picasso, Sage, Scarpetta and L'atelier de Joel Robouchon
3: 6d S17 DA2 DAS RSA LS Blackjack tables at $25 minimums or less
4: Salley @ Bellagio, Jim and Jill and Donna and Esther and Thomas and Marty @ Aria, Del @ MGM Grand
5: Craftsteak, especially their helpful management
6: Emerils, Olives, Holsteins
7: Zumanity, Absinthe, Penn & Teller
8: Whiskey Down @ MGM
9: Mandarin Oriental Skybar, Hyde Lounge at Bellagio, Chandelier, Vesper
10: The M Resort's staff


ps. loved the tour de france era kraftwerkian freakishness on your myspace jams. and add the http:// to your link!

Shouted on Thursday, 30th December 2010 by Chuckmonster

someone told me that you drink blood and smoke djarums? me tooooo!

Shouted on Thursday, 30th December 2010 by Chuckmonster

Well thanks! Yours as well.

Shouted on Thursday, 23rd December 2010 by Andrewr11

Ah...hookers at the Venetian. I was once drinking with some of the Vegas tech's setting up the Zaria Cirque show at the V. They named the south west corner of the casino, right by the guest room elevators, "Hooker Island" for just that reason. Nothing though compared to the hookers on the second floor of the old Lisboa. They literally roam the halls in packs!

Shouted on Friday, 1st October 2010 by Dramman

Glad to have another Macau aficionado here!

Shouted on Friday, 1st October 2010 by Dramman

My Posse

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Fave Joints


High-tech, ultra-modern, aesthetically unique with great restaurants and atmosphere. It tries a new look (for Vegas) and wraps it up in a monumental piece of architecture porn. Beds are softer than I like, but otherwise I love this place.... so sleek, slick, cutting edge. The lobby has this wonderful vanilla-sandalwood scent; the casino is basically the opposite of the Wynncore/Bellagio look; lots of sharp angles and dark colors. Julian Serrano and Sage are fantastic restaurants, and Lemongrass does a delicious duck curry. Aria: my Vegas home base.


A Vegas Institution; always popular and crowded but for understandable reason. It feels a bit "social-climbey" ("see and be seen") but in spite of that the place has great food, drink, atmosphere and gaming. Picasso, Petrossian and Olives are all great places to dine and get wasted. Hyde Lounge is very relaxed, tasteful, and fits in well with the joint. Club Prive has a great bar, and the dealers and pit crew have always been very friendly to this rambling alcoholic freak. And the table games conditions are the best value in Vegas (as of late 2013 to 2014). Sure, it's a bit pretentious, but no one can deny the quality.

MGM Grand

The MGM Grand has, literally, something for everybody. Take some of the best restaurants in Vegas, good value gaming conditions (Whiskey Down is like Club Prive or Carta Privada but at 1/4 to 1/2 of the price!), friendly pit crew, surprisingly fast drink waitresses, and shake it all up. Emerils, L'atelier de Joel Robouchon and Craftsteak are all very damn good. The place is massive and crowded and the renovation was sorely needed, but the property offers a hell of a lot of fun.

Mandarin Oriental

I was only there for twenty minutes and yet they made me feel like a welcome guest. This hotel is extraordinarily serene; you do not feel like you are in Las Vegas, rather you feel like you are hovering above it in a stealth bomber. Simultaneously this place is more expensive and less pretentious than Bellagio... "casual elegance" is an understatement. The sky bar is fantastic in terms of quality and service. The drawbacks to this place are the fact the sky bar is only open from 4pm onwards (yep. A bar on the Las Vegas Strip that isn't open until 4pm!!!!), and the fact that any casino requires a bit of a walk to get to (Aria and Monte Carlo are the nearest casinos, but you'll have to take a stroll either way). The other drawback goes without saying; being a Mandarin Oriental this is not an inexpensive place to hang out. But you do get the best service on the Las Vegas Strip for paying the price.

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Amazing bars and killer restaurants and great staff! Too bad the decor is extremely "fabulous," the gambling conditions suck and the crowd is mostly composed of Jersey Shore rejects. The food and booze is at the very top of the scale, though, and makes braving the douchebags worthwhile.

M Resort

Fantastically friendly staff, excellent aesthetics, delicious dining, extremely good rooms, wonderful spa... but the casino is disappointing and the odds are getting worse, the bars have had their variety and cocktail list cut back, and the value for money is decreasing. If they fix the casino, they'll be back up to a 5 in no time.


The tropical atmosphere is still very much present, plus they have a Brazillian steakhouse! Even after all these years and changes, the Mirage is a good place to visit. The pool and Secret Garden really broaden the appeal of this joint too. The public areas are excellent, but the rooms and hallways need some capex. A few more S17 tables would be appreciated, too.

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