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Vegas Fave 10 (The Hard Way)



Shouted on Thursday, 10th October 2013 by BigHoss

look at his tufted ears! #meowschwitz.

Shouted on Wednesday, 17th October 2012 by MeltYrselfDown

"god do we hate pam."

Shouted on Wednesday, 17th October 2012 by MeltYrselfDown

No more t-shirts, coffee mug?

Shouted on Tuesday, 7th December 2010 by mac78130

Thanks for all the great reviews. You have an exceptionally good eye for details. Great pictures too.

Shouted on Sunday, 15th August 2010 by jucifers

I heart Ke$sha

Shouted on Thursday, 5th August 2010 by mac78130

Nice job on the VT Classic chip count.

Shouted on Monday, 12th July 2010 by BigHoss

You rock dude :)

Shouted on Tuesday, 15th June 2010 by mac78130

Sneak into Aria anytime lately?

Shouted on Wednesday, 31st March 2010 by Chuckmonster

do you know any "REALLY interesting stories" of the old MGM fire from one of the dealers over at Bally's. Im really curious about some of the details that happened on the day of the fire. -Thanks

Shouted on Saturday, 17th October 2009 by Romaman

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Fave Joints

M Resort

Beautiful hotel way out in the boonies. Great design, food, and feel. Learned Baccarat here from a very cool dealer and then lost my winnings from it on Blackjack. Check out the design, and if you have time dine at Veloce for a wonderful view of the strip and valley.


Amazing hotel in a less than perfect location, but no problem if you plan to stay on property. Casino is light and airy, private yet open, and the right mix of high roller meets working joe. Check out the casino by the pool on a hot day for some outdoor fun, and enjoy the music and fake boobs floating by. Rooms are amazingly designed with well thought out touches and the best bed you'll ever sleep on. Bump up to the Tower Suites and feel like you're right at home with better perks and less work.

Wynn Las Vegas

A hotel masterpiece, amazingly and carefully designed to make you feel casually elegant, right? Amazing rooms and a great casino. Check out the Lake of Dreams for a free acid trip, dine at SW and relish in the goodness that is Truffled Cream Corn, or stroll around and witness those with money and those digging for it.

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Gorgeous hotel with slightly less than impressive rooms featuring amazing views. Service needs a fix or two, but once it gets up to par the sky's the limit.

Hard Rock

A bit disjointed from the strip, but the HRH Tower wins a resortcation vote anyday.


After a VERY bumpy first stay, looking forward to a re-evaluation with some time under her belt. Great location in the middle of everything yet just distant enough to be a pain to get to. Made up for with awesome (when assembled properly) and technologically advanced rooms.

Planet Hollywood

Great fun vibe for a weekend night out. Watch out for b-list celebs working the Heart Bar. Friendly dealers and ok luck pervade. Planet Dailies has some great 24 hour food for your taking. Avoid the labyrinth of a mall and stay elsewhere though for the lack of updated rooms. Also look for those middle eastern touches from the past.


High falutin' top of the Vegas world. This place has it all. Watch Bond-like action in the Baccarat room or play next to some of the kindest snobs you'll meet at the tables. Catch the fountain show and the conservatory display and remind yourself of what made Steve Wynn great to begin with. The rooms need a makeover though, nice and roomy but the only place without standard flat panel TVs. The lakeview rooms make up for it with a HiDef view of the Fountains.

Bally's Las Vegas

Old school Vegas on the strip. See if you can find a dealer that was there the night of the fire and get some REALLY interesting stories. Also comfy but not overdone rooms and a great live music lounge right off the casino floor.

Bill's Gamblin Hall and Saloon (Closed)

Seedy but fun little joint. Nothing like a western union to scream gamble!


Beautiful quiet hotel with convenient access to the best of Bellagio. It's like Bellagio got new rooms after all! Quiet is the norm though, so expect nothing spectacularly exciting.


Updated version of the original masterpiece, the modern twist is nice in a good location at a good rate.


Great quiet suite hotel holding its own over the years. MGM, show this one some love too plz!

Paris Las Vegas

Decent mid range joint in need of an update stat.


Did I mention the room hurt me?


I don't count Bouchon, but I do count hearing Music of the Night 1000 times per stay.


Urban vertical hiking and camping. Win!

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