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My first trip to Vegas was in Dec. 2004 and I've been a Vegas geek ever since. Caesars is my hotel of choice, though I must admit that the rooms at Encore and the pool at Wynn are a slice of heaven. (Not to mention the buffet there...gotta give Wynn props where props are due!) I rediscovered downtown Vegas on my last trip and plan to hang out more there in the future, especially at the El Cortez (the Cabana Suites live up to the hype). No gambling for me except the Buffalo/Extra Reel penny slots...crazy lame, right? **Update: Moved to lovely Las Vegas as of Feb. 2012! The vacations are over, but living here is an experience, to say the least. And there's always staycations to enjoy.**

The Deets

Location: Lovely Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Casino Game: Not a Player

Vegas Fave 10 (The Hard Way)

1: Hot tub in Caesars Garden of the Gods (non-existent at the moment)
2: Buffet at Wynn (Bacchanal at Caesars is grand, besides the chronic line)
3: Views from Bally's top-floor ballrooms & the LVH penthouse level
4: Pinball Hall of Fame (kick-ass old school)
5: El Cortez, and the fact it still has a barber shop
6: Snooping around Caesars (stumbled into the "eye in the sky" on my first trip!)
7: Sahaha liquidation sale: Once in a lifetime, spooky experience
8: The Silverton--there's something to be said for a locals casino
9: Cheaper-than-cheap downtown gift shoppes--99-cent T-shirts, anyone?
10: I'd be lying if I didn't include the Bellagio conservatory.


Hey Brian! That sounds great. My February is pretty jammed, but I've definitely got some time in March. Here's my e-mail: Hope to see you next month!

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