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I don't understand why people do not vacation in Las Vegas? It's kind of like Disney World, for adults. Except you can win the money for your trip back. Imagine that. You go to Disney with your kids, and every 10th person who rides the teacups gets their hotel room paid for. And they're not dizzy at the end, just drunk. And instead of Mickey Mouse it's drop dead gorgeous women, who will dress like Mickey Mouse if you pay her enough.

The Deets

Location: Naptown, Indiana, US
Casino Game: Craps

Vegas Fave 10 (The Hard Way)

1: Foundation Room
2: Bouchon Breakfast
3: Being the drunkest at Craps
4: $1 Blackjack
5: Jalapeno Cheese Fries from Stripburger
6: Studio 54 Before Midnight
7: Room Service (Charged to the Room)
8: Betting on Everything
9: Puking to Frank Sinatra
10: Ellis Island Everything


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas... great avatar! Congratulations on your team... Notre Dame finally hired a good coach. I'm looking forward to my Longhorns playing the Irish again.

Shouted on Sunday, 15th August 2010 by jucifers

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Fave Joints

Bill's Gamblin Hall and Saloon (Closed)

The ultimate best value on the strip. No one will argue, this is the prime location in Vegas. Two minutes to the best intersection in America. Is it a five-diamond masterpiece? No. Is it cheap? Yes. Does it compare, if not surpass, the room quality of other two/three star strip options. For sure. Do I like asking and answering my own questions?


The GO Room is quintessential Vegas at a shockingly average price. The history, the location, the pool: Flamingo is Las Vegas to me. If it's your first time to Vegas, in the words of Arnold "Get your ass to Mars (and by Mars I mean the Flamingo.)"


The single most underrated place in Vegas. Beautiful views, beautiful rooms, and a strangely intoxicating aroma. So it's a little of the strip and sitting by the pool could burn you alive? We've all got our issues. Seriously, if you can find a deal on this place, and pretty soon they may be giving the rooms away, don't hesitate to book it.


Mandalay Bay is my favorite stop for entertainment. Mix and the Foundation Room are two of the greatest bars in Vegas to pump up your self esteem and get that VIP Vegas vibe. The hotel itself leaves much to be desired, but luckily they've strapped on (innuendos ho!) THEhotel to give a great sleeping option. The rooms are sweet, and also a sweet value.


Gamble, drink, gamble, beer pong, midget, gamble, drink, craps, throw up, repeat. It's like my fraternity house was turned into a casino. Welcome to O'Lambda Chi Alpha's!

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