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Vegas is my second home, I drag the wife or friends out at as often as possible - including the annual trek out for the Star Trek convention!! The energy, the sound, the sights, the fun, the food, the shows, the strip clubs, the unending noise and activity are my drug of choice. I've been to Europe, I've been to the islands, but when I dream of a trip the strip is what I see! Plus Vegas is one of the few places I can still smoke a cigar indoors without people trying to put me in a guillotine! I have more fun in Las Vegas than anywhere else. I just wish people would leave their babies and children at home, when I am drinking and smoking a cigar I don't want little two-year-old Jenny supervising it! The timeshare people are also very annoying, but they leave you alone if you tell them you are from Henderson.

The Deets

Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado, US
Casino Game: Video Poker - Dueces Wild

Vegas Fave 10 (The Hard Way)

1: Bellagio, its pool and its fountains
2: Casa Fuente cigar bar at Caesars
3: Stack at The Mirage
4: Smoking cigars indoors
5: 6am walks down the strip, whether just up or still up
6: Half price tickets on same day shows
7: Steaks at The Old Homestead
8: Planet Hollywood Panorama Suites
9: Cosmopolitan balconies!
10: Working towards staying in every major Vegas hotel!


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Fave Joints


Classy, clean, enjoyable. Always fun to visit. Olives is great, "O" is beautiful, Palio has the best capuccino in Vegas, overall a great hotel. Gambling is good, you get a lot of pulls or throws for your bucks here. Rooms are comfortable, large, and quiet - and quiet can be something of an issue in Vegas hotel rooms. The fountains, of course, are a big draw - no matter how many times you've seen them you'll still watch them again. This was home base before 2005, and it may become home base again now that Wynn isn't Wynn anymore!

Caesars Palace

We used to hate this place, called it "The Maze" and avoided it like the plague, but it has grown on us and we are here every trip now. We spend a lot of time in Casa Fuente, the cigar bar, and always get drawn here for other reasons too. Really enjoy the Augustus Tower rooms, and the even numbered ones look onto Lake Como at Bellagio! The pool and spa are great, and the casino is quite playable. And The Old Homestead Steakhouse has the best steak we've ever had. Definitely our new home base!!

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Considering she is the new kid in the strip she is pretty cool. Gonna give her a little longer on her shake down cruise before actually checking in to a room.


Pool is great, twenty years has really given the trees a chance to grow in which makes the whole place feel more relaxing than other pools. The penthouse suites are sweet, and Stack is one of the best restaurants in Vegas!


Aside from the malfunctioning room electronics, and overpowering perfume added to the air, Aria is a decent addition to the strip - although considering it to be on the strip isn't accurate since it is about two miles back from Las Vegas Blvd.

Golden Nugget

Nicest hotel on Fremont. Carson Street Cafe has awesome Monte Cristo sandwiches. The shark tank is pretty sweet, especially at night. The Gold Club rooms are very cool!

Planet Hollywood

Absolutely the best views on the strip from the Panorama Suites - you can see from Mandalay Bay all the way up to the Wynn and Treasure Island -- plus you overlook the fountain show at Bellagio. Cool place!

Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn used to be our home base, but comps got tight and the douchebags were set loose on the place, so we don't spend much time in the chocolate curve towers anymore, exceot maybe to eat at Red8 which has the most amazing Hot & Sour soup on the planet!!


Used to be pretty great, but it began Wynn's descent into becoming douchebag central!


The GO rooms were excellent five years ago, but the Fab rooms are pitiful. This property is only on our list if it is the only one we can get a room at for free!


Used to love this place, that is until Uncle Sheldon ended comps - big mistake. The comps got us on the property which resulted in us doing most of our gambling, eating, drinking and shopping on the property. We are boycotting Uncle Sheldon's properties until he recovers from his massive brain fart.

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