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I discovered Las Vegas when I stopped there in 1981 on my way back from a Huntington Beach vacation. Been back easily over 75 times. Its not the gambling or drinking or anything else, but its a state of mind that is very special to me.

The Deets

Location: , Illinois, US
Casino Game: Video Poker - Double Bonus Poker

Vegas Fave 10 (The Hard Way)

1: Walking the strip with my wife
2: Free drinks while playing VP
3: Bellagio
4: Craps
5: Blackjack
6: Hot weather by the pool
7: The blast of the AC when walking into a casino in summer
8: People watching while drinking
9: Variety of food and 24 hour accessability
10: Vegas Internet Mafia


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I have been impressed by Aria and it's service, amenities, and style. The rooms have been great. The pool area and spa facilities are top notch. And, the overall ambiance of the property is great. What I am not a fan of is that I am hearing more and more that they are pulling back on comps for bar top players. I heard from a friend that he attempted to play VP at one of the bars. He did not have a players card so the bartender would not comp him. Further he said that even with a player's card, he would be only comped one drink every 30 minutes as long as he was playing max-in regularly per the judgement of the bartender.

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