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Besides my house, it is my favorite place.

The Deets

Location: Socal, California, US
Casino Game: Triple Diamond

Vegas Fave 10 (The Hard Way)


Shout out to CityCenter's better designer!

Shouted on Tuesday, 1st July 2014 by Chuckmonster

Cheers for being impatient and not standing in line like me!

Shouted on Friday, 30th September 2011 by MikieTaps

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Fave Joints


My favorite again. Love it.


Still one of my favorite properties on the strip. The standard rooms are on the small size, but I would stay there again in a heart beat.

Treasure Island

Was kind of our home away from home. Great location, great newer rooms, easy to naviagate property. Not thrilled with all of Rufiin's changes, but overall still a great mid-market property. One of the best locations on the strip with some awesome south-facing views. Theres something about the smell of Treasure Island that feels like "home" even when we are staying at other strip hotels.

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Great casino, my favorite bars on the strip, best location in town. Sadly we were so dissapointed with our wraparound suite that I doubt we will ever stay there again. Bummer. We were looking forward to calling this place "home"


Leaps and bounds better than my first visits. That place had to be one of the more disgusting properties on the strip. They have really done a lot with the place. Still not on par with a lot of it's other mid-market properties, I'd place it somewhere behind NY NY and Monte Carlo in that regard. We didn't like the location, we had never stayed anywhere that far south on the strip and it seemed like we would spend half our day trying to get to and from mid-strip. I thinkt they are still trying to figure things out and aren't sure about who they are marketing to.

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