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VegasTripping: Ep. 10 - Change

Ep. 10 - Change. Your browser does not support the audio element. Stream above, download or subscribe. ...

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Vegas Eats: Bardot Brasserie at Aria

When I heard that Aria was tossing Chef Michael Mina's American Fish into the compost bin and replacing it with French bistro Bardot by... uh... Chef Michael Mina... I was uhm... sort of excited. MGM seems to love Michael Mina, he's their all-purpose creator of plug and play restaurant concept. Need some pub food? Done. Need a seafood joint? Done. Need a different variant of pub food? Done. Need a different type of seafood place? Done. Alas, Bardot brasserie, Aria's French joint. City Center's...

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Vegas Eats: Cheeseburger Cupcake at Harrah's Fulton Street Food Hall

I waddled from Casino Royale over to Harrah's in the hopes that I might find a cup of coffee or something equally toxic that might aid in boiling down the sea chicken & waffles, cheeseburgers, chicken rings, donuts and french fries currently sloshing around from side to side with each step. Somewhere at the far end of the casino (mmmm oysters) beyond a phalanx of video poker machines I happened upon the Fulton Street Food Hall a new looking a la carte, chain free, dining area...

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New Feature Posted: Bellagio Two Bedroom Penthouse Review

Just a note to folks tuned in to RSS, @vegastripping and Facebook that we've posted a new feature article. In the spirit of giving, MikeE took one for the team and spent a weekend in the loving embrace of a Two Bedroom Penthouse at Bellagio. Check it out: Two Bedroom Penthouse at Bellagio: The VegasTripping Review 2015. Questions? Comments? Post 'em on the feature page, not here! Enjoy!...

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Introducing The Wynn Palace, Palace Queen

Wynn Palace room photos (not renderings) have been published by Asian travel retailer Agoda lists six room types available for booking - Palace King, another Palace King, Palace Queen, another Palace Queen, Lake Suite King and a second Lake Quite King. The duplicate listings are most likely place holders upcoming Resort Suites/Tower Suites demarcations. Based on the presence of two beds and limited other options, this room must be a Palace Queen. Resort policies state that check-in starts at 4pm with 12pm check...

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Monte Carlo Selfie Contest Fail #MCSummerSelfie

Monte Carlo launched their own "Summer Selfie Contest" using almost the same hashtag that Total Rewards did last week. They posted a hot summer selfie.... that isn't a selfie Definitely give them points for eye candy, but.. uh... that isn't a selfie.... that is a photo of two hot chix in bikinis holding a selfie stick that may or may not be taking a selfie. Meta-selfie? #MCSummerSelfie has taken over the pool! Follow us on Instagram to see all the fun posts.— Monte Carlo Resort (@MonteCarloVegas)...

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Tropicana To Get New Restaurants, Possibly Hotel Tower

Nevada Gaming Commission has approved Penn National Gaming's $360 million dollar purchase of The New Tropicana Las Vegas - A DoubleTree by Hilton from Onex Corportaion and Alex Yemenidjian. Before we get on with the PNG news, we definitely should salute Mr. Alex Yemenidjian for doing what many people thought was nearly impossible - he transformed the Tropicana from poop drooling, maggot infested, dirty bunghole of a casino, into a vibrant, fun, clean resort offering great rooms and decent gambling at a competitive value. Bon...

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Vegas Eats : White Castle Hamburgers at Casino Royale

Shortly after checking in to a really well designed room at the Linq Hotel I headed out in search of penny slots food. Casinos may as well just throw the slot machines into Lake Mead as far as I'm concerned. This millennial has absolutely no interest in gambling when all of Las Vegas' delicious is whispering "oooooo eat me" so gently in my ear. I slipped on my Crocs and hit the concrete. Upon realizing it was hot outside, I purchased the nearest,...

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THEpoll: What Hotels Do You Want Reviewed?

What Hotels Do You Want Reviewed? I'm booking hotel rooms for upcoming trips to Vegas and thought I'd ask what joints y'all were interested in being reviewed. The short list of candidates is listed below. If you feel strongly about a property not on the list, make the case in the comments. Aria Downtown Grand Four Seasons Mandalay Bay Casino Royale Westgate MGM Grand Tuscany Wild Wild West / Days Inn Treasure Island Venetian Excalibur Ellis Island / Super 8 Mandarin Oriental Encore New York...

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Photo: Las Vegas Club Goes Out WIth A Bang

Throngs of fans of the Las Vegas Club have filled the historic property's casino floor on its final night of operation. The outpouring of love is simply unbelievable! Big thanks to @turtlelv for sharing his photo of this very moving event....

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Meet The New Owners of

Greenspun Corporation (publishers of the Las Vegas Sun, Vegas Inc. and other glossy magazines) have sold, their online ticketing and hotel reservation system to Remark Media. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Remark Media (listed on NASDAQ:MARK) is a conglomeration of global websites targeting snake people with mobile first interface design and things like that and stuff. I've never heard of any of the website they own, which makes sense since I am not in the 18-35 demographic of snake people. Poking around their...

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The Rio's Facebook Problem

By now, you've probably seen that folks often put a disclaimer on their social media profiles that say "My tweets are my own and not a reflection of my employer" or something like that. We've never seen employers put a disclaimer on their social media accounts that say "Our employees, we love em, they work hard for us, we pay them... but they say stupid shit in person and on social media - don't hold us accountable, mkay?" The other day an employee of the Rio posted...

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Introducing The ālon Logo

ālon, the forthcoming resort from former Wynn Resorts executive Andrew Pascal and Crown Resorts Chairman James Packer, have unveiled their logo. The logo type is modern, sleek, chiseled, well-balanced and spacious in a deep bronze. A light blue macron sits atop the a, further emphasizing it's pronunciation. Imagine Battlestar Galactica and Happy Days had a love child born from the leathered loins of the Fonz and a lubed up Cylon motherboard. "Aaaaaalon." In addition to the logo, ālon have launched their corporate website located at Another...

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