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Bellagio: Falling Back In Love

Wynn opened, and with an exception to a public attraction, did everything better. Bellagio's rooms suddenly felt cramped, failed on a two-sink expectation, and featured exposed toilets not tucked away in a water closet. How quickly one becomes spoiled. Then cue the great recession. Just north, Wynn and Encore sat aloof and, in true Wynn style, completely removed their guests from not only their surroundings, but the reality of our nation's livelihood outside its doors. It was more than just Roger Thomas's whimsical spaces; Wynn had a clientele who were, seemingly at least, unscathed by the global financial...

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Mailbag: Some Golden Gate Tips

Every once in a while we dip into the ol' mailbag and pull out something interesting sent in from one of our lovely readers. Today's email comes from VT reader Michael, who has some thoughts/tips based on a recent stay at the Golden Gate... this is very timely as a sizeable throng of us will be staying there in a few weeks. Take it away Michael... . . . . . Not sure what happened, but this may help others. I try not to visit often,...

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The Lamest Shoe Boutique In Las Vegas

I never buy anything in Vegas. Well, booze of course. And chili dogs. Antacids, maybe. But I had never once availed myself of the myriad of shopping opportunities in the tourist corridor. So when my wife suggested I go buy myself something at The Cosmopolitan's sneaker boutique during a recent trip, I was surprised by my reaction - Yeah, why the heck not? I had just hit quad Aces at Book & Stage, and my pockets were flush with cash. Why not actually buy something...

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Victor Drai On The Death of The DJ

So a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend had dinner with Victor Drai recently and passed on this incredibly compelling tidbit of conversation: These DJs won't be here in a year and you know why? Because no one is getting laid. My entire business model is predicated on guys getting laid and that doesn't happen when you turn these places into concert venues. Compelling. Gentlemen, you will be getting laid on the roof of The Cromwell, at least if Victor Drai has...

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Bourdain Does Vegas (Again)

It is hard to think of a better way to spend 4/20 than booze, bong hits, Bourdain and Vegas. Yes kids, Bourdain is back in Vegas. With Ruhlman in tow too. He's swapped his previous home in a spartan Wynn Panoramic with a Caesars villa... rendering, in Vegas terms, the difference between his Travel Channel and CNN shows. He's written up a preview. Here's a taste. The very nice people at Caesars Palace, well acquainted, no doubt, with Ruhlman's reckless ways...

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Cromwell: Peep The Drai's Party Pool

The Cromwell is racing towards opening, to the point of boasting "the only rooftop pool deck on the Strip" in a recent email blast. You can just ignore all those other rooftop pool decks... yknow Planet Hollywood, Paris' petri dish, all three of Cosmo's pool areas, the Venetian/Palazzo's podium top pool areas, the abandoned one at Riviera or the one on the top of the north hotel tower at Stratosphere. Does the one coming to SLS this year count too? Hell,...

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Cosmo Sale Rumor Dept: More Rumors!

Cosmopolitan sale rumors are like the purple panther's hipster clientele... variously moustachioed and fleeting. Monthly, a new scenario with different characters enters the public transom, so much so that we gave up making sense of any of these. There is a cast of usual suspects include MGM Resorts International, Phil Ruffin, James Packer and/or Melco Crown Entertainment, Galaxy Entertainment, Caesars Entertainment, Penn National Gaming, Pinnacle Entertainment plus dark horse contender Alex Yemenidjian. Apparently, someone at Bloomberg has taken the bacon, stating "Deutsche Bank is in talks...

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Why I Love Kraftwerk And You Should Too

German music pioneers Kraftwerk have announced they will bring their 3D concert to The Chelsea inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on June 28th, 2014. This is their first ever performance in Las Vegas, and is a "don't miss" experience. Hailing from Dusseldorf, Germany.... flautist Florian Schneider and pianist Ralf Hutter formed as The Organization in 1970, releasing a six track LP "Tone Float" anchored by the 20 minute long psychedelic groove soundscape title track. A name change to Kraftwerk quickly followed, along with...

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Peep The VIMFP 2013 Photo Bonanaza!

VT superfriend @petefinlay sent us a motherlode of incredible photos from The Main Event at last years' VIMFP at The D. Now, through the magic of photography, you can live... or relive the magic of last years' Main Event in almost real time. The Vegas Gang live at VIMFP 2013! Then, Look at Pete's great photos of Dr. Dave's Grandissimo book release event. Then, marvel at Five Undies By Midnight live podcast at VIMFP 2013! And finally dive head first into the sleazy hot mess that was VegasTripping Match Game! Jeeesuz....

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New Feature Posted: The High Roller, The VT Review

Just a note to those tuned in to the Twitter and RSS feeds that we've posted a new feature article, MikeE's review of Linq anchor tenant The High Roller. Afraid of heights? Afraid of motion sickness? Afraid of cabin mates' air poops? Afraid of being anywhere in Vegas without a cocktail? Mike E has you covered. Check it out... The High Roller : The VegasTripping Review 2014. Enjoy! And don't forget to leave your comments or questions on the Feature page!...

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Ghost BC's Mandalay Bay Vacation

Satanic pop band Ghost BC, teamed up with Noisey to produce a faux "behind the scenes" video of lead singer Papa Emeritus II Vegas experience. In the video, we follow Ghost from a record signing in Arizona to their show at the HOB with a top-down drive down the strip and a sexy pillow fight in Papa's suite at Mandalay Bay. Hailed by Metallica's James Hetfield has his favorite new band, Ghost BC melds overdriven gothic pop with the Satanic ethos and appearance invented by Mercyful Fate...

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New Feature Posted: The Golden Gate Suite at The Golden Gate

Just a quick note to folks tuned in to the @vegastripping on the Twitter or the RSS feeds that we've posted a new feature article, Blackjacker1979's review of the gorgeous Golden Gate Suite at The Golden Gate. What the hell are you waiting for, go read The Golden Gate Suite at The Golden Gate : The VT Review 2014ish! Enjoy!...

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Vegas Gang #107: He's Gaughan, SLS Tour, Caesars' Shell Game and The Feds

On the latest episode of the Vegas Gang podcast, the gang discusses the legacy of the late great Jackie Gaughan. Dave tells us about his hard hat tour of SLS Las Vegas and the discussions he had with COO Rob Oseland about how they expect to make their nut. Speaking of nuts, the Gang tackles Caesars Entertainment's shell game strategy of selling properties to itself, opining on possibilities of corporations future. Finally, Dave discusses new anti-terrorism/anti-money laundering regulations regarding financial transactions...

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