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VegasGang #122 : Kirk, Loveman, SLS Poop, Apple, Alon, Booze, Trump, Macau

On the latest (and greatest) episode of the Vegas Gang Podcast we talk about the legend that was Kirk Kerkorian, Gary Loveman's legacy, SLS's crappy situation, Bellagio vs Technology, the ālon renderings, why booze is better than betting, Macau and Donald Trump. All that PLUS a brand new VIMFP event announcement. It is a jam packed episode that clocks in at nearly two hours long. Yowza! Stream and discuss at and rate, review and subscribe via iTunes. I found this recent review by "Chapper3103" to be quite informative: I listened to three of these podcasts. What a...

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Say Hi To Silverton's New Hotel Tower

The Silverton is nearing completion on their new hotel tower expansion. The large angled v-shaped tower features three protruding columns in each wing and a pyramid shaped decoration in the center. Compelling design for a mostly locals joint primarily known for having the best prices on Mepps lures in the western United States. Take a peep: Way back February 2008, we reported on some glass curtain wall testing going on in the Silverton parking lot. We guessed then that these were for a theoretical...

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Siegfried & Roy Get A Facelift

Famed "Masters of the Impossible" Siegfried and Roy are at it again - getting matching facelifts with their lions. Roy gets a little nip. Sieg gets a little tuck. Don't overdo it on the bronzer guys! ...

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Sayonara Gary Loveman

Right about now, Caesars Entertainment CEO Gary Loveman has returned from his goodbye lunch with fellow C-levelers to find a slice of cake sitting on top of a stack of storage boxes filled to the edges with files, mementoes, casino pens, collected casino chips and office supplies. Bob from IT is half under the desk, unplugging and absconding with the evidence contained on a poorly maintained Compaq Presario. He'll be in a room signing papers with human resources where he will turn in his badge,...

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What Is Up With Mirage's Casino?

Hot on the heels of the rest of the work MGM Resorts International has done on the Mirage comes a complete rejiggering of the casino layout. If you've walked through recently you've certainly noticed tarps, plenty of tarps. There are three areas of the casino that are covered in construction tarp - Atrium adjacent, Love adjacent and at corner of the casino floor near Revolution. VT superfriend CanadianCrapShooter (we missed you!) got the scoop from an array of Mirage casino persons and provided us with an...

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SLS Las Vegas Is The Shit!

Approximately five years ago, on November 3, 2010, I wrote a piece entitled Sahara, The Hell Hole is Greasy Disgusting Dirty. The post decried the Sahara's parking garage for being covered in filth. I'm told that said post caused quite a ruckus inside of Sahara and brought our little website to the attention of one Sam Nazarian. (Hi Sam!) Please allow myself to quote myself: As the saying goes, "you only get one chance to make a first impression." I've been to Sahara a...

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Alon Las Vegas Rendering Surfaces

The local Las Vegas Fox Affiliate managed to snag the first renderings of Alon Las Vegas and used them to coerce CEO Andrew Pascal to issue a public statement on the resort's behalf. Alon Leisure Management, LLC is a new leisure and hospitality company with a focus on developing one-­of-­a-­kind luxury resorts. The destination of the company's first project, Alon Las Vegas, is strategically located on the Las Vegas Strip and will contribute to the revitalization of the market. Alon Las Vegas is a gaming resort being...

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Vegas Eats: Lago at Bellagio

Lago is the latest restaurant in the expanding dining partnership between MGM Resorts International and Chef Julian Serrano whose previous successes include Bellagio's Picasso (see VegasEats: Picasso at Bellagio) and Serrano's eponymous tapas restaurant at Aria (see VegasEats: Julian Serrano at Aria). Opened in April in the space formerly occupied by Circo, Lago aims to build on Serrano's modern tapas reputation with a social interpretation of seemingly incongruous small plate Italian cuisine. If the concept of bite-sized morsels what previously spilled over the edges of...

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Is This The New, New Tropicana?

We've seen many visions for the future of the Alex Yemenidjian-era Tropicana, the Phase III entertainment deck and the The Strip, but this new one (full size via Paul Steelman & Associates website) is... ... whoa! Crazy lines and swoops, squares and curves... sleek and modern. Kinda like this: Double whoa (triple, given this.) Did Steelman have his team whip up a modern "M Resort" inspired version of the Tropicana ("The Marnellicana") and drop it on their website as a juicy appetizer for...

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Bellagio, Bedazzled!

I found some incredible gift shop craftsmanship at Bellagio. I ask: 1) what Vegas loving grandmother/dorque doesn't want this? 2) Is it possible that bedazzled cotton/poly pullover is the new embroidered satin jacket? 3) Do you have a mens 2XLT?...

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Penn National Gives Anthony Marnell The Red Stapler

Earlier this month Penn National Gaming named former Golden Nugget, Foxwoods and Sugarhouse executive Bob Sheldon to head their newly created Las Vegas business unit, which include existing holding M Resort as well as the recently acquired The New Tropicana of Las Vegas A DoubleTree By Hilton. In itself, the news is wholly unremarkable. Throngs of well-traveled casino executives slip in and out of regional manager roles much the same way Dave Kingman played for four teams in two leagues during the 1977 Major League Baseball...

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It's Alive! The World's Tallest Thermometer

Three years ago, we mourned the death of The World's Tallest Thermometer, a cheep yet informative roadside attraction located in Baker, CA, 94 miles from Las Vegas at the edge of the Mojave National Preserve. At the time of our original report, current owners - Bob's Big Boy, a splinter group of the Bob's Big Boy restaurant chain - elected to let the famous attraction fall into further disrepair, claiming that refurbishing the iconic thermometer wouldn't be worth the investment. Proving the theory that deferring maintenance presages...

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Cosmogram: Comps To Your Inbox

I played a Wonka slot machine for six hours straight. No lie. I played a Wonka slot machine at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for six consecutive hours last week. It was the everlasting gobstopper of slot rolls. I played so long, I missed dinner. I nearly missed the post-dinner meet up. When I finally did find my family, I was bug-eyed and talking gibberish about Augustus Gloop. I lost a reasonable amount of money, and I put enough points on my Identity Card to...

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