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Guest Editorial: La La La La , I Can't Hear You by Steve Wynn— Jeff scheid (@Jlscheid) May 6, 2015 La la la la, I can't hear you! I can't hear a word you're saying. What? Oh, I'm sorry, did you say something? I can't hear you! Ha! You think I can hear you, but I can't. La la la la, I can't hear you! You should see your face! You look so mad. I bet you're cursing a blue streak. But I'll never know, because I can't hear you! La la la la! Ok, ok, ok. Whew, that was too much fun. Ok, sorry. Go ahead, I'm listening now....

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Peep These Insane Macau Construction Photos

Aerial photographer @linolens (Instagram | Twitter | Web) has been posting some truly phenomenal photos of the current crop of construction projects rising in Cotai, Macau. Wynn Palace, MGM Cotai, Macao Studio City, SJM Lisboa Palace, Galaxy Macau and The Parisian are all represented with multiple photos, some a few weeks old and others from late last year before parcels adjacent to the Macau International Airport were deemed to be no-fly-zones. Three cheers to the ultimate, wireless selfie stick. Big thanks to @linolens for taking and sharing his...

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ASS Watch: The Aria Sky Suites Expands To The Pool

The Aria Sky Suites (bka 'the A.S.S.') has expanded to the pool with "Sky Pool". They created some artwork specifically for this development. Yes please. How much do you think these branded water bottles will set you back at the new SkyPoo. In my house we call a cloud of flatulent gas an "air poo." "Honey, just a warning that the dog just air pooped in the den." I enjoy finding faux-dignified ways of not being overtly 11 years old. Sometimes. The Sky Poo! website has no content...

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SLS Owner SBE Pays Up In Kobe Beef Lawsuit

SBE Entertainment, 10% owner and resident restaurant operator at the SLS Las Vegas has been mailing out vouchers this week as part of the settlement terms for Lima vs SBEEG Holdings LLC class action lawsuit. During the five year period - August 16, 2008 and October 11, 2013 - twenty seven restaurants, nightclubs and bars owned by SBE Entertainment allegedly sold beef to their customers that was described as being "Kobe" when it wasn't cut from Japanese Tajima waguy cattle. This lawsuit was filed by Erick...

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Vegas Gang #121: Wynn v Wynn, Riviera, Tropicana and Resorts World

On the latest episode of the Vegas Gang Podcast we go deep on Wynn v Wynn plus pile conjecture on top of Steve's possible Las Vegas dreams. Also on the docket is the Riviera closure, Yemenidjian's sale of Tropicana to Penn, the Resorts World grand shoveling and SBE's new strategy. Fun show! Stream, subscribe and comment via the web or iTunes....

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The Pool at Resorts World Las Vegas

When Resorts World Las Vegas was announced in March 2013, VT observed: Water is a very important part of this property. There are many fountains and low level reflecting pools within the pagoda village (marked with green arrows.) Surrounding the water park at the base of the hotel towers are an assortment of micropools (trend alert) each of which might have a specific offering: booze, oontz, kids, boobs, laps, games, seniors, night swim, etcetera. In the two years since Genting purchased the former Echelon parcel, architects Steelman...

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The Los Angeles Times Never Heard of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

While reporting about Tuesday's groundbreaking of Resorts World Las Vegas, the venerable Los Angeles Times (my hometown newspaper!) had the following to say: For those with TLDR syndrome: Malaysia-based Genting Group is taking a gamble on Las Vegas by breaking ground on Tuesday on the first new resort to open on the Strip since Aria and CityCenter debuted in 2009. Oooooooopsi! Big thanks to Mac78130 for the tip. ...

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VegasTripping: Ep. 8 - Steve

Ep. 8 - Steve Your browser does not support the audio element. Stream above or download. Subscribe via iTunes or RSS or VT/podcast. ...

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Peep This Resorts World Drone Video

Videographer Randy Soard has released a drone video of the Resorts World site shot in the days prior to the groundbreaking ceremony. This gives a great view of the entirety of the parcel, where you can see that work is already in progress. Embedding is disabled but you can watch the video here. A word of caution - there is loud oontz music ahead. Now: The Rendering: The 2 floor structure in the back will be extended all the way to the wall that runs north/south...

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The Steve Wynn Show: Steve Hints At New Vegas Property

In today's episode of The Steve Wynn Show, Steve - bedecked in the lovely blue blazer he wore in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 - joins local flasher Jon Ralston for a wide ranging discussion. Topics include uncertainty in Macau, the desolate tone and results of Wynn earnings call and Ralston tap dancing around the possibility of Wynn losing control of the company. Wynn's responses range from evasion to manipulation to hostile stonewalling. Oh, and, he alternates NEVADA NEVAHDA pronunciation 12 times. This is...

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Resorts World Breaks Ground, Unleashes New Renderings

Resorts World held a public groundbreaking today and invited the local media types. Not us. They also unleashed a ton of promotional material in the form of renderings and a video. We posted a bunch of these renderings a month ago, but there have been some significant new developments. The promo video above reveals lots of interesting new features to the building, particularly the giant gold Fu Dogs that flank the Lincoln Center entryway. The lighting scheme that runs up the side of...

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Cosmopolitan Wants You To Give Them The Finger

Attention lazy technodorques who can't be bothered to rustle up cash or credit cards to pay for stuff, The Cosmodopopopopolitan of Las Vegas has rolled out the welcome mat for iPhone and Apple Watch enabled thumb jockeys to pay with. Gentlemen, start your thumbs!...

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Riviera Unplugs, Resorts World Launches Websites

Riviera is closed and the server has been unplugged. Resorts World isn't open and it just launched their new responsive on all devices website. They're rocking the Twitter at @RWlasvegas. Innovative design plus AT&T? Fuck me up the piehole if I ain't whipping my own cream right now. Virtual progress! Big thanks to @StratMatt86 for the tip (via FHBMFB)...

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