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Neato Photos of The Park and Phone Company Arena

VT superfriend CanadianCrapsShooter shared with us some neato shots of "The Park" and "Phone Company Arena" taken from various locations at Monte Carlo last week. The Phone Company Arena. Or is it Wireless Network Arena? Judges? Definitely a missed opportunity by not putting an MGM or MLife logo on the top of that dome. Do I have to think of everything? Workers on the roof installing lights and illustrating how massive this thing is. They put in the same dorky light poles as the Festival Grounds. A stage thingy. This is where Adler's Appetite will be performing. Alternate...

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Can You Feel The Murrn?

Can you feel the Murrn? #feelthemurrn ...

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PGP: MGM Charging $20 More For Bed Preferences

Late in 2015, MGM Resorts International launched a brand new suite of website templates and a new booking engine. Great! While doing some research about resort fees and parking charges yesterday, I noticed something interesting about how MGM properties are parsing out room offerings in the reservation process. Below is a screenshot of Bellagio's booking engine with sample dates plugged in. Take a look. The first listing is a "Resort Room" and priced at $189/night. The second listing is a "Resort Room King" and priced...

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Wynn Files Plans For Strip Esplanade

Wynn Resorts has filed plans with the city to build an 86,502 sq. ft., two story "shopping center" featuring retail, restaurant and bar components between the existing Wynn front entrance and the self-park garage driveway. The buildings will extend from the parking garage, right up to (and over) the sidewalk. The plans depict a 2 story, 55 foot high shopping center addition. Building materials consist of EIFS, natural stone, precast concrete bases, spandrel and vision glazing, sconces, lattices, and fabric awnings. The fabric awnings project...

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Update: $30 To Park at Westgate

We heard rumblings yesterday, but now we've got pictorial evidence - Westgate Las Vegas is charging $30 to park in their lots and parking garages. HOLY SHIRT! The @LVSportsbook Twitter account is saying that the property is charging for parking during large conventions, but "validation" is available at the betting window when you place a bet. Big thanks to @Mitzula for the pics!...

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Cosmopolitan Launches Website 2.0

The Cosmopolitan has launched the 2.0 version of their website.... their first major upgrade since launching the original website on June 28th, 2010. The new website features a coupla major bugs. Here's one: Here's another... when you type in, it redirects you to the staging domain of the host at Whoops. The site now works seamlessly on mobile devices and retains all of the original Cosmopolitan logos, typography, branding and color scheme. TRIPPY. Check it out here! Big thanks to super...

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The Ocean's Eleven Gag You May Have Missed

Ocean's Eleven holds a rightful place at the top of any list of the best Vegas movies ever made. The 2001 remake of the Rat Pack original has it all: Beautifully shot scenes of Las Vegas, fast-paced action, and an all-star cast. You've no doubt seen it many, many times. But you may have missed a subtle gag left in plain sight just for you, the Vegas aficionado. The scene in question involves Frank, played by Bernie Mac, negotiating the purchase of two vans that will...

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Westgate Adds Parking Gates, Pay Stations

The Westgate Las Vegas, formerly LVH and Las Vegas Hilton, installed parking gates, card readers and pay stations to their parking garage. The gates are currently open. VT reader Waffle tells us: Went to the Westgate this weekend to make Super Bowl bets and noticed they have installed parking gates (currently open) along with machines. On the machine there is a slot which says "Insert Room Key Here" and what appears to be a pay station, was being installed near the entrance/exit to the Superbook...

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Update: It's Curtains At Wynn

Construction curtains have gone up near Allegro and the sports book at Wynn Las Vegas. The curtains are covering the corner of the casino floor where the Big 6 wheel and other table games were located. We've known for some time that the entire hallway from the casino to Self Park (and beyond) is on the verge of a major renovation. This is something different. A simple re-arraangement? The beginnings of a Wynn Players Club? Interesting. UPDATE: The curtains are down. Looks...

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MGM CEO Jim Murren Blogs About Parking

While the east coast of the U.S. is getting hammered by blizzard, MGM Resorts CEO Jim Murren has been busy shoveling snow of his own - in the employee parking garage. Jim Murren has taken to the corporate Wordpress installation to address employee concerns in a 1000 word essay he creatively titled "Parking Strategy". Ooooh. In the post, @jim_murren, lays out a half dozen reasons why the company decided to shift to paid parking. I'll condense and paraphrase: 1) People pay to park in other parts of...

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We're Doing A Thing

Hi. Thought you might like to know that we're doing a thing. P.S. See also Vegas Gang...

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Update: MGM Resorts International Announces Paid Parking

According to Washington Times, MGM Resorts International is going to announce paid parking later today. We've received numerous tips from numerous sources that MGM called a meeting at 10am to discuss the changes with employees. Pricing will be under $10 for overnight guests and more for valet parking. Fees will be implemented in April after the opening of the Phone Company Arena From the press release: Parking fees will be moderate when compared to similar fees in other markets. An overnight guest utilizing a self-park...

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Why Do These New Excalibur Rooms Look So Familiar?

Excalibur has proudly announced that they have renovated a chunk of their hotel rooms in the Royal Tower. Check em out: Hrm. That furniture looks familiar.... holy shit, they've moved in the old furniture from Mandalay Bay! Check it out: The bed, nightstands, table lamps, floor lamps, couches, chairs, the artwork... even the paint! Wow! Big thanks to an anonymous caller on the VT tip line and YoEleven for the dime drop....

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