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Élan: The Luxury Resort Start-Up Staffs Up

Both Andrew Pascal and Rob Oseland have updated their LinkedInstagram profiles to say they are working at "Luxury Resort Start-Up." Heee heee hee. The conjecture over how the titles will get doled out is settled. Pascal has taken the title of "Founder, Co-Chairman, CEO", his final title at Wynn was President and COO. Oseland has taken the role of "Chief Operating Officer" he was previously "President and CEO" of SLS (and Trippies 2015 Editors Choice for Person of The Year.) Nit pickers may notice that Oseland's is a step down in title, but certainly ten steps...

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THEpoll: Team Steve or Team Elaine?

Pick a side, any side. Are you on Team Steve or Team Elaine? Team Steve Team Elaine | See Results ...

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Steve and Elaine Play Family Feud

Wynn Resorts' has decided to eliminate Elaine Wynn from their Board of Directors. SEC filings outline four reasons why the board decided to withhold recommendation for Ms. Wynn's continuance. Following an extensive process which included multiple meetings and the participation of Ms. Wynn, the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee determined not to recommend that Ms. Wynn be re-nominated because of (1) concerns over actual or potential conflicts of interest, (2) potential indenture covenant violations triggered by an adverse outcome of her cross claim against the...

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Peep These Great Drone Videos of Clarion and Gramercy Implosions

Here's some very cool videos of the recent implosions of the Clarion (aka Greek Isles, Debbie Reynolds Hotel Casino) and the shell of the unfinished and abandoned Gramercy Tower project shot in 4K definition by a drone driving lunatics at Clarion Hotel / Greek Isles Implosion Gramercy Tower Implosion Awesome! ...

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Steve Wynn's Google Problem

You can't fire the algorithm....

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Forever Spock #LLAP

I knew this day was approaching. Somehow, I fraudulently convinced myself I was prepared for it. I would handle the news of Leonard Nimoy's passing with emotionless, Spock-ian logic. The weeping and sadness proved that I am in fact, human, not Vulcan. Star Trek had come and gone a few years before I was born, sinking in to oblivion and possible syndication. I'm proud to have been part of the early 1970's generation of latchkey kids who ran home after school to watch the reruns...

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Trade Your Guitar For A Las Vegas Time Share

If you're like me, you've probably got at least a half-dozen, rusty-stringed, case-less plywood starter guitars gathering dents and dust in a darkened corner of your gear vault. Why not put them to good use and trade them for one of the finest pieces of lake-front Las Vegas real estate there is. I can't possibly see a reason how this deal goes wrong. Go get em guys! Trade My Las Vegas Timeshare For Guitar....

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VegasTripping: Ep. 6 - Movies

Ep. 6 - Movies Your browser does not support the audio element. Stream above or download. Subscribe via iTunes or RSS....

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Cosmopolitan To Get New Casino, Suites, Bars and Restaurants

Months into their tenure as new owners of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Blackstone Group LP have outlined some of their plans to turn the popular yet unprofitable casino around. The changes primarily revolve around increasing casino revenue, a task previous management has grappled with with since Cosmopolitan's opening in 2010. Blackstone is planning to spend approximately $200 million making upgrades designed to lure higher end casino players from China to stay, play, shop and dine at the Cosmopolitan. As part of the process, Cosmopolitan's casino will...

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Sayonara: Riviera To Be Sold, Demolished

I guess the Jetsons lied. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has agreed to purchase the 60 year old Riviera Hotel & Casino from Starwood subsidiary Riviera Holdings for $182.5 million dollars. The property will close permanently in August and be demolished to make way for an expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center called Las Vegas Global Business District. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority attempting to purchase the entirety of land between The Strip and Paradise Road north Convention Center Drive. The owners of the...

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Murren: Make Us An Offer

In this morning's investor relations call, MGM Resorts International reported positive results for Q4 2014, "the best Q4 EBITA since the peak in 2007" and "the best full year in six years." City Center has been a bright spot for the company it almost bankrupted. City Center has retired its long term debt, is banking profits and considering strategic re-investment and recapitalization of the property including leveraging assets and exploration of possible sale of portions of City Center. The company stated that Harmon demolition is going...

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The Missing Demographic

For the most part, casinos are very particular when hiring models to appear in their marketing photo shoots. They pick clean, well groomed, fashionable, curvaceous, chiseled twenty/thirty somethings from the four basic food groups of ethnicities. This photo, taken from the front page of Mandalay Bay's website is notable because of how perfectly these demographics have been choreographed to fit together. They even managed to fly in a token floppy-haired dorkish millennial on the far right where he appears to be propositioned by two hookers. Truth...

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Welcome to the Black Book, Mr. Musa

The Nevada Gaming Control officially entered a new name into their GCB Excluded Person List, aka "The Black Book." Mr. Tasia McDonald Musa joins renown miscreants John Conti, Joe Cusamano, Michael DiBari and slot tech turned cheat turned Travel Channel footnote Ronald Dale Harris as persons who completely and thoroughly banned from entering a casino in Las Vegas. The Black Book is like the Roach Motel of gaming literature, once you check in - you don't check out.. until you are dead. The Black Book...

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