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#VIMFP: The Main Event - Saturday Night

Ladies and gents, We're super excited to announce that The Main Event at the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic - three plus hours of live interviews, podcasting, casino nerdery capped by the outrageous VegasTripping Match Game spectacle - is moving to prime time! After seven years as an afternoon event, The Main Event will take over The Showroom at The D, starting promptly at 9pm. Live on one stage: Vegas Gang Podcast Dr. David G. Schwartz Five Hundy By Midnight Match Game VT This event is free and will be seated on a first come first served basis. We are expecting that...

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Confirmed: Alon Isn't Dead

Every two weeks, someone from the Internet's peanut gallery sends me a thinly researched story that contains some kind of variation on the theme that "Alon is dead." This week, one such story churned through the rumor mill at alarming rate. I first heard it last Wednesday, the day after I had talked to an Alon representative about visiting their offices in October. The next day I watched the rumor careen from wall to wall to wall inside the Vegas media echo chamber like...

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#VIMFP: NERDcore Beach Club (and swapmeet)

We're extremely proud to announce a brand new event coming to Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic in October, something we call NERDcore Beach Club (and swapmeet). Hopefully the name explains all you need to know. If not, here are some audio/visual aids. And this: NERDcore Beach Club (and swapmeet) is a combined ultrapool party and casino collectible swapmeet with a side order of live podcasting and a celebrity DJ. Bring your swimsuit and any vintage casino collectibles you want to trade! NERDcore Beach Club (and swapmeet) will...

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E. Parry Thomas, Icon

E. Parry Thomas passed today at the age of 95. Mr. Thomas was one of the true icons of Las Vegas history, financing and facilitating the hopes and dreams of generations of casino developers. He is the Thomas in the Thomas and Mack. As if that weren't enough, E. Parry Thomas is also the father of Wynn Resorts' über designer Roger Thomas. Within the span of a week, Roger unveiled a masterwork six years in the making - Wynn Palace Cotai - and lost his father. VegasTripping extends...

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ālon: Coming Soonish

ālon, the forthcoming resort from Andrew Pascal (CEO of ālon leisure, CEO of Playstudios - the folks who make My Vegas Facebook thing - and former Wynn COO, current nephew of Elaine Wynn), James Packer (Crown Resorts Limited) and Oak Tree Capital, has updated their website. From what I've heard, this place is definitely worth the wait... Yes, but why must everything right require so much patience?? Coming Soon (ish) With 2017 on the horizon, they've cut bait on the Opening 2018 tag line. It is very amusing that they're...

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Rip Van Resorts World Wakes Up

Good news guys... Resorts World Las Vegas has FINALLY finished paving their parking garage - 69.71 weeks later since the last time they posted any updates on the Twitter. At this rate, the property should be open for the next generation of millennials. One would suspect that this random update probably means even more are on the way. Meanwhile, our friends at ālon are still in super secret stealth mode. Or maybe they've been vaporized they're hard at work. See Ma? Social media isn't TOTALLY useless....

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#VIMFP: World Series of Satin Casino Jackets

We're super excited to announce that The World Series of Satin Casino Jackets will return to the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic #VIMFP once again this year. Inspired by an old VT feature article honoring the lowly embroidered casino jacket, the one given out to slot tournament runner ups or sold in the casino gift shop, the World Series of Satin Casino Jackets is a bizarro fashion show and casino history lesson wrapped in competitive absurdity. WSOSCJ is also one of the many VIMFP events...

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New Feature Posted: Wynn Palace Cotai - Palace Rooms First Look

Just a note to folks tuned into RSS, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds that a new feature review has been posted a phototour of the brand new Palace Rooms at Wynn Palace, which just started accepting guests... like an hour ago. Big huge thanks to MacauTripping superfriend Elginhan for sharing his insanely detailed photos of his room. Thank you! Check it out here: Palace Rooms at Wynn Palace Cotai. Enjoy!...

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#VIMFP: The Afterparty Headliner is...

Ladies and gentlemonsters, VegasTripping and VegasMate for iOS in conjunction with The D Las Vegas and Downtown Las Vegas Event Center is proud to announce that the headlining act for the 2016 Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic will be: Sublime With Rome The 7x platinum ska-punk band Sublime - known internationally for their string of chart topping hits released in the wake of the the tragic death of original singer Brad Nowell - teamed up with incredible singer/songwriter and Sublime fan Rome Ramirez. Its going to be a long...

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See The Venetian's New Retro Commercial

The Venetian Las Vegas has released a brand new ad campaign wraps Mad Men era style and Cosmopolitan quirk in a squeaky clean Wes Anderson inspired 60 second commercial entitled "Come As You Are." Check it out: I like the ad. Not sure what, if anything, it has to do with The Venetian. You could overlay some prices on the outfits and slap a JCPenney logo on the end and it would make more sense. Big huge thanks to long time VT reader MeltYrselfDown...

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Editorial: Ebbs And Flows

Eleven-time Trippies winner, walking #VIMFP event and self-professed "thinking man's Cookie Monster" BigHoss is here to share words of wisdom. Take it away Hoss: Dear Las Vegas, Saying something like this is never easy, so I'll just do it. I've been seeing other cities. Surely, you've suspected it for a while now. I'm know it was awkward for you to see my Instagram feed after our four-day fling last July with the progression of interactions I had with Reno, Tahoe, Yountville and San Francisco. It's time you knew. My...

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VegasTripping Ep. 23 - Ledge

Ep. 23 - Ledge We're back! Your browser does not support the audio element. Stream above, subscribe via RSS, iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher or download....

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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I just wanted to take a minute to share with y'all the long-form diary of the recent trip to Macau that I shared with Hunter and JohnH. I started typing this story out on my iPhone during the outbound flight 38 days ago, publishing chapters as quickly as I could during the trip. Jetlag be damned, I've spent nearly all of the last three weeks writing up the rest, posting the last chapter on Tuesday morning. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this trip is how...

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