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THE VIMFP Headliner is...

Ladies and gentleants, Vegas Mate for iOS - the best and only Vegas app you'll ever need, - the one and only Sinners Guide to Las Vegas in conjunction with The D Las Vegas and the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center are unbelievably fucking proud to announce that this years headliner for the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic will be Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.... Sammy Hagar. Earlier this week, Sammy was forced to cancel his annual Birthday Bash celebration due to the hurricane that has severely damaged Cabo San Lucas. Thanks...

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Yeehaw! Buffalo Bill’s Has Got A Cement Pond!

Howdy partner! ‘Round these parts, we ain’t had much occasion to say much about Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino, seein’ as how it’s located clear out in Primm Valley. But the other day they was a-chirpin’ and a-tweetin’ about their cement pond, and I’ll be gosh darned if it ain’t shaped like a great big ole American bison! Looky there! Yessir! They got a little island out there for what makes up the horns, and the hoofs is the pool stairs, and - jeepers! There’s...

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The 777th Running of The VIMFPTUCKY DERBY: Registration Starting Friday

We're only 44 days from VIMFP and the excitement is bubbling up like puppy smiles in fluffadiddle factory. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I digress, the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic, perhaps you've heard of it? Holla party people! #VIMFP is the annual convention of like minded Vegas dorques hoisted upon the world by Admiral Hillegas (the VegasMate and Vegas Gang Podcast guy) and yours truly (the semi-retired VegasTripping guy). It is a weekend of WTF events, meetups, drink ups, live performances and other crazy shit...

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Delano: The Evolution (or Execution) of a Perfectly Fine Property

Ah, THEhotel. They were the only property in the city that boasted "all suites" and weren't lying about it. They had doorbells on every door and light-up do-not-disturb signs. They were the first to abandon the enormous armoire and introduce flat-panel televisions. Even the bathroom had an LCD hanging in it. The spa escaped the Roman bath aesthetic for something a little more Zen and contemporary. MIX restaurant featured a chandelier that's still a sight to behold even if you've become jaded by Cosmo's multi-leveled...

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New Feature Posted: MikeE Does The SLS Grand Opening

Hi folks, Just a note to those tuned in to @vegastripping Twitter and/or RSS feeds that we've posted a brand spanking new feature article. Join the dashing and debonair king of all Vegas luxury Mr. MikeE as he explores SLS Las Vegas during their much heralded grand opening. Check it out... SLS: Service Luxury Style or Sam's Large Silo? If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask them on the Feature article page. ...

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When A Blogger Gets In Bed With PR

Ever wonder what happens when a blogger gets in bed with Vegas PR? This. Geotagged inside the SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, this is SLS Las Vegas social media PR employee Maria Roncal (left) and blogger Scott Roeben (making the "selfie face") They're a cute couple, aren't they? I love your dress, Maria. I do have a question, though. When SLS Las Vegas finally lifts their press embargo on information culled during pre-opening playdate staycations, will Scott will express journalistic credibility and tell...

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The Neat Fee

This is the era of outrageous fees and creative ways to nickel and dime patrons. After the uproar of resort fees, we ceded to the early check in, late check out, express check-in, bedding preferences, and other fees that might have potential value when the city's running on a busy weekend. But after coming to accept the nature of the game, a scotch-loving friend of mine having dinner at SW Steakhouse texted to inform me of the tackiest, chintziest fee I've ever heard of: A $3...

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VIMFP: The Schedule

The Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic is an event we (me and the Admiral, along with our host property player partners) put on every year. Last years event was such a smash we decided to return to the scene of the crime - The D for a sequel. This years #VIMFP will take place Friday, Saturday & Sunday October 17-19, 2014 - less than two months away! So what the hell happens at VIMFP? Well... a lot of stuff... stuff like this and this...

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A Note From Chuck

Dear Friends, This morning, while doing the final round of error correction of the previous post with my lovely wife/proofreader MissMonkay, it became evident to the both of us that my passion for writing has withered. The construction was lazy, the analysis was half hearted and I had absolutely no desire put in the effort to fix even the most obvious of grammatical and spelling errors. Over the last six months, inspiration has been hard for me to come by and execution of the ideas that...

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Vegas Eats Preview: Bazaar at SLS Las Vegas

SLS Las Vegas is opening in less than 10 days and wallpapering the world with PR that states that the restaurants they are importing from Los Angeles are like awesome. Fortunately for you, most of the VT staff lives in L.A., enabling us to give these spots a spin and share the results. Previously, we visited the original Katsu-Ya location in Studio City, the Griddle Cafe in Hollywood, Umami Burger in Burbank and Cleo in Hollywood. As before, this series of posts are previews of what...

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SLS Approved For Gaming License, Nazarian Firewalled

In a page directly from Martin Scorcese's adaptation of Nicholas Pileggi's Casino, SLS Las Vegas was granted an unrestricted gaming license by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The hearings, wonderfully live tweeted by LVRJ's Howard Stutz, were chock full of gasp and gag inducing moments, that touched upon SLS Las Vegas ownership structure, EB-5 funding process and the shadowy relationship between Stockbridge, sbe entertainment, SLS Las Vegas and Sam Nazarian. Nazarian, absent from the proceedings except for narrating an SBE promotional video, was not part of the...

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THEpoll: Should Derek Buy Out The Riviera?

Should Derek Stevens Buy Out The Riviera? The ground at the Northern end of the Strip is rumbling with the sounds of bums rushing in with money. The Nu-Sahara opens in three weeks, construction crews are poised to arrive at Resorts World any day now, MGM is renting out the old El Rancho parcel to host an occasional rock concert, the old Hilton is now in the taught grip of Westgate Resorts and Packer & Pascal are all in on a new frontier. MGM's plans with...

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