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Odds Posted For The 777th Running of The VIMFPTUCKY Derby

VIMFPTUCKY, NV - Exactly one week before The 777th Running of The VIMFPTUCKY Derby, Las Vegas oddsmakers have opened up wagering on the current field of ponies entered into VIMFPTUCKY's race of the year. Nick Papagiorgio, the exciting young colt from Chevy Chase Racing, is the favorite at 18-1. Followed by Loggerhead at 67-1. Long time crowd favorite Two In The Pink has been fingered by oddsmakers at 69-1, which may improve over the next week as the horse runs extraordinarily well in slick and muddy track conditions. Once again, Gorgeous Pool Stables' entrant Obey...

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Help The Vegas Gang #DesignDereksCasino

The Vegas Gang podcast is proud to announce that our guest for the live #VIMFP show will be the one and only Derek Stevens owner of The Golden Gate, The D and a forthcoming property where the Las Vegas Club stands (for now.) While the Gang will surely have questions for Derek, this episode is really about YOU the greater Vegas Gang, VT and VIMFP community. We need you to help us #DesignDereksCasino. You ask. He builds. We're serious. From now until The Main Event, the Vegas Gang...

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Sayonara Revolution at Mirage

We've heard from insiders that the Beatles-themed Revolution Lounge at Mirage will be closing to make way for an entirely new dining/lounge concept. The space will be taken over by CliQue Hospitality, who will reportedly bring a similar concept to this space as they are applying to CliQue Bar & Lounge at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (the former Book & Stage). CliQue Hospitality has also taken over the former Daylight and Light nightlife venues at Mandalay Bay. CliQue Hospitality is run by former Light Group honcho Andy...

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VegasTripping: Ep. 12 - Buffet

Ep. 12 - Buffet. Your browser does not support the audio element. Stream above, subscribe or download. ...

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Sam Sells SBE's SLS Stake

When SBE Entertainment honcho Sam Nazarian announced his company was buying the Sahara, touting plans to transform the aging landmark hotel into a destination that would generate upwards of $250/night room rates, The Vegas Gang scratched their heads in wonder. There may even have been laughter. Disdain, even. Certainly disbelief. Two years later, after allowing the property to devolve from aging beauty into a dirty ass grind joint, VegasTripping broke the news that SBE was unable to continue operating the hotel and would imminently close...

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The Hotel Test Lab

The Wall Street Journal visited the hotel room test lab at the headquarters of Marriott Hotels to learn how they design their hotels. The primary tool Marriott uses to design their hotel rooms is data. They survey all of their guests guests every year as well as after each trip and also conduct a larger survey of a select group of high frequency travelers every five years to take their temperature about hotel offerings and amenities. They take this data, contract with interior designers...

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Official: Downtown Grand Is Not For Sale

City manager (and guitar shredder) Betsy Fretwell told the local Las Vegas NPR show "State of Nevada" that Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino is not the father for sale. I had a long conversation with CIM, owners of Downtown Grand and they communicated to me that the property is not for sale. In fact, they just sent me a letter this week saying that. I feel pretty confident that they are doing what they need to do to make that business successful for them...

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BSOD Dept: Aria Completely Hosed Their Casino Floor

We've received multiple reports that Aria's casino has been suffering from several outages over the last week. VT reader @sideswipe70 reported via Twitter that the entire asian gaming table section had been shut down. Additionally, all ATM/TITO/Change machines were also offline for an extended period. Yesterday, VT reader Jay1979 reported on The Board that large banks of slot machines were blue screened. Eeerie. This definitely means that Aria is in serious financial trouble and will probably be closed or sold in the next few weeks. It is most...

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New Feature Posted: Interview With Wonka Game Designer Daniel Louie

Just a note to folks tuned in to the RSS, Facebook and @vegastripping Twitter feeds that we've posted a new feature article. We're incredibly proud, and frankly shocked, to share with you Misnomer's interview with Wonka slot machine game designer Daniel Louie from Scientific Games. Golden tickets can be had right here: Interview With Wonka Game Designer Daniel Louie. Enjoy! I'd like to personally thank Mike Trask at Scientific Games for calling in the Oompa Loompas to rescue this everlasting gobstopper from the clutches of that creepy...

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When Casinos Prey On Problem Gamblers

The American Gaming Association is a one stop shop of lobbyists, legal road pavers, political action groups, industry event planners and pro-gambling researchers dedicated to expand the gambling industry. The AGA interfaces with federal, local and jurisdictional government entities to solicit, write and enact new legislation, coordinate voting campaigns and put the gaming industry's expansion plans into action. This week, the AGA held their annual conflagration, the Global Gaming Expo. The G2E is a ginormous industry powwow containing an orgy of panel discussions,...

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Is SLS About To FU Ku?

SLS' Northside Cafe sent out an email announcement touting their new Chinese Menu. Everything happens for a reason. Here are two possibilities: Player: There is so much demand for Chinese dining at SLS that it required the addition of General Tso, Kung Pao, Orange Peel Chicken and 27 other options to the diner's dinner and late nite menu. Banker: Chef Jose Andres' high cost restaurant Ku Noodles is about to get the cleaver, and they need to serve Chinese food somewhere on property. The first rule of baccarat...

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Lucky Dragon Catches A Crystal Dragon

Lucky Dragon has recently topped off construction of their hotel tower, have nearly finished their parking garage as its casino footprint is starting to bubble up from the dirt like a flame kissed souffle. Whoda thunk that Lucky Dragon - a boutique, Asian themed, mini-casino in a challenging location - would evolve past the 'rendering and a press release' casino project vaporware phase and condensed into literal concrete reality. It helps having a visionary real estate developer (Andrew Fonfa) and a casino executive (William...

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Vegas Sneaks: Two Shoe Review

Nearly as much as I love Las Vegas, I love sneakers. In fact, my passion for kicks has gotten so out of hand, if you were to ask me how many pairs of shoes I have, the answer would be roughly equal to how many times I've visited Vegas: A whole dang bunch. Recently, through the magic of eBay, I acquired a couple of pairs that combine my interests. Here, I share them, in a format that doesn't smell like a gym locker or Circus...

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