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The Resort Fee Arms Race

Caesars Entertainment announced recently that they were upping their resort fees to $25/night across the board at all of their Las Vegas properties. In some cases, the rooms themselves aren't worth $25/night, let alone the $25 fee on top of it. With Caesars upping their fees, it is only a matter of time before other property owners, specifically ones that feel their products are superior, begin to make adjustments accordingly. In the coming weeks, MGM Resorts International will follow suit, announcing $25 resort fee for Monte Carlo followed shortly thereafter by an increase to $25 for...

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Wynn Buffet, Zoozacrackers and Terrace Pointe To Be Renovated

As the 10 year anniversary of the opening of Wynn Las Vegas rapidly approaches, the resort will be engaging in a major renovation of many of their dining facilities focusing on a complete renovation and rethinking of The Buffet. The Buffet, which features design highly reminiscent of Bellagio's Conservatory, will move away from the green and yellow garden fresh color scheme to a more neutral palette accented by large floral displays. In addition, Wynn's other casual dining options,Zoozacrackers and Terrace Pointe Cafe, will join the Country...

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The Mint - The Birth of A Giant

Speaking of Neon, here's an incredible documentary about the construction of the iconic neon exterior signage of The Mint shot by Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO). Where does an electric sign have it's beginning... let's find out. How about that movie score!...

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VegasTripping: Ep. 1 - Neon

Ep. 1 - Neon. Your browser does not support the audio element. Stream above or download. Subscription details forthcoming. ...

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Vegas Gang #115: Wish You Were Here

On the latest episode of the Vegas Gang, the guys scoop the cream of Massachusetts, plumb the whey of Atlantic City, tag the flotsam and the jetsam upon Caesars' roiling sea and examine Andrew Pascal's tweeze of Oseland's wheat from the chaff of SLS. Plus three sure bets with brilliance as commonality. Download, listen and engage, subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher. ...

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Encore's Massive Room Redesign Is Coming In 2015

Big big big news from inside the chocolate curve. Sources are telling us that Wynn Resorts is on the verge of commencing a massive renovation project throughout the combined Wynn and Encore properties that will extend to the end of next year. Included in the plans are a complete and total renovation of the entire collection of suite, salon and possibly Duplex Apartment products in the Encore tower. The top-to-bottom room renovation is budgeted to commence in 2015, with blocks of floors taken out of service...

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Peekaboo: The Rooms at Resorts World Las Vegas - Updated

Resorts World Las Vegas is slowly creeping towards formally rebooting as they gather up funding via the U.S. Government EB-5 program which exchanges immigration visas for investment cash. There are rumblings that a big announcement is imminent.... #VIMFP 2017?. Why wait when you can see now? We've got some room Resorts World room renderings. It appears that there are are three different types of rooms in this batch of renderings, which I will label as a "Petite Suite", "Parlor Suite" and a "Salon Suite" in ascending size...

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Four Seasons Pool Renovation Underway

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... renovation season! That time when Santa brings all the Vegas obsessive girls and boys brand new stuff for next year! Not content to simply paint and re-plaster, The Four Seasons Las Vegas has commenced a complete redesign of one of the most luxuriously private hotel-within-hotel guest pool experiences in Las Vegas. Oooooo. The new Four Seasons pool will feature private cabanas. a new pool deck and freshly reimagined Fountain Terrace. In the interim, Four Seasons pool...

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The Steve Wynn Show: Treasure Island The Adventure Begins

Come see Treasure Island in full display of booty in Treasure Island The Adventure Begins, a 1994 NBC special/advertisement starring Stephen A. Wynn as.... casino owner Steve Wynn. Ahoy mateys, can you point me in the direction of the Chevy dealership? AAaaaaargh! Big thanks to Wynn video archivist Apollo2828282828 for pulling this out of the video bin and sharing on The Board. Fun! ...

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The Ghost of Bill's Doody

Giada at The Cromwell is a run away success and one of the few bright spots in Caesars Entertainment's recent renovation spending spree. With demand high for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Caesars is calling in the contractors to turn the roof of the dining room into an expanded patio dining area. Here's what Loveman had to say during the recent earnings call: We are expanding the main dining room and adding a second private dining area with a patio that overlooks the Strip to capitalize on...

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The Executives: The Lurve Boat

Caesars Entertainment (CEC) announced Monday that one of their corporate shell companies (CEOC - holders of 44 casinos with Caesars, Horseshoe and Harrah's brands plus Total Rewards) has begun formal discussions with creditors about a prepackaged bankruptcy. Caesars Entertainment also announced that they expect to realize ~$300m in cost savings by laying off 1% of their 68,000 employees. According to Forbes magazine, Caesars CEO Gary Loveman is compensated $6.8 million dollars per year. $6.8m dollars per year buys you: 6,800,000 losing spins of a $1 slot machine...

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SLS: Three G's And One E-Flat

The material was three G's and an E flat. Played loud and played fast. The first and greatest riff of all time. Material. The cellular level of an idea from which springs life, art, language or society. Three G's and an E flat, the fifth and minor third in the key of C minor. Three eight note pick up in 2/4 time. Why not a triplet, Beethoven. Why? It is rare we are given the opportunity to peek inside the mind of an artist to see the sublime...

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The Tesla Experience at The Park

Every Las Vegas casino needs to express their personality via relationship with a luxury auto brand. Wynn has its Ferrari & Maserati dealership, Venetian has its Lamborghini dealership, Treasure Island is opening a Chevrolet dealership and, depending on the weekend, someone at South Point will be happy to sell you a dusty Bronco. Tesla Motors, the electric car maker created by inventor/entreprenuer Elon Musk, is known for rethinking the entirety of the automobile experience from product to purchase to service. Among Tesla's sector disrupting strategies...

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