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The D Hot Legs Contest

The D held a "Miss D Hot Legs" contest last night - y'know the legs and red shoes on hotel tower's building wrap, the armored car and the adverts. An array of contestants came down to the hotel to dance, pose and show off their pins at various venues in and around The D. Here is The D owner Derek J. Stevens looking dashing in a plum jacket with white trim accessorized by a rum & coke clutch, proving that he has the range to not only pull off an Ace Rothstein (Casino) but a Julian...

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The Steve Brags About Tightening Wynn's Casino

On the most recent episode of The Steve Wynn Show, The Steve took 5 minutes out of the Wynn Resorts Q2 Conference Call (which doubles as his lunch) to give a history lesson on the craps odds bet and explain why they've tightened up the Wynn and Encore's casino floors. The Steve is remarkably frank, stating simply "I raised the price." By eliminating the 3x 4x 5x craps odds in favor of 2x max (except for players betting $1000 or more) increases the house advantage...

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VegasTripping: Ep. 9 - Family

Ep. 9 - Family Your browser does not support the audio element. Stream above or download. Subscribe via iTunes or RSS or VT/podcast. ...

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The SLS Gift Shop, An Appreciation?

So where were we? SLS, right. As mentioned, this was my first visit to SLS since it opened. I won't bore you with the back story, here's the Story Tower review and some other crap. I stopped by the SLS gift shop to see what they had. I'm a big fan of gathering unnecessary junk emblazoned with a casino name. I suspect y'all are too. I expected to find SLS logo gear, shirts, mugs and other stuff emblazoned with old-tyme photos of apes in...

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80 Days Until #VIMFP

Only 80 days (actually 78) until the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic, our three-day bonanza for Vegas nerds, at partner hotels Golden Gate Casino and The D on October 16, 17 & 18. Hotel rooms are starting to fill up downtown and with the looming announcement of VIMFP after party headliner at Downtown Las Vegas Event Center, you don't want to be stuck truckin' to Fremont Street from Silverton FFS. We talked about Day One - an epic orgy of drunken silliness, gambling celebrations, a fashion show,...

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MGM Hakkasan Hospitality Unplugged

In February 2014, we posted that MGM Resorts International would be partnering with Hakkasan Group to build a Hakkasan Hotel at MGM Grand. We obtained renderings of the project shortly thereafter. Someday, these renderings will be collectors items. Four months later, MGM Resorts International publicly announced MGM Hakkasan Hospitality, a new version of MGM Mirage Hospitality but with the addition of Hakkasan Group as partner in the joint venture. Gamal Aziz quit his job as international development chief barely a month before we spilled the beans...

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Rumor: Hakkasan To Sell Bank, 1OAK, Light And More

Rumors are swirling that Hakkasan is looking to divest itself from portions of their acquisition of The Light Group from Morgans Hotel Group. The original deal, which was announced in December 2014, outlined that Morgans would sell 90% of TLG assets to Hakkasan Group for $36 million smackers, a black 1976 Les Paul Custom three pickup, a future draft choice and a mustard-stained copy of Tim's book. The deal was expected to close pretty quickly - January 2015 (except for the book, which apparently...

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Sayonara Vegas Chatter!

The largest publishing company in the world Advance Publications (owners of Conde Nast) have pulled the plug on their travel blog aggregation network, sending Jaunted, Hotel Chatter and Vegas Chatter to the internet scrap heap. We send our condolences to the folks who lost their jobs. Thank you for that lovely and moving hymn, brother Barry. I'm surprised Vegas Chatter lasted this long. Taking the Arizona saguaro cactus as logo for a Las Vegas tourism blog proved at the outset that Vegas Chatter didn't exist for the right reasons....

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New Feature Posted: LINQ Hotel and Casino - The VT Review 2015

Just a note to our friends tuned into the RSS, Facebook and Twitter feeds that we've posted a new feature article. The Imperial Palace was the place where I fell madly in love with Las Vegas. Would the LINQ Hotel surprise or disappoint? Find out here The LINQ Hotel and Casino - The VegasTripping Review 2015. If you have any questions or comments, post them on the review page so future Vegas loving internet archeologists can decipher the particular form of lunacy in abundant display...

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Truth In Advertising Dept: Hakkasan and Steve Aoki Partner For Anti-Alcohol, Drug Campaign

An advertisement is now appearing atop Harmon Corner's ginormous LED billboard every five minutes. The message? Say no to drugs and alcohol. The messenger? Super star dj Steve Aoki, Hakkasan Nightclub and Las Vegas Metro Police Department. Get high on the music not drugs or alcohol What in the world could possibly truthful about this message? And here, from Holy Crap: The Hakkasan Price List post dated May 20, 2013, is the premium beverage package price list from Hakkasan Nightclub. I'll believe the sincerity...

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What Is Up With The Construction At Aria?

Aria has dropped The Deuce. The Deuce - which was originally named the National Gaming Lounge and Club Royale before Aria opened - may have a new name - 5 p.m., according to trademark filings discovered by VT superfriend and imminently published doody mouth Five Hundy. Could this be another of MGM's blatant attempts to almost rip off stuff other ideas... a way to add a touch of Margaritaville flavored beach sand to the steel, glass and concrete shores of the development formerly known...

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The Selfie Machine

Please, make it stop....

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Aria Joins Bellagio In Banning Apple Watch From Blackjack Tables

Aria Las Vegas is the second major Las Vegas resort to ban players from wearing an Apple Watch at their tables. Upon exchanging cash for chips at a blackjack one of Aria's blackjack tables, the dealer slid the chips over to VT staffer JohnH and said: I have to ask you to remove your Apple Watch." Are you serious?" Yes, sir. You have to remove it and put it in your pocket." Bellagio banned players from wearing Apple Watch at their tables in June. Both Aria and Bellagio...

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