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Vegas.com Thinks YOU Are A Douchebag

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 27th February 2008 4:25am
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The douchebags people at Vegas.com have come up with a bizarre piece of viral marketing for their website in which they ask Vegas goers everywhere the million dollar question: Are You A Douchebag?. If you are, then they've got some shit to sell you.

Capitalizing on the fleeting fancy of HotChicksWithDoucheBags.com website featuring jerks uploaded by co-workers or wingdouches, Vegas.com has launched a full scale marketing blitz - targeting douchebags.

While I do think this is quite amusing, mostly because VT is known for our liberal usage of the douche card as regular readers will attest to. However pillaring a marketing campaign on the douchiest of all Vegas aficionados - perceived or actual - is more telling of the douchebaggery of the douchebag who thought up this doucheheaded ad campaign.

Amusing, yes. Could it go virally insane? Most likely. Will Vegas.com sell a lot of monorail tickets? Yes. The question isn't Are you a douchebag? but Does Vegas really need more douchebags?

We're proud to say that the folks who read this Las Vegas website (you) aren't douchebags... you're dickweeds, asshats, melonballers, hosebags, fuckwads, numbnuts, and sawed-off-schmucks. Never would we dare call you douchebags.



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Expect heavy promotion for this in the OC.

Great as if there weren't enuff douches in Vegas now there's gonna be more. But I guess it will give Chuck more reason to wear that hat and think he looks good in it.... snik snik


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