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Vegas Casinos To Go Smoke Free

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 16th May 2008 7:51pm
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Smoke Free Palazzo

Las Vegas casinos are going smoke free, not by legislation but by a glacial encroachment of non-smoking areas... square foot by square foot.

We stumbled upon this sign (top right) at Palazzo that said "Palazzo Offers A Smoke Free Corridor" which is sort of a nice way of saying 'you can't smoke in the casino unless you're gambling.'

With smoking banished from restaurants by Nevada state law as well as verboten at many properties except in the casino proper, slowly being extended to the walkways inside the casino (not to mention smoke free tables) the days of the 'smoke em if you got em' in Vegas are subtly and quietly being snuffed out.

I guess it's inevitable that smoking in Vegas will be banned as smoking indoors is banned nearly everywhere in the U.S.. No, it won't happen with a wide proclamation, but instead a slow but steady isolating of areas where smoking is allowed until the last areas literally waft away into the atmosphere.

Anybody got a light?


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Comments & Discussion:

I guess that means I'll have to just walk around outside with a drink in one hand and a cigar in the other. Fremont Street is a great place for this. Good thing they still allow open containers.....

Sounds like something with no teeth to it, probably made because some manager had a bad experience and decided there oughta be a rule...

What are they gonna do, make you put it out and tell you light up 20 feet further down?

It's been a eternal war. Even here, even though we have Indian casinos here, there's still a fight. One thing about CT. casinos is that they both have smoking and non-smoking halves.

Half of the appeal of gambling in Las Vegas is the fact that the casinos are one of the few remaining places where you can smoke indoors without the whimpering masses threatening to hang you by the neck until dead. I never gamble without a cigar in hand, and when the cigar is done so is my gambling. If I have to go outside to smoke, until they outlaw it there as well, I am unlikely to gamble much, if any.

So is it going to be wrong of me to sit somewhere, you know "gaming" and possibly drinking heavily, and of course smokin a stogie... and purposefully blow said stogie smoke directly onto the "non smoking corridor"? Right into the face of some old lady who is dragging her oxygen bottle around with her? Cause that's what I'm gonna do, and I'm gonna enjoy it too, cause I'm just that type of person......

"non smoking corridor"? That is honestly the dumbest thing I have ever heard of..... stupid people should be shot, then hung, then revived, then shot again. But now I'm just venting.

Yeah that's definitely retarded. And even though you can't "walk and smoke" there's still going to be smoke in the air everywhere. It's not like it's stops AT the corridor. People are freakin stupid, next thing you know you won't be able to walk down the street with a beer anymore. Then I definitely WON'T want to go back to Vegas.

i don't smoke, but I am convinced that drinking and gambling is next after smoking is eradicated. The no smoking professionals are going to need something to pay their salaries after smoking is "properly destroyed". STAND UP FOR YOUR AMERICAN RIGHT TO SELF DESTRUCTION FELLOW VEGAS JUNKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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