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Unchained : David Lee Roth and the Mambo Slammers

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 13th November 2008 7:18am
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David Lee Roth and The Mambo Slammers

I've been catching up on the last two weeks of FiveHundy and thought that I'd belatedly fill in a few details about David Lee Roth's Non Stop Blues Bustin' Mambo Slammers that occupied a chunk of Tim & Michele's shit filled discussion (Episode 187).

For those who don't know, Diamond Dave put together a 14 piece band (featuring Edgar Winter on saxophone and keyboards) that played a week of shows at Ballys from October 19-25, 1995. The variety revue featured a number of covers, padded by DLRs signature between song banter and three Van Halen tunes, Panama, Jump and Ice Cream Man. Here's the setlist:

Living In America (James Brown)
Nothin But The Blues
Ice Cream Man
Free Ride (Edgar Winter)
That's Life
Hard To Handle (Otis Redding)
Love TKO (Teddy Pendergrass)
My Old School (Steely Dan)
California Girls (Beach Boys)
Just A Gigolo (Louis Prima)

Contrary to popular belief, the show was not cancelled due to lousy ticket sales, but the first nights show - reviewed by the Las Vegas Sun (note the date stamp for the article incorrectly says 1999) - was half full, and few if any VH fans were in attendance.

After playing some gigs that fall including Foxwoods, the Mambo Slammers returned to Las Vegas for an engagement at MGM Grand on December 29th 1995.

Fortunately for those of us with a fascination for both Vegas and Diamond Dave (and who doesn't?) documentation does exist in the form of two promo videos on YouTube (one below, the other here) and a surprise to be named later.

Ok, so the video is corny, but the surprise - a bootleg recording of the 12/29/95 show at MGM Grand - is pretty f-ing awesome. We're happy to offer this up for you to download for 48 hours.




Comments & Discussion:

Awesome ! Maybe Dave can fill the void that Criss Angel's Believe is going to leave.

Great background info. I so wish I had seen DLR's Vegas show.

It's been said already, but awesome! Thanks Chuck!

I looked in Van Halen chat rooms, dirty russian pirate bays, hipster bootleg stores.
I am not at all surprised to find it buried here.

Thanks bro, can't wait for a helping of heavy American cheese.

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