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WOW : Fontainebleau Interiors

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 3rd May 2009 3:49am
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VT reader John just sent us four cropped renderings of Fontainebleau's pool deck and interiors - in a word... whoa.

Update: these are taken from animations which you can find here. Thanks to commenter mac78130 for posting the url.

Here's the goodies:

fontainebleau pool deck

The pool deck looking south.

fontainebleau pool deck

The circular thingies are 'Cabeds' - cabana day beds.

fontainebleau bar

The exterior of the building is essentially a gigantic LED screen, kinda like Grand Lisboa in Macau.

I presume that is some kind of center bar. The ceiling reminds me of the inverted dome at Encore (by Botero).

fontainebleau pool deck

The casino = wow... it has similar vibe to the casino at another Macau joint - Altira (formerly Crown Macau).

I dunno about you guys but my excitement level just went from a 3 to a 9 with a bullet.

Thanks John for sharing them!


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Comments & Discussion:

I cannot wait to stay there when it opens in 2019.

Yeah, I disliked the former Crown casino and I dislike the rendering of this one, though it could turn out better.

I mean, that white trail going from the gaming pit isn't a white carpet, it's supposed to be the reflection of a hard-surface floor. That is BBBBRRRIIIGHT. I can't imagine walking through that room while tired, let alone drunk, without being blinded.

These renderings have been out for awhile. I'm surprised they haven't been posted on here before. Here's the source for the renderings.
This link goes to the animation page. CityCenter is also available to watch :)

mac - i hadn't yet seen these and figured they came from somewhere... thanks for posting the url.

While I found Aria's renderings to be somewhat bland and unexciting, Fontainebleau's are a totally different story. I really hope they'll be able to pull it off.

When it opens (sooner or later), it looks like this place is going to give Palms and Hard Rock a run for their money as the default party/young money/club spots. This place took the new Vegas formula of trendy pools, clubs, and modern design and really went all out with it. The great thing is the place is so huge and far north that they will almost certainly have to offer some decent room rates to fill the place. I don't really see it attracting the Wynn/Bellagio crowd for some reason. Hopefully it doesn't get delayed but that's looking more and more likely.

That is one sexy joint right there! This property never really intrests me that much as I do not know much about the management but the interior shots look very nice! Now, we only need to wait about 20 or 30 years before the thing gets opened! =)

Hoth, The Ice Planet Hotel and Casino.

Some of the design features of the casino floor remind me of Paris - the walkways, the pagodas over the table games - but with a little imagination, i can see this casino floor being quite something.

I'm staying at the Miami Fontainebleau on May 23rd as a small extenstion to my 10 day vacation, anyone want a review of that? LoL

The first pic, although it looks very nice, is inaccurate. I know the pool deck area is high off of street level, its not high enough to make the Riviera disappear.

Maybe they share my opinion that the Riv will not be around much longer.

Great pics tho- looking forward to seeing the whole hotel firsthand.

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