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The Chambered Casino, ARIA Style

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 21st October 2009 5:00am
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We've managed to get our hands on even more visuals of the interiors of ARIA, which reveal some facets of ARIA's casino that weren't clear in the previous batch, mostly due to the low lighting and taken by stealth quality of the pix.

The new photos reveal that ARIA's casino isn't a monstrous slot barn, but instead a chambered casino affair inspired by the intimacy of European and Asian gaming salons. The concept of turning a large modern casino floor into quasi-salon 'roomlets' was first done in Wynn Macau's casino which was transplanted to Encore Las Vegas two years later.

Wynn Chambered Casino

The Wynn version uses squares and rectangles as the basic building blocks of floor organization. Gaming salons are "built" by the strategic placement of drape covered pillars, usually in the corners, but occasionally offset to divide the space two areas at a 60/30 ratio.

My favorite part of this method is that it keeps foot traffic where the foot traffic should be and keeps the traffic flow less congested by looky loos who want to pretend to count cards from afar.

Chambered Casino ARIA

As we've alluded to in various posts, ARIA's casino is built around a circular axis whose center point is the fountains in the porte cochere. It is loosely divided into four or five "spokes", each of which has a completely different array of games / layouts. Also amidst ARIA's sea of slots are two bars, a high limit slot room, a dozen craps tables and fifty odd 21, 3 card and roulette tables.

The organization of the casino floor is incredibly creative. Table games and types of slot banks are not only placed in optimal locations related to other resort offerings, they help corral traffic flow AND provide boundaries for some of ARIA's casino chambers. After further study of the stealthy photos, they remind me of a retro-futurist version of Don Drapers den. Or the Bat Cave.

In lieu of the Wynn-style curtain-covered corner pillars, ARIA has its own techniques of demarcating the gaming dens. Placed strategically and a periodically throughout the casino are brown arch/pillar/columns with silver polished metal blocks of varying sizes and lengths bolted onto them horizontally. Sometimes there might be just a pillar, sometimes a set of two, three or even five pillars to help break the spokes into smaller, much more cozier gambling dens. There, I said it - cozy.

Here's a half-assed photoshop recreation of what these pillars look like:

Wynn Chambered Casino

What I find interesting is that the casino floor, much like the buildings which surround it, are the opposite of square boxes with square boxes inside of square boxes where boxes hold boxes that have boxes in it. The magic of ARIA is its shapes, and craft with which everything has been squashed, crunched and bent out of shape into a brand new shape that still makes sense.

Oh and one more thing... Union, the Light Group operated restaurant located right by the porte cochere and just off the casino floor looks like a bar you might end up in while looking for a pilot to help smuggle you and some other important people/cargo to a planet on the other side of the galaxy. Trippy droopy ribbons of curvy polished woods wrap themselves around a five diamond award winning subterranean lair. Very very bitchin.



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i cant wait to see the casino it self when i go and i like what mgm did to the casino and look like there be a lot to do and play so i cant wait

Wow! Wynn's boxes have always turned me off slightly. Aria's fan-shaped casino with its axis at the porte cochere sounds spectacular. I can't visualize what else visitors will see when they enter from the porte cochere. How do they get to hotel registration, restaurants, etc without entering the casino?
Could Union become the 21st Century version of Petrossian?

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