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Encore Beach Club Peekaboo: We're Sorry We Ever Doubted You

By MikeE on Wednesday, 26th May 2010 3:47am
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As the great atrium wall was erected on the west side of Encore's casino, I may have shed a tear.

How could they do that?

We'd heard about natural light in casinos since the Mirage days. We got it at Bellagio... in a tourist-laden conservatory 100 yards from the nearest table. We got a touch of it at Wynn, though it was the restaurants and most non-gaming operations that were getting flooded with sunshine. But Encore? Encore perfected daytime casino ambiance. Its atrium sent a glow from west end to east only to be complimented by the anti-reflective glass that stands on the other side.

Understandably, we were nervous. Gone would be that flood of natural light. Instead, we'd get some hideous nightclub with a bass booming so loud that it would practically rattle loose the mosaic tiles of the butterflies inlaid in the marble. Was this a step in the right direction?

I had my doubts, but not for one second did I realize that this was Wynn D&F'nD. They turned La Bete into Tryst, Lure into Blush, and Corsa into Stratta. If the first time's not already a charm for them, their second time is a smash success. They'd never let me down before. And now, they had 60,000 square feet of unused porte cochere to practically build from scatch. Where was my faith?

Roger, DeRuyter, Steve: I'd like to apologize and say that I'm truly sorry I ever doubted you...

The first sight as you cross the pedestrian bridge from the Wynn garage. Even if you're just visiting Encore and not into the nightclub scene, wouldn't the presence of those gaming tables, sexy dealers, and gorgeous patrons not be just a tad enticing?

Encore Beach Club Blackjack

Looking out towards the main pool and bungalows. Beautiful.

Encore Beach Club Pool

One of the private infinity dipping pools for bungalow patrons. Check out the huge, uncrowded space afforded to them.

Encore Beach Club Pool

Bungalow patrons on the second floor are also awarded with a bird's eye view of the action and plenty of balcony space.

Encore Beach Club Pool

A step in the right direction? From the perspective of this 27-year-old who's more inclined to spend his nights chasing natural nines than fake boobs...


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Comments & Discussion:


Yummy :)

I am DYING to see this place now. Tao Beach this is NOT. Amazing.

See how amazing it looks. How dare all you naysayers. I told you so! Never doubt the Wynnster! :)

Looks nice at night but that's not a surprise. The photos of Surrender from Daily Fiasco the other day are still pretty suspect if you ask me.

Anyway, I've got a tour on Friday morning. Photos are prohibited but if y'all have any questions...

Whoops, the Surrender shots are at VegasChatter, not Fiasco.

Pretty much what I expected, though I need daytime shots to be sure.

The mother of all ultralounges.

Already booked for a stay at Encore in 2 weeks. I really want to see how the casino entrance (former Atrium) looks and how Switch and the outdoor gaming area work.

Well, the atrium is now Surrender.

I believe the casino side entrance into the EBC for non-Surrender patrons is what was formerly the high limit slot area - there are doors that egress right onto the EBC.

odd the lower bungalow level isnt raised more

so there are 8 bungalows

but where are the 26 cabanas?

and of course awesome pics - MikeE you took them?

I give them credit. I said there was no way this would be done in time for Memorial Day Weekend. Sooooooo wrong.

Kage, no, they were submitted to me anonymously.

I'll be honest, I'm still meh. Nicely lit... but eh.

I don't really see anything to get excited about from these pics... Nice, but pretty much exactly what you might expect... hell, I might even mistake it for XS. It's certainly nice, but I guess I'd like to see more experimentation in terms of the Wynn/Encore style (How do they plan on preventing cannibalizing XS, Tryst, etc?). At this point I wouldn't really plan a trip to check it out. I hope some of that seating at the bottom is public... and not all roped off for "bottle service" all hours of the day. Is the atrium completely gone? Kind of sad, that was probably the coolest part of Encore.

As far as questions for RateVegas or anyone else visiting Encore in the near future, I'm interested in confirming the blackjack conditions at both the EBC and main Encore pool area. Do they use CSMs or deal almost the entire deck from a regular shoe into a discard tray? Also, even though I believe all multi-deck games there will pay 3-2, just want to confirm that as well. In a recent video that the Sun had for the new Trop, it was disheartening to have the last image you saw in the piece was a pool blackjack table with the words "Blackjack pays 6-5" sprawled across the felt.

As for the EBC itself, will you be able to use the gaming area inside the club during the day without paying the cover charge? Speaking of the cover charge, my understanding (from an NYT blurb I read) was that it was $30 for women and $40 for men, regardless of whether you were an Encore guest or not. I plan to stay at Encore later this summer and am curious as to what amenities are provided for this fee.

Thanks in advance for any info, and hope whoever is going this weekend has a great time.

it says something like "local women always free" on the website

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