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Hooray: Aria To Get A Marquee!

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 4th November 2010 3:59pm
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Did you know that for all the money they spent on CityCenter, not one dime of it went to building a Strip side marquee? One has to wonder exactly what the reasoning was... perhaps one of a thousand ways in which the CityCenter Brain Trust attempted to shirk the accepted notions of what it takes to operate a casino resort complex.

Ahem. Accepted notions are so because they work. Bending, breaking... sure. Ignoring? Not a good idea.

After a year of wondering and hoping that tilted, weird shaped buildings would be enough of an attention getter, the powers that be inside CityCenter have decided that maybe having a strip facing marquee touting the myriad stuff inside was necessary.

To this, they have allocated $20M to spend in building said marquee, which they believe will result in $7.4 million dollars of increased business over the next 10 years. Never mind that people now driving down Las Vegas boulevard will know at a glance that THAT thing is Aria.

There's no better way to increase brand awareness than putting a label on the thing you're selling. Lets just hope it doesn't look like the one that is on the 15 Freeway side of the property. Yikes.

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Comments & Discussion:

$20 Million for a marquee! that's ridiculous!

The first thing I said to myself when Aria opened last year was " Self, I would bet the bank they will have a marquee within a year". Only problem was I didn't say that to anyone else except for my wife, and she didn't care.

They'd be stupid not to take a cue from the Cosmopolitan folks. The marquee over there is simple, understated and works fantastically with graphics that are better than that bullshit flashing logo card crap MGM is known for doing.

Anyone else think they should just stick a giant LED wall on that fugly ass Prada store and call it a day?

Said marquee is slated to be 'the biggest on The Strip', which explains part of the cost.

That said, with all the stuff that goes into something like this, from design to tech to permits to construction, $20MM isn't insane.

Bellagio's Strip marquee next to Cosmo is still the class of Vegas. Naturally, Steve Wynn is responsible for it.

@detroit1051: The whole Bellagio site (building, lake, marquee, main entrance, and the interior) is still the class of Vegas. Timeless.

So they're spending 20 million to make 7.4 million?

Wait, that's, uh... that's uh....

Wait, what?
Why don't they just give away $1 million to a random guest every month for the next 20 months. It has to be booked through their website and you have to stay a minimum three nights. I bet that would increase business more of a sign that is losing $12.5 million dollars without considering inflation (in what they are projecting to be a best case scenario.)

Or they could pay off $20 million of MGM's debt and save a lot more than $740,000 a year in interest.

Yay, something 'Vegassy' about Aria, maybe next they'll admit they are actually on the The Las Vegas Strip.

Spend 20M to make 7......is the DNP running MGM ? I cant get an effin new James Bond flick because some ass-clown thinks that thing might go unseen ? Porn slappers are cheaper...wait...Cosmo already hired them.

uh, what does the Freeway-side marquee look like?

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