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Necessity the Mother of Invention: The Casino Cabana

By MikeE on Friday, 17th December 2010 9:31pm
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Constraints. Cosmopolitan's design weaknesses are a direct result of their two-towered, narrow footprint. But these constraints also breed innovation - innovations that are, in my opinion, the homerun star of Vegas's latest resort. We'll be elaborating more on this in the coming days and weeks, but let's first address one of the oldest and most intriguing resort features to leak its way on the net: The Casino Cabana.

Study the property map for a moment and notice the entrance between The Henry and Bond. Bond. As Bellagio revelers head their way south on the strip, the amount of pedestrian traffic that streams into Cosmopolitan through this entrance is striking; in my short observations on a Thursday afternoon, I'd estimate a solid 90% marched through these doors. Amazing.

The visitors' first glance of gaming from that entrance is the "Boulevard Casino," an area plagued by its shape and placement relative to pedestrian traffic. Though there are a few examples of traditional slot banks filling the dead space, this classic approach is awkward, uninviting, and cramped within the constraints of Boulevard.

The solution? The Casino Cabana.

Cosmopolitan Casino Cabana

Taking up a majority of this floor space and housing either a bank of machines or a blackjack table with a few comfortable lounge chairs, the Casino Cabanas are elegant, private, and immensely comfortable. And no, you don't need reservations, a host, nor an enormous credit line to take a seat. In fact, JohnH, Blackjacker1979, and I ponied up to a $25 minimum (3:2, 8 deck, dealer stands on soft 17) on opening night without trouble at all. When the cell phone rang or we decided to sit out the rest of the shoe, it was nice to take a seat in the comfortable lounge chairs and still drink in the action. The next day, the minimums dropped to $15.

A total VIP experience without the VIP expense.

Cosmopolitan Casino Cabana

Cosmopolitan Casino Cabana

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Comments & Discussion:

Nice, I like it, and I'm in agreement, necessity most certainly breeds innovation, especially on the strip. Can't wait for more.

Are you absolutely, positively sure those tables were Dealer Stands on Soft 17?

All the reports I've seen have said the dealer only stands on soft 17 in the high limit room ($100 min).

Additionally, if the Cosmo has 8d ASM (I assume the 8 deck games are ASM shuffled) S17 at $15 per hand... this makes their game rules almost as liberal as Mandalay and MGM Grand when offpeak (these casinos have $15 S17 6deck hand-shuffled during downtime).

These look cool. Design-wise they are reminiscent of the Wynn Macau casino floor which is broken up into smaller "salons". I believe this design was tried at Encore but was unpopular and eliminated. I love the Wynn Macau design but it's not clear this concept works in Vegas.

I especially like the extra seats the Cosmo pit has. We all have friends who don't necessarily want to gamble but want to hang out at the table or close by. These seem to fill a need.

StudiodeKadent, I was drunk, but I distinctly remember standing on a hard 18 while the dealer pulled a soft 17. I expected her to hit, but she didn't.

Mungroo, they are the previous Encore concept to an exponentially higher level.

It's cool from a design standpoint, but the very fact that you have to point out that you DONT need to be a high roller or have some kind of reservation to play, is an example of why I'm skeptical this works in the long run. When the table is empty a lot of people are going to be intimidated by the "enclosure" and assume it's something "reserved" or otherwise. 5 years ago there was enough free spedning new money'd types wandering around to make up for this, but obviously not these days. I want to see it work, but I just don't see people "getting" it.

I will confirm the soft v hard 17 thing tomorrow before I depart, but I was so drunk I don't even remember that one MikeE.

Blackjack! Yuck! :-)
Still prefer the Mansion Casino. ;)
Personally, there is no environment more comfortable than a spot at a big baccarat table. (and preferably a $25 big baccarat table!)

certainly some cool stuff.

im curious about pool cabanas as well.

I believe the intent is that groups can reserve these cabanas and order bottle service. Since the reservation process hasn't been put in place yet, as of now you can walk right up and play. At some point they will put together a short set of rules for reserving these tables and put them on the website.

I've read in a few reviews now that the "narrow long" footprint of the hotel limits the casino's uniqueness. Is its layout similar to that of Ballys?

There will never be "reservations" for the cabanas unless the Gaming Control Board changes their rules. They are intended to be semi-private area, where you can get a group of friends together and gamble. They will be offering bottle service though, which should be interesting.

I'd say the "narrow long" footprint actually makes the casino seem more energetic. It's honestly another way the Cosmo folks used it's tiny footprint to its advantage. I know zilch about casino "uniqueness," but it appeared as if most people really enjoyed the vibe.

"Necessity the Mother of Invention"

I thought this was going to be another Zappa-related story.

I don't think the reservations run afoul of Gaming Control, they can't stop random people from joining in a free spot but they can setup a table at a certain time and reserve the chairs around the table etc. Then they can do stuff like if a random sits down, just stop the game until they leave.

At Luxor for example you can setup a reserved table with reasonable limits.



Thanks in advance for confirming that for me. I appreciate it. Looking forward to your response.

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