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The Henry Is Bringing It Back!

By MikeE on Tuesday, 28th December 2010 2:46pm
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The Henry at Cosmopolitan

Last August, I expressed my dismay over the lack of quality, 24-hour coffee shops that used to be a staple in Vegas. For those of you that missed my angry, anti-burger bitchfit, you can find it here.

Within that piece, I expressed dismay over the fact that Cosmopolitan made no mention of a 24-hour eatery. With that said, it gives me great joy to know that The Henry is officially bringing back the 24-hour coffee shop!

The Henry at Cosmopolitan

I won't give it a formal review since I tried it for lunch on a hungover Thursday. Needless to say, the food was delicious and reasonably priced, though I found the menu skinny on variety. The space is the shining star, though, giving the immediate impression that The Henry is definitely a step up from the typical casino coffee shop. With masculine, button-tufted leather booths, the elegant room counters the sensory overload Bond bar across from it. The location is right against the strip and is one of the first places people notice when entering Cosmo. This virtually guarantees 4am people watching of the highest caliber - an activity just as important and as much a Vegas staple as the greasy food itself.

Here's hoping business is brisk and they continue their 24-hour tradition. The restaurant was doing fairly well the first few days after the opening, but if they're going to continue in the same non-stop fashion, they absolutely must use their excellent location to their advantage. I have no doubts that a dude standing on the strip with a sandwich board that reads "FOOD ---->" will have The Henry packed solid at all hours of the day. Hell, I'm so adamant about the 24-hour coffee shop cause, I might volunteer to do it myself.

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Comments & Discussion:

Seriously. Of the many casualties suffered at the hands of the recession, the death of the 24-hour cafe might pain me the most. Is it 2012 yet?

I remember looking for food at Encore at 3am on a Tuesday in May and settling on some crap at the Wynn "drug store". This is good news and I'll have to add another 5 lbs to what I gained at the Wicked Spoon.

That's it, I am going on a campaign to get everyone to try The Henry's tater tots. Come on, Mike, don't be a snob! :)

I'm surprised though that you didn't mention the little shelf with newspapers and the like. Pretty genius, as someone who once often had to cross a casino after being seated at a coffee shop to go buy a paper (this is before I bought a smartphone, naturally.)

I was shocked when I checked Wynn's site, and read that Terrace Pointe is now only open for breakfast and lunch, 7AM-3PM. I enjoyed starting my day at 6AM at Cafe Bellagio and watching others ending their day. Good for Cosmopolitan and The Henry.
Who is or was Henry?

Judging from the looks I got when I raised the possibility on my pre-opening tour, NOT the comic strip character with no mouth.

long live the 24 hour coffee shop!!!!!! the sign on the strip would do wonders i bet

You didn't mention the music! The Henry has the best music of any place on the Strip. Great food and great tunes!

any place that has a 24 hour coffee shop is a place i would want to stay at. tater tots at 4am sounds good to me

Boo to Wynn on cutting hours at Terrace Pointe. Perhaps if they had put TP in a more highly trafficked area, it would have fared better during the off-hours. I hope The Henry marks the renaissance of my favorite form of Vegas eatery.

The recession has hit Wynncore's casual dining offerings pretty hard. In addition to cutting hours at Terrace Pointe, there is a persistent rumor that they are closing the Chinese restaurant in Encore and combining it with the deli by the Wynn sportsbook. "Wazuzacrackers" opens this Spring.

The original concept for Society Cafe at Encore was a 24hr lounge. I hope Cosmo sticks with it.

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