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Truth In Advertising Dept: Casino Royale

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 4th April 2011 9:55pm
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VT reader TL shared with us a groovy mailer sent to him by the nice folks over at Casino Royale. The fascinating part isn't the offer it contained, but the truly excellent envelope it came in.

Casino Royale

Not only have the trees in the median and sidewalk been vanished, the whole of Las Vegas has been airbrushed out of existence!

Casino Royale

Upon careful inspection, it appears that they forgot to remove one thing... the guy on the right. What is he doing? Leaning over a baby carriage? Digging through trash can? Lets blow it up 400% and take a look.

Casino Royale

Wait... could it be? Yes it is... he's head first hurling into a trash can. How fucking awesome is this? Casino Royale for the win!

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Comments & Discussion:

That's funny.

Is the slogan for the hotel-"Our food is so good you have to throw it up because it's too good for the likes of you?"

Glad to see that they finally imploded the Venetian. All that bilght was really dragging the neighbourhood down.

@m the lack of venetian makes this photo look like it was taken in Tunica

Good eyes spotting that. It would be nice to see an actual photo from the same perspective. I think they may also have cut out their own hotel.

When I sent it in, I thought he might be digging in the trash, but he seemed too well dressed. No, Chuck's right. He's just left Denny's.

I want a copy for the archives @UNLV.

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