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Sahara Signed, Shackled and Sealed With Sam's Promise

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 16th May 2011 3:53pm
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The padlocks are now in place on the doors of Sahara as security escorted all the final scragglers of the property. Within the next few days (or hours) a chain link fence will be erected around the property. We also expect to hear announcements about auctions of Sahara's furnishings and fittings within the next few weeks.

SBE honcho Sam Nazarian left this note on the door of Sahara after the last punters were booted. (photo by @trentdang)

Sahara Sam's Promise
BE BACK SOON! Thank You For 59 Years.....
- Sam Nazarian 5/16/11


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Comments & Discussion:

Self-promoting d-bag. RIP Sahara.

SLS Vegas 2014 yeah right.....

Not under his ownership

A complete waste of now-vintage letterhead :(

I think 2014 is possible...at least for a start of whatever they're going to do...probably not an opening in that year. As much as I hate the idea, I do think that demolition is in the cards for some portion of the property. The mechanical systems in the oldest parts of the property have to be a mess...probably a mess that can't be fixed/updated. But it has to be cheaper to up-date/-grade the largest tower (Tangiers...I think) than demo it and start from scratch. Don't care what market you're going for, you still need an inventory of "standard" 300 +/- square foot rooms. Looking forward to whatever may come!

^^ all signs point to this being the end of sahara. it will sit for a few years, banks won't lend money, the project gets cancelled, nazarian blames someone else and eventually sbe sells and/or demolishes it. game over. there is no way SLS Las Vegas opens in 2014 if ever.

The Lady Luck said the same thing. Please sell the property to somebody who wants to remake it. Look at the Trop. I can be done.

I just cannot see the Sahara reopening with current ownership. 2014 is a ways from now and if someone offers them a decent price then they will sell in a heartbeat.

That's the thing, SBE bought Sahara at near the top of it's value in 2008 and rode it all the way to where it is now. Unless they are willing to sell it at a considerable loss I don't think it changes hands anytime soon. I believe Vegas is coming back, but I really don't ever getting back to pre-2008 levels. Honestly despite the fact that we've lost another casino-hotel that doesn't belong to CET or MGM I think in the long run it's good for Vegas as it takes more rooms that already aren't being filled every night off the market. Who knows, maybe SBE will follow through on their promise. The only thing that bothers me is that Vegas does not need another hip, luxurious hotel like Aria and Cosmo. Vegas needs a new mid-rollers joint that isn't owned by MGM or Caesars. I'm really hoping if and when Boyd restarts Echelon (before the structure already built rots) he'll refocus the vision of the place as the CityCenter for the average bankroll.

I went up there a few weeks ago to take a few photos and to pick up some chips and a few packs of cards. We ended up playing blackjack for a while and having a good talk with the dealer and the pit boss. They were VERY bitter. The focus of their anger was definitely Nazarian. I asked the dealer what she thought about the supposed plan to reinvent as SLS Vegas. She rolled her eyes and said it was "the same shit they told us when they bought the place and said they were going to renovate it." She was particularly ticked at the owner and said he could "shove his plans up his ass."

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