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Ferris Wheel Dept: Skyvue Las Vegas Super Wheel Breaks Ground

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 23rd May 2011 1:26pm
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Skyvue Ferris Wheel Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, the ratio of slot machines to pie in the sky ideamen/developers is approximately 1:1. Amongst these ideamen/developers, the ratio of Ferris Wheel Erectioneers to Sports Stadium Quarterbacks to Hopeful Casino Impresarios is approximately 5 : 2 : 1, primarily due to cost of entry.

Today, one such Ferris wheel erector - The Skyvue Las Vegas Super Wheel - called out the local press to take some photos as they officially stuck their dicks in the dirt and started digging.

Skyvue Ferris Wheel Location

The Skyvue Las Vegas Super Wheel is being built on the patch of land that Compass Investments has been hawking for a coupla years. Maybe I'm the only one who remembers when they wanted to build a hotel that catered specifically to high rollers who flew in on their own private jets? BWAAAAAA AHAHAHA HHHAAAAAA HAHAAA.

Some of you may know this parcel as the location of the old Klondike casino. None of you know that the Klondike and the ground that sits below it is certifiably cursed as it was the location where Clark Griswold hit bottom in Las Vegas.

Anybody up for a game of Pick A Number Between 1 and 10?

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Comments & Discussion:

Cool Beans!!! Won't be distracting at all for planes landing or taking off right next door.

Quiet and peaceful ride on that Ferris Wheel as well.

Maybe every ticket will come with a pair of earplugs.

This parcel has a good enough location they should be able to find something profitable to build there, but an observation wheel is not it.

A big ass Ferris Wheel? Seriously? I can see guests at Mandalay Bay loving this idea if their rooms are facing it. Wasnt this where the George Clooney/Brad Pitt casino was supposed to be that was to look like a 50'-60's style place?

"Wasnt this where the George Clooney/Brad Pitt casino was supposed to be that was to look like a 50'-60's style place?"

no, that was supposed to be over by the Hard Rock.
Pitt & Clooney sold the land when the plans fell through and donated all the profits from the land sale to charity.


gaming board, but more pics.

Either the FAA needs to step in (with air traffic safety restrictions) and save this guy from blowing all his money in a pipe dream, or the County needs to impose a $5 Million dollar bond to tear down and remove the half built carcass after he goes bankrupt trying to finish it.

Oh no... another cheesy idea. A giant, ugly ferris wheel on the strip. Is this Vegas or Disney???
Instead of blowing the money away with this crazy idea, why not expanding the monorail to McCarran Airport and other resorts? No more cab lines at the airport, and less cab drivers stealing money from poor tourists who don't know Las Vegas and pay $40 for a $20 cab ride from the airport to some strip resorts.

Maybe the strip comic book characters will go and embarass themselves in front of that attraction.A perfect fit.I agree it is a prime piece of land for anything but a ferris wheel.

Is it more likely to roll into McCarran, into Mandalay, up the strip or down to the abject nothingness?

Well, they got a monorail and now a huge Ferris wheel in Sprinfe..er..Vegas. Now they just need a burning tire pile, a giant magnifying glass and an escalator to nowhere. Well, maybe they already have those in the dead hotel.

Yes, this is a terrible idea, because Vegas has always been known for class and sophistication.

Can you say "All aboard the FAIL-ris Wheel?"

been on the London Eye, no low flying aircraft, I'm bit concern that they are going to build this next to the people that fly to area 51.......

Maybe Harrah's can just wait a year or 2 and buy up the debt from this project and convert it to Total Rewards Linq-wheel just like Planet Hollywood and soon the Palms

If they really did have a casino like that, dealers and all (I have a thing for rose tinted sunglasses and sideburns) then I would go there and probably never leave. It'd be the only casino I could win anything at.

I heard Klondike's buffet really was like the movie

You are all ignorant and dumb. It is a great idea. Its going to create jobs, and money for Las Vegas.

Sounds like we have a troll here, as why else would they bump up something last posted in TWO MONTHS ago. Or this person works for the company behind this project.

Calling the membership ignorant and dumb is pretty gutsy newbie.

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