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Mirage To Remodel All Restaurants, Kokomos First

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 26th May 2011 4:25pm
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We've received word from a loyal tripper who eavesdropped on an open-air meeting at Mirage (we are everywhere) that Mirage is planning on renovating all of their restaurants and replacing them with "star chef" driven dining concepts.

The first restaurant to be replaced will be Kokomos, which is one of the last of the original Mirage restaurants.

This is certainly interesting news as Mirage's dining line up was completely shaken out in the resort wide refresh that was done in anticipation of the 20th anniversary rebirth of Mirage.


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Jeez, somebody at MGM doesn't get it - vartiety is the spice of life and one can get too much of a good thing. The first one,two, or even three Cirque shows were good- now they are beyond redundant-but MGM brings another one to MB. Star chefs were initially interesting -and even yummy. But I for one am tired of paying $3oo for dinner just because a famous chefs name is on the restaurant. Why not offer special themes,cuisines, or heaven forbid-value instead of just a name on the door. This is old and no longer working.People got jazzed about new dining options at Cosmo, not the same old lineup as at the other MGM properties.

MGM already ruined Kokomos five or six years ago when it opened it up to the hotel lobby and bland-ized the tropical theme.

One can pray that MGM will bring in some new players instead of retreading old ground, ie CityCenter. It'd be nice to see The Mirage on top again in Vegas.

Whatever happened to Gordon Ramsay opening up a place at Paris? I haven't read anything else about that since last winter.

While I don't necessarily want to see the price shoot up across the board, I think this is a good thing for the Mirage. Every time I stay there it reminds me of being at a CET property that isn't Caesars, which is to say, the dining choices are average at best. I'd like to see some chef driven restaurants for the property.

As long as they keep the burger place right by the front I dont have a problem with this. You do have to wonder, what celebrity chefs are left out there who arent already in Vegas anyway?

JohnD, I believe Gordon Ramsay's place opens June 1st at Paris.

I do agree with the first comment. I have absolutely no issues paying top dollar for a meal that tastes as good as it costs but I am tired of seeing the same old "celebrity" chefs everywhere. Like, hello! Having one restaurant, or maybe a few, is fine, but three or so within the same 10 mile radius really degrades the name. I have no desire to eat at any celebrity chef restaurant who has more than one locale in Vegas, especially when the theme or cuisine isn't too different than what is already there.

I do agree that the Mirage needs better restaurants (California Pizza Kitchen, really? That burger restaurant, really?) but I certainly hope it's not more of the same. MGM as a whole has really ran down many of the properties as they continue to sterilize them. Putting any issue of cost aside, I want to visit a casino for the unique offerings they have, as in ambiance, theme, dining choices, etc... And so far all MGM has done was sterilize each property. There is really no reason to move from one MGM prop to another as they all offer the same dang sterilized garbage except for maybe a few little things that only one or two of their properties have to offer (Such as the pizza place at NY that stays open til 3).

So restaurant remodeling, good, but hopefully something new.

And totally agree with the Cirque. Why does every hotel have their own Cirque? Is it really that good? I never seen a Cirque but have no real interest due to the saturation (same with celebrity chefs who have two or three or four restaurants on the strip). I like original, different and new.

CPK has been at The Mirage since it was a super-high-flyer in the early 90s. While I agree it's not a very impressive name these days, it does offer a quick, relatively decent meal at a sane price. That's not to say that they couldn't do something more interesting in that same space.

As for BLT, I actually think that works pretty well.

Your overall point about homogenization is right on. For all the talk about the independence of MGM property presidents, they all seem to have gone to the same school of F&B, with the possible exception of Gamal Aziz when he was at MGM Grand.

Remodeling is interesting because the restaurants are new. Kokomo's stood for 15+ years without a major remodel and then it gets two in 5 years? Curious. I'd assume the fact that The Mirage has a new president is part of this equation.

I was privy to the source material for this post and there's a little more info that I'm sure CM will be posting in the near future. Nothing earth shattering but still interesting for the Vegas nerds (me+you).

BTW: FUCK CIRQUE (i mean this in the nicest way possible).

For about six months I've had a todo story item in my queue that is titled 'give me a fucking original vegas show (aka cirque du soleil needs to be given a pink slip when it comes to new shows).

I haven't written that piece but you get the gist: I agree.

BLT Burger is great, and I will bet that it stays intact since it's only a few years old. Japanais is fantastic too but never really took off at The Mirage for some reason. Onda is good too but not doing well. They will change all of those restaurants over by the elevators and casino. The Carnegie Deli does well too. As someone pointed out above, CPK was a good value option. I can seem them changing it out however.

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