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The Douchebag In Daylight

By JohnH on Tuesday, 31st May 2011 8:56am
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You've seen them. They walk among us. They may be your neighbors. They may be your co-workers. Or cousins. If you're reading this on an iPhone or Android device, you may be sitting next to one while enjoying that Sinatra Smash at Parasol Down. They may even be you. They are the members of "The Dayclub Class," and they and their collectively offensive fashion hive mind are further ruining much of what is good, beautiful, and glorious about Las Vegas.

I first saw them when I arrived in town this last Thursday. I was walking through Encore and noticed an inordinate number of men walking around in nothing but a wife-beater and Hurley board shorts. Funny, I thought, Encore Beach Club is closed. Could they simply be hotel guests walking back from the St. Tropez environment that is Encore's guest-only pool? Maybe. But then I continued to see more of them. They were at Wynn. At Aria. Bellagio. Cosmopolitan. Walking up and down The Strip at every turn. They were everywhere.

The douchebag in daylight.

Then Friday and Saturday came. Encore Beach Club was finally open for business and there was hardly a public space at Encore that wasn't filled with a majority of tank tops/muscle tanks/wife-beaters and board shorts. The sounds of their Rainbow and Havaiana flip-flops was drowning out the ambient '80s music during a Saturday breakfast at Society. At Cosmo, as well, you couldn't escape them. God forbid, honestly, you should find yourself walking by the second floor entrance to Marquee at 2:00 p.m. on a Friday. If you do, your poor soul will be lost in a sea of sun-bleached copies of Here's the Situation: A Guide to Creeping on Chicks, Avoiding Grenades, and Getting in Your GTL on the Jersey Shore. The horror! The horror!

Now, am I just a Vegas blogger continuing to say goodbye to a bygone Las Vegas era by citing a preponderance of Ed Hardy-wearing "Jersey Shore" wannabes ruining the city's casinos, nightclubs, and now, dayclubs? Sure, but I'm also the Vegas blogger who remembers that Steve Wynn was once that man that so valued Roger Thomas' elegant creations at Bellagio that he sanctioned and briefly enforced a dress code at the property. Now look at how we've evolved: Seeing four guys who look like "The Sitch" pumping their fists next to those RogThom-designed Swarovski peacocks at Encore. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas.

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Confession: I own and have worn a t-shirt with a skull, Lamborghini, money stacks and a bikini-clad woman printed on it. I apologize to all.


The best is when they play team blackjack with $20 on a $10 table.

You wouldn't be talking about these guys...would you?
(Audio is loud and not work safe.)

Please bring back the dress code..."Sportcoat Saturdays" should go from my small tradition to Vegas Law...

Yes, say goodbye to a bygone era. I never packed for Vegas without my Brooks Brothers blazer and tie. It was a pleasure to see the original Le Cirque sign stating that jacket and tie were required. That didn't last long.

Your small solace? There's still a good deal of the year when the weather is just too cold to run a pool, day or night.

Saw the headline and thought this was going to be about Scott Whitney of Vegas Video Network making the ham-handed decision to replace Mollica and Tobler on Awkward Silence....but for the record, I saw much of this in early May - and hate it as much as everyone else who owns a sport coat and an ounce of respect.

1. I must confess that I own quite a few wifebeaters and boardshorts, but don't usually wear them together, and never indoors.

2. This really sets up something I'm working on for TWHT later on this week. Great minds truly do think alike.

So sad. So very very sad.

My husband owns LOST boardshorts.....and wears them with t-shirts through the hotel only when going to/coming from the pool.

I could not imagine walking around a hotel or in the casino looking like I could not find the pool. I may wear jeans every day I am in Vegas but I always wear a nice clean shirt oner my sleeveless t shirt.

Las Vegas has always been a fantasy city. The era of luxury and high class lasted a decade that it is now officially over. Bellagio and later Wynn (Encore had a really quick run) were once the pinnacle of this trend. Today, time has changed, a recession hit hard these two luxury resorts, and the clubs and the wannabe Jersey Shore folks have invaded Las Vegas. And people still ask why Steve Wynn is changing his focus to Macau. Their casino may not have free drinks and the same excitement of Vegas. But at least people know how to dress and enjoy a nice scotch while gambling without being bothered by kids on drugs.

I say bring 'em on. Joisey guidos, Lancaster tweakers, toothless desert drunkards, bleach blond cougars from Rancho Santa Margarita, convention-going salesmen from Kalamazoo, timeshare suckers, dolled up homegirls from LA, stumbling sorority girls from Chico State, bickering old people at the slots. It's all part of the great tapestry of Vegas. The more absurd, the better. Bring 'em on.

If you aren't enjoying the best thing about Vegas -- the free melting pot freak show that is in your midst whether you're in Encore or Slots-A-Fun -- you're missing out.

blissful, I hear what you're saying but take a look at that video NeverJustJ posted above and tell me that ignorant piece of shit and his friends don't deserve a two-by-four to the side of their heads. That's one of the most vile, disrespectful acts I've seen. What kind of parents could raise losers like this?

Drake is right about the vase-pisser and his crew.
The coexistence of sophisticated customers (or even regular Joes/Janes) with the newest generation of folks targeted by nightlife and daylife operations is already a big problem and it will get worse.

Drake, I totally agree about the guy, and watching it I was hoping the vase would break so he would be emasculated on the jagged shards. If there is such thing as karma, that guy got his comeuppance at some point that day -- and considering how much bad booze he probably consumed, there's a good chance that happened.

But I would rather condemn the individuals than a group. Pretty much all doors are open in Vegas, and the booze flows freely -- both literally and figuratively. Some people are going to do bad things with that much booze and so many opportunities. At any given time on the Strip, someone somewhere is doing something unseemly, and they aren't necessarily wearing a wifebeater and a gold plated medallion.

The coexistence of the yahoos among the sophisticated customers -- who, unless sophistication is measured by your bank account, represent a tiny minority -- is nothing new. It might be worse than it used to be, but it's been that way for a very long time, and it reflects a societal trend that is in no way limited to Vegas. I find the idea of preserving Vegas for the "sophisticated" to be pretty ironic if not misguided. Instead, I choose to observe and laugh at the cultural blender stuck on puree that Vegas is and always has been. And to me, that is what Vegas is about: Laughing. Drinking with my friends, and laughing at each other, and laughing at everyone and everything around us, the absurdity of the entire enterprise. Hopefully everyone else is laughing at us middle-aged married men as well. We manage to do this without pissing in giant vases, mostly, and anyone who does so deserves exactly what he's asking for. And watching the brazen get their comeuppance is way, way funnier than vase pissing, only Lon Gisland Louie is not bright enough to know that.

Clearly, since people enjoy videos of douchebags doing all sorts of things, I am not the only one who gets some amusement from their antics. I have never thought of Vegas as a place for kids or adults with delicate sensibilities (although publicly pissing in a vase is beyond the pale). I'm actually a well-educated professional, have fairly high-brow tastes, and enjoy that side of Vegas, but that is really a new phenomenon and not what I go there for. If anything, I am disappointed in the current trend toward a more refined Vegas taking up so much real estate, which if recent history is any indication of what is to come, is not a very successful business model.

This is just my view of it, of course, but I think the riff-raff, vase pissing incidents notwithstanding, are what makes Vegas fun.

Their clothes aren't the problem, it's the attitudes. Put a jacket on them and they will simply be better dressed jackasses. I used to love the diversity of the strip. Rich and poor, jeans and tuxes. All in one place. That diversity is being drowned out by the DB's. It's no longer a melting pot. It's a melt down.

Unfortunately I don't think we can have our cake and eat it too.

I'm no fan of d'bags but I don't think they're "taking over" so much as they're filling an economic void in Vegas left by the recession.

The inconvenient truth is that if Encore DID really shut down EBC and XS and institute a Saturday night dress code, the result would not be a return to the good old days, the result would be that Encore would go out of business.

Vegas with d'bags isn't great, but it's still better than no Vegas at all.

I tend to agree with Blissful and Scott on their points. While I understand there is a fair percentage of the crowd mentioned in JohnH's post that cannot behave themselves. I hate the fact that people feel there is a need to label them or the belief that changing their clothes would change these individuals personality.

I'm not a big fan of disparaging people for the way they look, no matter what their style is, and I think it bothers me more when we are talking about a city that has a lot of melting pot qualities.

Behavior is another issue entirely and I've seen bad from just about every type on the strip. Even with behavior there's bad and there's inexcusable.

I think sometimes people get caught up in what should be, whether it's because we get older and don't remember what it was like to be young and we make assumptions or for the fact that we have a hard time remembering to live and let live even as we get older.

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