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Harmongeddon: Where Does It Fall?

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 17th August 2011 11:05am
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Local AP correspondent Oskar Garcia has a piece running all over the universe which discusses the difficulties involved in dropping the Harmon Hotel tower via implosion.

Numerous experts are interviewed, but none of them discuss the difficulties involved in each specific direction the tower could be dropped. For the sake of discussion, I've photoshopped five different scenarios to knock down Harmon. Doritos!

Harmon Hotel Implosion

#5, imploding downwards with a southward spill, where the Harmon podium connects to Crystals would affect neighbors the least, but the danger posed to Crystals might be too great. 100-1

#4 imploding towards the strip onto the Harmon frontage plaza (which is going to have to be removed anyways) would cut off foot traffic to the south, Crystals, Aria and points south. They'd have to take down the pedestrian bridge that connects Cosmo and CityCenter.

#3 imploding into the Harmon/strip thoroughfare would probably be the safest but would require removal of the pedestrian bridge and would displace traffic for at least a coupla days as they cleared out the wreckage. Access to Cosmopolitan would be seriously impacted.

#2 dropping Harmon right onto Harmon might also be a good possibility, but it would potentially damage Cosmopolitan and most certainly impair access for almost a week as debris is removed.

#1 knocking down Harmon right onto its porte cochere is probably how this is going to work out. The risks of damaging other properties are relatively low and the debris field can be managed to remain on the CityCenter side of Harmon, leaving at least two lanes of traffic unblocked.

BONUS put enough firepower and jet fuel under the thing to burn it down right in its tracks, put a frame around the molten mass and call it "art".

"Lord Fosters Freeze" mixed media: melted steel and glass on concrete. ©2012 Jim Murren Inc.

Thanks to VT's resident architectural whiz blackjacker1979 for the #harmongeddon hash.

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Comments & Discussion:

Irked at how many incorrect location points there are on that tiny portion of Google Maps' Vegas view.

Very sad about The Harmon. It was literally the one tower in the whole project that seemed positioned outside of the box. At least, outside the previous things that MGM Mirage had done previously.

So where's the implosion meet up?

I vote for Mandarin Oriental!

either there or on a terrace at cosmo.

With any luck, it will knock over Veer on its way down. Trailer parks are more aesthetically pleasing than those 2 baby turd yellow monstrosities.

You could drop it on Crystals at noon on Tuesday and not hit anybody terribly important.

I saw a timetable showing an expected 6 months to prepare for the implosion, and another 4 months to clean up the debris, so a very controlled plan #1 is most likely. The same plan called for NOT taking out either of the pedestrian bridges, which I don't see as possible since the Harmon contacts the one to the Cosmo.

Whichever plan they go with, I just hope they lure the Kardashians inside first.

That tower is not going to be imploded. It is going to be deconstructed from top to bottom like what happened to the Deutche Bank tower in New York City. The space out back of Harmon is never used so they are going to use that area for the equipment they are going to use to remove the tower. They will probably install a crane too.

Considering all the glass a deconstruction would seem to make the most sense since that wouldnt damage the properties aurrounding it. I hope they start knocking off pieces of the Harmon in October so I can take pics for my destroyed Vegas collection.

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