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Seriously, I want a Luv Tub. And a 55-gal. drum of Clorox.

Interestingly Dr Dave just made the following two updates on twitter:

1 - O'Shea's will reopen about 150 yards further down the street, will integrate into IP.

2 - When asked about beer pong, Mazer assured me that it will be available continuously through construction either at the Garden Bar at the Flamingo or in the IP. So beer pong lovers need not despair today.

Do we know where in these renderings the New O'Sheas would be?

Interesting. So O'Shea's becomes a "casino within a casino," out in front of the new IP/Horseshoe/whatever?

Sort of like Slots-of-Fun is to CC?

...but connected. the new O'Shoe casino will theoretically start where the entrance in the 5th rendering is.

To be clear... O'Shea's is not reopening. Don't spread that fiction. An "o'shea's like experience" ... meaning a smaller boutique cozy casual casino will open, that will be attached to the new IP.

Good barbecue would be nice. There are a few 'cue joints on the Strip. The best is probably Gilley's at TI.

@brock noted. thank you for the correction.

The renderings look a lot like the sales paraphernalia spread around by the likes of The District and Town Square pre-construction. Hopefully this project turns out better and more fruitful than those, but one can't help but see the similarities.

Also, is anyone else skeptical that this project can pull off the kind of foot traffic numbers that it needs to survive? Realistically, the walk back to that Ferris wheel is the same walk back to The Signature from the strip. A walk even less rewarding than the trudge up to Aria.

CE has a long record of not maintaining its assets. A project of this density and scope, with the designs involved, would require a ton of upkeep. Can one trust CE to follow through on that requirement?

I'm impressed so far with the vision. It will be interesting to see how it actually turns out. The foot traffic is going to be more like Harrah's carnival court than a suburban shopping mall. I wonder if the O'Shea's building is structurally sound enough or will they end up rebuilding it.

I double checked with Rick Mazer, and he said it would be actually be O'Shea's. Of course, a lot can change between now and then.

I like it and this is coming from someone that out of my 20+ trips has spent a hugely disproportionate amount of time between IP and Flamingo.

I do have concerns on how it will be kept up, but I guess time will tell on that. I'm also glad to hear that Lucky the leprechaun can anticipate having a spot to shout into a microphone and not have people walk in and immediately smell vomit.

Out of all the builds over the last couple years, I think this maybe the most interesting to follow. Due to the phased nature of it, there are potentially a ton of changes and given so much of this is a redesign/skin of existing stuff, I think the potential is even greater for changes in the project direction as it goes forward.

Great job to Chuckmonster on your reporting for this earlier in the week.

I would think that using Aria/Crystals as a foot traffic comparison to Linq is somewhat inappropriate. Yes, the walk back to the High Roller isn't going to be as rewarding as the trek to Aria, but the seemingly vibrant, open-air nature of the entire project is going to ensure that siphoning off business from the Strip is going to be much easier for the property than Crystals' monolithic, byzantine approach has been for City Center. That might not sound germain to the conversation at first glance, but it's going to be much easier to for people to want to walk through Linq to the shops/dining/sky wheel when they, you know, will just have to walk down a street.

More to the point, though, Chuck's site plan indicated that the Rebranded IP/Horseshoe/Watchever-It-Becomes will provide direct access into the middle of the property. Theoretically, that and a reciprocal entrance from Flamingo will provide a steady stream of CET's mid-range guests ready to use Linq's presumably mid-range dining and retail offerings. All of this, in addition to Rick Caruso's experience with creating almost magnetic outdoor spaces, is conspiring to make me think that developing foot traffic won't be a problem.

The project's biggest problem, though, is going to be the summer heat. It's going to be tough to convince people to make the trek to chain BBQ restaurants and this sky wheel when it's 112 in the middle of August. Although, people are already dealing with the heat just to trudge up and down the Strip; maybe it won't be that large of an obstacle for them.

Looks like they really need to put a railing around the top level of TBFKAO to prevent drunks with yard-longs or frozen footballs from falling off.

I'll offer you 6:5 odds they build in a center divider such that you have to walk the entire length of the mall to make it from Flamingo to HorseshIP a la the carnival court detour between HorseshIP and Harrah's...

Hey! There's a Gap out front!

"So what are we? Just a couple of white people?"
"I guess..."
"Wanna go to the Gap?"

But where is Walgreen's?

I see amazing potential, and hope it is realized. Some, cheezy "mall style" kiosks must be avoided, but they probably won't be...lots of outdoor bars, will be private property, right, so the porn flickers and third-rate costumed characters can be asked to leave?...will it be a 24/7 space, or will big chunks be roped off from 2am to 10am...would there be enough room for food trucks, food trucks are hot these days, ya know...what about a small stage for carefully selected street we think CE will manage it, or hire someone like Simon Properties to manage it like a shopping mall?...has the CE catering/banquet sales department been consulted, the event potential is vast...

These are stellar renderings...thanks for sharing! Weirdest compliment ever, but I looked thru these right before I went to sleep last night with a 101F fever, and the only bad dream I had was the big wheel falling onto the Linq street due to high winds. But fear was quickly pulled back up by giant cranes, and no one was hurt! I consider this my psychic fever dream contribution to the future success of Linq. (Admittedly weird, but Dayquil knocked out the fever & shielded me from worse dreams.)

Random question: is the monstrocity of skinned building in front of IP their parking garage? I've always been confused why this big box behemoth fronts the Strip. It's always been underused as a source of advertising...Human Nature billboard, anyone?

I just don't understand with the economy that this is going to happen. Is CE hoping that this will boost their tourism there? IP will always be packed there because of where it is located, and o sheas is always packed as well. Just think CE can do much better things than this. The ferris wheel 70% of the time you will be looking at the back of the hotels and parking lots. Am I alone in thinking this?

Put the wheel on the strip and it would work - back there it has no chance.

Not only the crappy views of backlots for half of the ride, but these things need serious foot traffic to thrive (I live near the London Eye). One pod fills with 30 people every 40 seconds or so - that is a lot of people to schlep 200m off strip in 100 degrees.

Rest of the thing looks cool though.

I don't mean to sound retarded, but what the hell does TBFKAO stand for?? By the way, I'm loving the renderings of this. I just think the name LINQ is stupid.

@RockChick The Building Formerly Known As O'Shea's

I think JohnH hits on the point that the Wheel won't be as desolate a walk as Signature or issues at Aria.

John alluded to it in his post, but the reality is, this is really meant to change traffic on the strip. With CET having the land behind it's properties already purchased, even the first five phases of this could realistically lead to five more depending on how the development goes. It's really about taking the strip and expanding it horizontally. Not all that different to the thought that Wynn would build around the lake behind Wynncore, it just appears that CET is going to be the first to truly start the process of changing the direction of the strip.

Great renderings. It looks like the main stream media is finally picking up on the story. I think there is going to be something on both Good Morning America (saw it scrolling at the bottom) as well on the local ABC 7 affiliate.

Yeah and I'm sure Harrah's is using every INCH of strip land that they own to the max. Last year there were 41 acres on the south end of the strip that sold for $164M which equals out to about $4M an acre. But that's undeveloped land south of Tropicana and Mandalay Bay. I'm sure central, developed, strip acerage is more expensive.

Wait... where's the monorail fit in that rendition? Behind the "High Roller"?

If so, that space is a lot smaller than it looks.

Skywise, good catch. CET left the monorail out entirely in these renderings, it would seem. I'm not confident at all about the LVMonorail's future; but I seriously doubt it will be shut down, and the track dismantled, by June '13.

Judging from the marked-up site plan Chuck posted on Monday:

The monorail track passes right in front of (i.e. on the Strip side) of the High Roller.

@Professor Yaffle, CET estimates that 20 MILLION people walk by the IP/O'Shea's location per year. Once they wander down a bit, to grab a drink or visit a shop, suddenly the "High Roller" doesn't seem that far away.

Plus, a decent chunk of them will wander out from one of the new exits from the Flamingo, and the "HorseP" or whatever it's called. Lots of visitors won't be walking the entire 200m outside.

As said above, it won't be a desolate, confusing walk the way Crystals > Aria is. I've heard more than one person inside Crystals remark, "Is there a casino in here?"

I'm psyched for this the more I learn. Really seems like CET playing to their strengths (the mid-market) and not trying to reach for the moon and over-commit.

@Professor Yaffle: I may be wrong, but he walk from the strip to the CET/HET ferris wheel may actually be shorter of a walk than from Big Ben area to the London Eye. Westminster and Embankment stations appear to be main tourist stations compared to Waterloo station. So if people are walking across the bridge, down the steps and then up the side walk to the Eye from Big Ben area, people may walk from the strip to the CET/HET wheel.

I do agree that sitting in that pod for 30 mins in the summer may not be ideal, even with A/C.

I think CET ought to have a chimpanzee named Lancelot as the mascot for the Linq.....

This is how the walk from the strip to Aria should have been if Jumbo Mumbo was really serious about creating that whole "city-with-in-a-city" bullshit that he had such a hardon about. Well, we all know great of an idea that was, so no use beating a dead horse, but I think this is what the strip needs in this kind of economy. I hope they have some good atmosphere (e.g. live music, street vendors, etc). This could really be a cool place to relax and get away from "the strip" for a few.

Just as long as they don't use the Frontier Plaza land for a Wal Mart. The Steve would have a fit and never leave China.

Random this the time and place for a gay bar...not a nightclub, but just a good bar...on The Strip?

Caesars Palace?

I think people will be more than willing to walk all the way to the ferris wheel simply because of inertia. If people walk into the space then they will continue to the wheel just because it makes sense. If it is more sensible than the walk all the way thru City Center people will go it. If there is some form of entertainment along the way it a definite. Now a good BBQ place would get me interested in checking it out if the guy who ran Rub BBQ was put in charge of it.

I sure hope that a Stubbs BBQ isn't added to the strip. People don't need to get a bad taste of Texas BBQ. Stubbs isn't even one of the 20 best places to get bbq in Austin.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing this develop. As far as the chuckle about Walgreens above, I would love to see Walgreens & an ABC store in that retail walkway. Every trip I need something from one of those two places!

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