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Peeping The Building Formerly Known As O'Shea's and the Indeterminate Palace

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 22nd August 2011 5:02pm
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IP frontbuilding

I'm enthralled by Linq. Not only the shiny newness of watching another Vegas toy sprout from the ground, but to experience the dazzling transformation planned for The Building Formerly Known As O'Shea's (moving forward, TBFKAO) and Indeterminate Palace, the soon to be reskinned and rebranded Imperial Palace. Similar to Tropicana, which painted, plastered, carpeted and imploded its way to a new $200M+ lease on life,

Indeterminate Palace will be getting a semi-thorough dusting and complete identity shift. Unlike Tropicana, IP will be slathered with the Weatherbeater, not the Benjamin Moore signature gloss. Caesars has no aspirations to elevate Indeterminate Palace to best in class 4 star status (and price) point as the result of Linq. Obviously, this isn't a long term strategy for the IP. The bones of those hotel towers may be usable, but they aren't good by any stretch of the imagination. The execution is temporarily stayed. Again.

Osheas In Blur

O'Shea's on the other hand, is a goner, at least as we know it. O'Shea's-ians heartbroken by this news will hopefully find solace in the news that plans are in place for an O'Shea's branded casino experience to reopen a hop skip and a beer pong toss down Linq boulevard. This new boutique casino will connect to the newly refurbished IP casino. Sped So far, we've seen a number of different renderings of TBFKAO and Indeterminate Palace ranging from simple modification to the full Star Trek treatment.

So which is it? With only $550M to spend on the entire project - 3x the amount it took to transform Aladdin to Planet Hollywood - is it possible to build and install the "High Roller" sky wheel, three dozen dining, drinking and shopping emporiums, renovating/rebranding the IP, turning TBFKAO into the into a stunning little piece of architectural eye candy while not compromising quality?

Linq Tbfkao Swoopy

Version #1: the uber swoopy modern metal cladded version which combines the new TBFKAO and IP into an slithery shaped Mac Pro. The TBFKAO rooftop features a cyclone of light and metal which spills up to a cross hatched curvy metal canopy. This is part of the primary rendering presented at Linq's press conference.

Linq Tbfkao Corner

Version #2: this version appears to second generation TBFKAO. The rooftop is more clearly defined, with one strip side, freaky looking canopy and balconies on two sides. Gone is the swoopy MacPro brushed aluminum S that covered the top and sides of the IP frontage, replaced with an anonymous covering that previous renderings lead us to believe is electronic signage.

Linq Tbfkao Corner

Version #3: this version appears to embellish the previous version. Now there are two freaky light canopies on the TBFKAO roof whose lighting appears to match the lights embedded in the exterior partial walls that spread all the way down to the IP. The building has two floors plus a rooftop, which makes me believe this is most likely retail with a dining/drinking component on the roof. I like the cigar shaped pylon on the corner. The new "O'Shea's" will be just to the right of where this photo cuts off.

Seeing Caesars Entertainment dip their toes into the waters of modern architecture is unexpected, and exciting. The issue for me is that these buildings will make the surrounding buildings look frowzy and unappealing. Slathering some paint on the Indeterminate Palace is certainly a good thing, but not a long term solution if Linq is truly meant to break Harrah's harrowing past from Caesars' auspicious new beginning.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm really glad to hear Caesar's isn't going to try and rebrand the IP into some god awful $250 night "boutique" hotel. Like you said, a simple touch up, like what happened with Tropicana, should do. New furnishings, coat of fresh paint and some fresh carpet will most definitely improve the hotel GREATLY from what it is now. I'm really looking forward to a possible stay there in the future IF this whole thing pans out.

BTW, when it comes to the buildings up top, I'm going to go with #3

I think I like it. But, will the "powers that be" really allow the crosswalk to remain, or will they have to build some bridge-thing, which will really "muck-up" the design? And is there any reason, really, to keep the IP rooms branded independantly? Or could/should they just be merged into Harrah's inventory?

The first order of business for renovating the IP is fixing the elevators. I'd rather take the Fitzgerald's elevators of death than be forced to wait eight minutes for an IP elevator.

If I'm remembering correctly, Caruso spent approx. $400 million on the Americana at Brand in Glendale. If the budget for the whole Linq project is only $550 million, they're going to have to trim the expenses in quite a few places.

It really looks promising. Flamingo, IP, and O'Shea's really need some better dining options. The plans certainly look a lot more involved than just re-skinning the existing buildings. It appears they are essentially bulldozing a walkway through the middle of the IP casino and replacing the entire O'Shea's building and parking garage. We need to find out how much of the budget goes to the Wheel.

I think they can get it done for the price they are talking about. From what I have heard, the main portion of O'Sheas at the front will remain, albeit completely gutted out, and the back 2/3 of the building (all the parking structure) will be torn down... so they are reusing as much as they can. I am optimistic.

My excitement is similar to Chuck's, the changing of IP and TBFKAO is exciting to me. Call me crazy though, but I just can't see 1, 2, or 3 as the end result though. As Chuck mentioned, the fact is even with reskinning, this will severely hamper the visuals on Flamingo and Harrahs, and while I realize that almost any new development here would, I have to wonder how much CET wants to potentially 'harm' their other properties.

I vote for version 2, as it includes a Pizza Hut.

This is exciting, just remember there is nothing on this planet that ends up looking as good as the rendering in real life. The goofy thing on top makes me think Fashion Show Mall. I would also bet 10-1 the roof area is dedicated to a club or some other revenue generating area as opposed to the open public area look it has here.

Not sure how many will read this in time, but Greg Miller, the "top executive responsible for The Linq," will be doing a live chat on the Flamingo's Facebook page today @ 1:30PM Pacific time. Should be interesting to see what questions he answers & avoids!

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