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The Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic Program #VIMFP

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 20th October 2011 1:59pm
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We're on the eve of Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic weekend and the excitement is palpable.

As I type this, freaks from all over the universe are converting metal to folding green, pressing their lucky underpants, packing their suitcases, double bagging their apology scotch, having their junk juggled by the TSA, running craps games at the Cinnabon, gassing up the Miata and screaming together in unison: "We'll be up five hundy by midnght! Vegas Baby Vegaaaaaaaaas!"

VIMFP is here bitches!

Here's The Plan

Friday night we will informally be having drinks at Vesper at Cosmopolitan starting whenever folks start filtering into town... 9 ish? Yeah yeah yeah, the poll says Mandarin Bar, but the dress code is an issue for some folks. Perhaps we'll move the party to Mandarin at some point.

Saturday afternoon the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic call time is 3pm. After everybody has a chance to hit the bar, say hello and get situated we will start the festivities off with a live podcast by the Vegas Gang. After a short bar break, audience members will have a chance to Stump Dr. Dave and win one of the amazing prizes ponied up by our generous hosts, Caesars Entertainment. After another short bar break, we will roll out the orange carpet for Match Game VT, where four audience members* will try to match the VT Stars as they vie for a fabulous grand prize package! Following Match Game, we will be having a Q&A session with the entire cast of VIMFP where we will take your questions and have an open discussion.

A fabulous reception will follow, catered by the great folks at Planet Hollywood.

Total Rewards!

Don't forget to pick up your special VIMFP Vouchers and bring them to the Planet Hollywood Total Rewards desk where you will get an incredible 3x Reward Credit multiplier for all Total Rewards play from Friday - Sunday. Wow. This bonus is available at all Caesars Properties city-wide, but you can only register at the PH Total Rewards desk.

The Mezz?

For those who don't know, the Mezz is the second floor mezzanine which overlooks the casino. To get there, head to the escalators near the Heart Bar and head up towards Peepshow and follow the VIMFP signs to the event. Here's a map:


This is going to be a great afternoon of fun... we can't wait to see y'all!

* Audience members who would like to compete on Match Game VT should see Miss Monkay at the VIMFP Desk immediately after arriving for a quick pre-interview.


Comments & Discussion:

Once again, I'll have to say "maybe next year". :(
Hope everyone has a great time!

Just put the automated response on the work email and changed the voicemail message. See you all tomorrow. Yay.

Wish I could be there, have fun y'all, someone have a Jack Daniel's for me!!!

Hope you all have a blast! Wishing I was there too. Can't wait to read all the updates!

I'm kicking myself for not making plans to come, esp. after hearing the Roger Thomas interview with all the cool guys involved. I can only hope someone does, indeed, stump Dr. Dave.

I think I'm gonna be able to make Saturday!

I hope you all have a great time! I also hope that "one of us" wins a life-changing amount of money!!!! And if not, may you get nice and drunk!

Best Vegas-oriented weekend... ever.

^What he said.

While it's too early to commit to next year's event, I will try my damnedest to make it. I've already penciled in a Vegas trip for next October, date to be determined by the date of next year's VIMFP.

It's tough enough when you've got one or two members of the Vegas Internet Mafia tweeting from Vegas; with that many of them in Vegas at one time, it was extremely rough going, as I really would have loved to been there for it.

When will we see a recap here for us iltwitterates?

I had a nice time and it was good seeing some posters in person...and yes, i did stump Dr. Dave

It was great meeting you Levans! And yes you did stump Dr. Dave!

Chuck it was cool meeting you as well. Find a place to hang the sign yet?

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