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Cosmo Moves The Shoes Near The Booze

By MikeE on Tuesday, 15th November 2011 1:51pm
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Cosmopolitan commissioned artist Roark Gourley to create two gigantic shoes for their convention hallways as part of the extensive art collection. The problem was, they were just too popular for their own good.

Yes, even in an area of the hotel with little foot traffic, the shoes became a huge photo opportunity, so much in fact, that people were actually walking into the resort specifically in search of them.

Some people simply appreciated them. Some more than others. And then there were those that just couldn't get enough.

But to Cosmo, the shoes were art. Why were people doing this? I mean, nobody at Wynn was walking around defiling Picassos unless they owned the place. To help deter more physical photo ops, Cosmo installed velvet ropes surrounding the shoes for a brief time, but that did little in discouraging a determined bachelorette party.

The solution? They embraced the fact that they had something a little quirky on their hands and have put the installations smack dab in the middle of the casino. Here's The Red Pump near the Chandelier Bar.

The Red Pump at Cosmopolitan

Defiling art? Maybe. But I'm willing to bet Mr. Gourley is ecstatic that his work is now getting even more attention.

Thanks to JohnD for the photo. Next time crawl inside, okay?

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looks like some linkage issues are going on here...

yup. all fixed.


That hallway is going to be so boring now :(

Damn it. I want to love this place and they keep fucking up my fantasy. You know what this fat middle aged hillbilly dreams about? Freaky chicks. Absinthe, Spiegelworld, tattoed, rockabilly, rule breaking freaky chicks. The right amount of wrong commercials very much appeal to my fantasies. How can you have the right amount of wrong when you can't take a picture inside of a giant, magnificent, red shoe? it's like when your mom would knock on the bathroom door when you are... well. It's rude.

On second thought, I was hung up on the velvet rope comment. If this move was to invite people to use the art for the ultra creative photo op, (more art), then I'm back in love. Freaky chicks here I come. If anyone needs me I'll be in the bathroom.

They commissioned these when they could've just grabbed a bigger pair from Paris Hilton?

Loving the guy in the background of the picture, clearly had a beer!

Every time I've passed by those shoes, someone was either in them or on their way to getting in them for a pic. I kinda thought that was the whole point of them, honestly.

And getting heavy use as of Thursday night at least, saw at least 5 get their picture inside the shoe.

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